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Profit from the Position of Regional Governor
The previous Regional Governor in Shida Kartli -Lado Vardzelashvili, passed down the instructions to the current governor of the region Zurab Arsoshvili. According to those instructions, the state budget should cover the flat-rents for several officials of the local authority. Of the 1,600 liters of fuel in total, 1,000 liters of fuel was earmarked for the regional governor, and the other 600 liters for his deputy.
Land Mafia in Gori
 Human Rights Center Gori Office’s attention was caught by the legality of alienation of land situated behind Gori administrative building and generally tendency of land alienations in the city. The most resounded fact of this situation is the land suddenly sold out in rather prestigious district of the city (behind the local government building). In the district where rather wealthy people live, hides many secrets. Ordinary person can’t even receive information here not to talk about participating in the protest rally. This problem was experienced by the fellowship “Health” and decided to protect its rights.
Ozurgeti Municipality Gave Away 2.5 Million Lari Property
 By the request of Vera Kobalia’s department, Ozurgeti municipality board yielded the labored property to Socar Georgia Gas. As the economics expert, David Narmania states, the Chamber of Control should raise the responsibility of the head of the municipality board. According to the expert of local government, Otar Konjaria, the free yielding of the gas pipes belonging to Ozurgeti municipality ownership is unacceptable.
Most of the projects started during pre-election period have not been completed
In the municipalities of Ozurgeti, Chokhatarui and Lanchkhuti of Guria region, the program of agricultural development was used for winning election. As it’s revealed, the main priority for the government was starting new jobs and completing them in the terms established by agreements.
Millions of dollars thrown into the water
27 million dollars are spent on the 24 hour constant water supply of Poti. President Saakashvili congratulated the whole country with “constant water” in the live broadcasting of several television channels and symbolically turned on a tap in one of the houses in Poti. As it was found out later, the water was streaming down from the reservoir located at the roof of the house. The Poti population is most deceived; after two years from this remarkable day the water is supplied only for a couple of hours, every second day and by the way, for the most expensive price compared to all other regions of Georgia.
International Grant Spent Ineffectively
After the break down of the Soviet Union, thousands of tones of poison chemicals were left in Georgia poisoning people, causing cancer and inborn defects, polluting the water, food and air. The most dangerous region is Kakheti where the international society actively fights against the expired poison-chemicals. The project eliminating the risk factors of the expired pesticides is sponsored by the Netherlands government, but Georgian side practically failed to implement it.
Governmental Officials of Georgia Were Bribed for the Purchase of Weapon from Israel
Online magazine MAIN JUSTICE published scandalous article with the title “Superseding Indictment Clarifies Alleged FCPA Conspiracy”. The article is about the ongoing investigation in the USA on the corruptive facts discovered in the weapon-trafficking. MAIN JUSTICE reports that high-ranking officials of the Georgian government are also involved in this corruption. However, their names are not mentioned in the article. Humanrights.ge thinks it could be the main topic of the visit of the head of the US FBI in Georgia several days ago when he met the minister of the internal affairs of Georgia. Maybe, the detention of the former high-ranking official of the Defense Ministry of Georgia Gela Berdzenishvili is connected with this investigation as well. You can read the translation of the full article.
Head of Police Drives Luxurious Car
Lanchkhuti district administration purchased vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for 36 288 USD for the Guria Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
TI Georgia Urges Mayor's Office to Act More Transparently
The mayor's office is showing little ambition to make its administration costs, spending on implemented projects and details on contracts with companies it has hired public. In the past, mayor Gigi Ugulava and his senior staff have claimed they were following principles of good governance and transparency. Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) urges the mayor's office to fulfill these promises.

Local Officials of Ozurgeti District Understood “Tightening of Belts” Incorrectly
Policy of “tightening belts” aims to reduce expenditure of state infrastructure and optimizations of the funds. The funds released from similar optimization had to be spent on various activities which will stimulate the economics. Because of financial crisis, the president of Georgia and prime-minister once more announced the policy of: tightening of belts” late in January of 2009. “We, state institutions – president’s administration, executive government, city halls, district administrations, shall tighten belts and reduce administrative expenses and spend the released money on saving the working places,” said Mikheil Saakashvili.

District Governors Spent Money from Reserve Funds without Discussing the Issue with of Municipality Boards
According to non- governmental organizations, the governors of Ozurgeti and Chokhatauri Districts breached the law and illegally spent 70 000 GEL from the reserve fund. Particularly, Ozurgeti district administration spent 50 000 GEL and Chokhatauri district administration spent 20 000 GEL.

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