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The Bonuses for Officials in Shida Kartli Region
One month later we finally got information how much money is spent from the state budget for the bonuses of the officials in Shida Kartli Regional Administration. Journalistic investigation found out that, public officials got huge bonuses, among them are people who do not go to work or they go but nobody knows what they do.

Why I Apologize To Abkhaz People
“Sorry” Campaign was launched in March of 2007. It is not easy to apologize as well as to accept an apology.

The aim of the Sorry Campaign is to change the dynamics and direction of the relationships that have been established between Georgians and Abkhazians during recent years. The “Sorry” Campaign is not in any way connected with politics; it is a movement against war, as we consider that there is no alternative to peaceful dialogue and mutual settlement of the conflict.

Trading in the Ruins
Local government of Ozurgeti district made a New Year surprise for traders and customers of the agricultural market by deconstruction of the market.

People Did not Believe Memorial to Victory Will Be Exploded on December 19
In Kutaisi, society is getting more anxious about the explosion of the Memorial to Victory. Several days after the accident, new details were exposed and it reinforces the doubt that the deconstruction of the monument was carried out earlier, in a hurry and consequently through violation of security norms.

Georgia – Failed State
US-based organization – Fund for Peace presented fifth annual report. It is Failed States Index (FSI) for 2009 where Georgia occupied the 33rd place in the most alarming category among Somalia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Congo, Afghanistan, Iran and other states. More precisely, there are 38 states in the alarm category:

Georgia – Peace Zone - photoreportage
The Human Rights Center Celebrated International Day of Peace
The UN International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by resolution 36/67 of the General Assembly to coincide every year with its opening session in September. In 2001 September 21 was fixed to become a day of global ceasefire and non-violence through 24 hours.
Number of Residents of Gremi Community Houses Increases Monthly
The number of residents in Gremi Community House in the village of Gremi in Kvareli district increases monthly. Two months ago, there were 84 residents in the shelter, and now their number is over 100.

King-Kong Is Back!
Vasil Mkalavlishvili, excommunicated clergyman from Orthodox Church of Georgia, has returned to the arena of violence. On December 22, news programs reported that self-proclaimed clergyman cannot be improved by the imposed and served punishment. Now, it is time for him to regret but only a human being can regret, while the monster like Mkalavlishvili does not recognize similar feelings.

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They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
Another proposal on agreement
Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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