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Land Plots Granted Based on Incorrect Survey Maps Results in Legal Row
A large scaled privatization started for those agricultural plots that were provided under a lease agreement in the Shida Kartli Region. However, it was soon apparent that all was not well when protests broke out in several villages of Shida Kartli. The locals were against the mass privatization scheme.  For instance, the inhabitants of village Zeghduleti protested against the privatization of pastures that belonged to their village. They said that the poor peasants would not be able to purchase pasture plots and that strangers will gain control of their pastureland. However, in the end they found the solution. They started collecting money to buy the plots but it was too late. The pastures had already been sold off. It turned out that the plots were granted on lease according to incorrect maps for years.

“Friendly Shares” in Kutaisi Transport Scheme or Tender Fraud?
The Kutaisi Office of the Republic Party accuses the Kutaisi city government for lobbying transport route business. In particular, the Republic Party representatives accuse the Kutaisi Mayor of using his position for his own personal benefit.

Governmental Job Announcements for Already Filled Vacancies in Kutaisi
Georgian President declared Kutaisi to be second capital of Georgia. He promised to do his very best to turn his words into reality. While making statements about the increased role of Kutaisi in the development of the country, President Saakashvili meant that some central governmental bodies will be moved to Kutaisi. He reported the entire Georgia about his decision at the meeting of the government in Kutaisi and promised local residents that new job vacancies would be created in the region. Although, the president really kept his promise-National Regulation Commission of the Energy and Water Supply moved to Kutaisi, people are dissatisfied with the innovative change. Locals complain about “previously arranged deals” and “previously occupied vacancies”.
How Money Allocated by Central Georgian Government Actually Spent in Kakheti?
Based on the Georgian government’s resolution 125, issued on March 14 2008 and another resolution, #327 issued on May 15 2008, and before parliamentary elections that were held  on May 21 2008 Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi, Gurjaani and Sagarejo municipalities received 6,805 200 GEL for their respective budgets. Sighnaghi district received 1, 891 200 GEL; Lagodekhi-1,550 000 GEL; Sagarejo-1 392 00 GEL and Gurjaani-1 972 000 GEL. The allocated money should have spent on the rehabilitation of water system and streets; besides that villages should have been supplied with gas; facades of the multi-storied houses should have been painted; roofs should have been repaired, etc. And all must have been done, as protocols, AKTS, of the implemented work stated that everything was completed to the highest quality standards.  However, time tells and bridges have already collapsed in Lagodekhi, and roofs of the multi-storied houses have been blown off by wind and still locals are without a supply of water.

Political House Cleaning at Telavi University in East Georgia
Georgian legislation on higher requires that the administration of institutions are to treat all staff equally regardless of their political view. Despite the legal requirements, Giorgi Gotsiridze, rector of Telavi Iakob Gogebashvili State University, refuses to accept Archil Jorjadze back to the university. The professor was dismissed from his job based on what is perceived to be political grounds and this would consequently be a violation the acting law. “I will not accept him back and that’s all there is to be said. This person has bothered me, and even if I wanted to restore him to his position of the coordinator of the Law Faculty, I cannot because that department has been since abolished,” explained the rector of the university. However, he employed his relatives in the university as lecturers it is also claimed by various sources that the rector bases salaries of employees according to their personal faith and obedience to him

How People’s Bank Sold Restaurant “Sokhumi” Owned by the Danelias
Property of one million was sacrificed to the loan of 15 000 USD

If you walk anywhere near the restaurant Sokhumi along side the River Mtkvari embankment you will see withered palm trees and darkness behind the closed curtains, as all activity has come to a complete standstill. The two brother Danelias who own restaurant Sokhumi lost their property the way other private property owners have in recent times. Meanwhile they can only have some home that court proceedings over their ownership rights for restaurant will be fruitful.  However, based on how protracted the process has been they are losing hope.


Only King Solomon Can Understand Sighnaghi District Budget Calculations
A adequate supply of safe drinking water is the number 1 problem for the citizens of Sighnaghi District is. Zaza Zedelashvili, the Sighnaghi District Governor admits that the first item that concerns the Municipality authorities is to support the Sighnaghi Municipality administration. The problem of drinking water for the population is not a high priority. 904, 000 GEL was allocated to cover Municipality administration expenses in the Sighnaghi Budget of 2008.  This is 28, 5% of the total district budget. 23 000 GEL is assigned for Municipality-Sakrebulo and District Government stationary expenses. 16, 080 GEL out of 23 000 will be spent on purchase of paper. This means that Sakrebulo and District Government representatives need approximately 1 million sheets of paper in a year. Based on this we can infer that they will use 3,831 sheets of paper per for each working day.

No Choice: Either My “Real Estate” or My Family Would Have Been Persecuted!!!
Kakha Bendukidze, former State Minister in Reform Coordination and who currently heads-up the Georgian Prime-Minister’s Administration, commented over the alleged deprivation of private properties from citizens in Sighnaghi, which was realized under a range of threats: psychological, physical violence and the threat of being imprisoned. He said “everyone who took part in deprivation of private properties from their rightful owners must be severely punished.”
100,000 GEL PR Campaign for Regional Governor Vardzelashvili
Shida Kartli regional authority spends such vast sums on the PR campaign, which show just how it serves the public interests. We estimated that in 2008 Lado Vardzelashvili has already spent more than 100,000 GEL.

Deconstructed in Secret, “Old Tbilisi”
Although Georgian Ministry of Culture and Old Tbilisi State administration protested, Tbilisi City Hall passed legislation that gives permission for the demolishment of the building in Old Tbilisi. Is it necessary to tear down the building on the corner of Tabidze and Leonidze Street, at such time as if the City Hall “ordered” to destroy the house? Why certain people do not want Old Tbilisi to be inserted on the UNESCO Heritage List?

The President’s Gift to Nino Burjanadze: Next to Nothing to Keep Her Quiet
A rather large chunk of territory of the Tskneti governmental residence has been handed over to the family of Nino Burjanadze, former Speaker of the Georgian Parliament. Mikhail Saakashvili, the president of Georgia gave a plot of land and the accompanying buildings to Nino Burjanadze one month ago. It is claimed that this was out of appreciation for the contributions she made to the development of democratic values and parliamentary system in Georgia and to show appreciation of the entire country for her contributions. Apparently the former head of the parliament accepted this gift, otherwise it would have been expected that greater society would have already heard of her refusal. 

“Kutaisi Looks like a Big Hole”
Kutaisi residents have been worried how their city is being reconstructed without any plans. Builders of Sighnaghi try to return old glamour to Kutaisi to the present day. However, they are moving towards the objective very slowly. The specialists explain the reason is a lack of a defined plan of work for the reconstruction activities.

Property Rights: Kutaisi City Hall “Wants its Cake and to Eat it too!”
“Impunity of the Georgian government exceeds all boundaries. The society lives under constant tension. Today we might buy a house through all necessary legal procedures, register them but tomorrow they will come and then tell you  that you have purchased a pig in the poke – and to leave the area immediately – and on top of that – this house does not belong to your after all … Esma Norakia, a lawyer, based her  comments on the controversy between Kutaisi City Hall and the administration of the JSC Universal Stockbrokers Rioni”.

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