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Salaries and Pensions to Be Raised in Akhalgori District from January 2014
From January 2014, de-facto government of Akhalgori district intends to raise salaries and pensions at 20-30%. Locals report that de-facto government intended those amendments from September 2013 but as local teachers say, it was postponed.
De-Facto Border Will Not Be Locked before Next Spring
Issue of closing de-facto border partly will not be settled before spring 2014. Special Commission set up in Tskhinvali, which works on supplying Akhalgori district with food products, cannot deliver conclusion in December. As it was reported from Tskhinvali, unless the problem of food supply in Akhalgori district is solved, the new regulations will not go in force.
“Real Reason of My Dismissal Was Signature Collected in Favor of My Father-In-Law”
District governor fired senior specialist at the Sport and Youth Affairs Service at Lanchkhuti District Administration Shakro Baramidze. Head of the Service Sopo Chkhaidze clarified to humanrights.ge that motive of Baramidze’s dismissal was his frequent absence.
Telavi Municipal Board Approved 2014 Budget
According to the Telavi district 2014 budget, funds envisaged for the salaries of the employees of district administration and municipal board were increased at 247 400 lari. Funds for the assistance of socially indigent population and for the protection of infrastructure and monuments were reduced.
Failed Orange Autumn in Adjara
Population of Adjara is discontent with the realization of mandarin. Part of harvest was not collected yet because of bad weather. Another collected part of the harvest is stored in boxes and waiting for purchasers; small part of them was sold on debt. Representatives of the Agriculture Ministry of Adjara state they have done everything to make the “orange” autumn successful.
Georgia: Does Big Brother Rely on Swedish Firm to Snoop?
Compared with the gargantuan scale of the US National Security Agency’s surveillance machine, the 21,000 cell phones that the government of Georgia can supposedly monitor each day is miniscule. But anger over state snooping is still creating a PR challenge for officials in Tbilisi.
New Regional Governor Intends Personnel Changes in Guria
New regional governor in Guria Giorgi Chkhaidze officially started implementation of his duties on December 16. On the first day, Chkhaidze met his colleagues. Initially he met employees of the Lanchkhuti district administration, then of Chokhatauri district administration and finally the heads of services at the regional administration. The regional governor said reorganization will be carried out in the regional and district administrations.
Irakli Shiolashvili to Be Kakheti Regional Governor
Dedoplistskaro district governor Irakli Shiolashvili was appointed to the position of the Kakheti Regional Governor. He had been district governor since November 28, 2012. Shiolashvili is a lawyer; before occupying the position of the governor, he worked for the Ministry of Finance. In 2007-2010 he was majoritarian deputy of Dedoplistskaro district in the municipal board from the political party Industry Will Save Georgia. 
Funds for Social Projects Decreased in Gori District Budget
Next year budget of Gori district is increased at 1, 700 million in comparison to last year and it amounted to 18 659 500 lari. In 2013 Gori district budget was 17 092 800 lari. According to the next year budget, funds for the social projects were decreased at 90 000 lari and only 810 000 lari will be spent in this direction. Culture and sport development is the priority of the next year budget.
Guria Residents Intend to Cut Tangerine Trees Down
Minister of Agriculture Shalva Pipia visited Guria region. He said this year harvest of tangerine in Georgia amounted to 100 000 tons and only 17 000 tons were realized of it. He said that last year, only 10 000 tons were realized by present time and total amount of the harvest was 46 000 tons. Pipia said bad weather created problems in this direction. Farmers from Guria intend to cut down tangerine trees because of created problems.
Marneuli District Governor: “We Are Not Rich Enough to Buy Cheep Things”
District administrations procure new vehicles. Six-figure sums allocated for the purchase of cars from the local budgets attract interest of media. Marneuli district administration announced 170 000 lari tender on the purchase of 4 cars.
Findings From The Monitoring Of October 27, 2013 Presidential Elections - HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER
Since August 2013 Human Rights Center is implementing the Project “Monitoring of 2013 Presidential Elections” with financial support of the Open Society –Georgia Foundation.
Representatives of the Human Rights House Tbilisi Visited Homeless Families
On December 10, International Human Rights Day, representative of the Human Rights House Tbilisi visited homeless families sheltering the former building of the Railway Hospital. The main purpose of the visit was to issue free legal aid on the homeless people. Besides that, information booklet “Procedures to Provide Homeless People with Shelter” was produced and disseminated among beneficiaries on the place.
Giorgi Totladze’s Candidatures Discussed for the Position of Shida Kartli Regional Governor
Giorgi Totladze’s candidature is being discussed for the position of Shida Kartli regional governor. Totladze’s appointment is one of the main topics for the local media discussions. Information Center of Shida Kartli reported about the relatives of the regional governor – he is brother-in-law of Mikheil Kandelaki, head of unit (fight against illicit circulation of narcotics) of the First Main Department of the Criminal Police of the MIA. 
On December 10 Human Rights House Tbilisi Will Visit Homeless Citizens
On December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, representatives of the Human Rights House Tbilisi will visit families sheltering the former building of Railway Hospital. Lawyers of the HRHT Member Organization Article 42 of the Constitution will issue legal consultation on the homeless people on the ground.
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