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Opposition members did not vote for Gurjaani district 2015 budget
Gurjaani district budget was approved without the support of opposition members. The main financial document of the district for 2015 amounted to 9 961 400 lari. 
Guards of Zardiaantkari Village
To reach the Zardiaantkari village you have to cross two blockposts and approaching the third one, Georgian soldier will show you to stop a car by waving his hand. It has been last checkpoint after occupation line was marked since 2008 armed conflict.
RMG Proceeded with Blasting at Sakdrisi Deposit without a Permit
According to official information from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, RMG carried out blasting at the Sakdrisi deposit without a permit.
Opposition is suspicious about third round of competition of public servants in Kakheti
Competition for the vacant positions of the public servants in the executive bodies of the municipalities in Kakheti region started on December 18.
Campaign "This Affects You-We are still listened to” continues -protest in Rustaveli Avenue
On December 19 This Affects You held demonstration in the Rustaveli Avenue. They spread posters on the pavements from the parliament building to the Opera House. 
Life under damaged electricity wires
Residents of Vazisubani village in Gurjani municipality has been requesting removal of the electricity towers from the area for several years already, but in vain. According to them, damaged towers threat their health and life.
Suspended project in Gori- accusations between government and opposition
UNM Gori office representatives held protest rally in the semi-rehabilitated street in the historical district of Gori and accused the Georgian Dream of inactivity and requested renewal of the suspended rehabilitation works.
The presentation made of the projects implemented in Shida Kartli
On December 16, the governor of the Shida Kartli region Zurab Rusishvili, have meet media, NGOs and the civil society, in the frame of the project “Georgian government for open governing.” Governor introduced projects which were implemented in the region in support of the ministries. 
Akhasheni village population request compensation for the damage
On March 17, 2011 car crash damaged the high voltage line in Akhasheni village, Gurjaani district and electricity transformer went wrong. The incident damaged the village population. 
Statement of Human Rights Center about homeless people in Gori
Shida Kartli office of Human Rights Center made a special statement about the conditions of homeless people and addressed to Gori City Hall to timely resolve the problems related with the shelter for them because the situation of homeless people is particularly complicated in winter.
"ODIHR report does not mention any facts of external oppression on the judiciary authority”
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Office (ODIHR) published a report on the work of the judiciary in Georgia.
GYLA Evaluates the State of Human Rights Protection in 2014
On December 10, 2014, in relation to the International Day of the Human Rigths Protection, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) has made the brief evaluation of the state of the human rights protection in the country and has briefly summarized its activities in this regard for the past year.  Considering the multitude of the topics and issues, we will cover only some of the directions of the human rights protection in this statement.
Employees of Tigva Municipal Administration Petition to Human Rights Organizations for Help
“We appeal to the Public Defender, Parliament of Georgia and nongovernmental organizations to study the fact of our breached rights,” five employees of Tigva municipal administration said, who passed second stage of the test-exams in the ongoing competition in the local self-governance but based on the decision of the commission members, they were expelled from the competition after interviews.
Still in the street, still under the threat of health problems
On December 4, Human Rights Centre held press-conference about the problems of homeless people in the press-club of the Prime Time. 
NGOs protest the overridden bill
"During the 2012 parliamentary elections, the people requested life in peaceful and democratic environment. However, the government opposes the population’s request with the draft law on secret surveillance, which was adopted by the Parliament."
Heavy Snow Created Problems for Tusheti Population
Heavy snow during past few days in Tusheti district created serious problems for the population. Locals complain about problems of movement, no electricity supply, lack of medical personnel, and attack of wolves.
Results of Vacancy Competition at Gori City Hall and District Administrations Are Known
Deadline for applicants to send applications for the vacant positions in the local self-governmental bodies were expired on November 6. 607 applicants submitted 1570 applications for 102 vacant positions. 337 applicants passed second stage but only 317 of them took part in the test-exams; according to the preliminary information 256 of them passed barrier of 51%. 
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