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Villages left without water supply and without the possibility to observe sanitary and hygienic regulations
Some part of the population of the regions of Georgia do not have access to water supplies up to the date. The conditions of the people  left without water supply has even more deteriorated by the situation created under the Coronavirus pandemic, because without water they cannot observe sanitary and hygienic regulations established due to the pandemic. 
Protest Camp in front of the Parliament: Indicator of a Political Crisis
Rustaveli Avenue and the area around the Parliament building are often the main epicenter of intense political or public protests. Political parties or civic groups often hold protest rallies near the Parliament premises, mainly on the side of Rustaveli Avenue.
გენდერული თანასწორობის პრობლემა საქართველოში
დღემდე, საქართველოში ადამიანის უფლებათა დაცვის კუთხით ერთ-ერთ სერიოზულ გამოწვევად რჩება გენდერული თანასწორობის მიღწევა.
Human Rights Center appeals Fines issued for not wearing Masks Outdoors
Hundreds of people have been fined with GEL 20 since November 4, 2020 for being outdoors without masks, while Article 4211 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for a fine only for violating the rule of wearing masks indoors. 

Banks returned State Allowances to Persons affected by the Pandemic
Some commercial banks have set off GEL 200 allowances provided by the State in January 2021 against debts for individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Eleven individuals applied to Human Rights Center (HRC) with such a complaint. HRC disseminated a special Appeal stating that the main purpose of the Anti-Crisis Plan i.e. to assist citizens affected by the coronavirus, had failed, and called on some of the commercial banks to return the money seized to the unemployed persons. As soon as the appeal of HRC was spread, Georgian Banking Association became involved in the case, after which the banks returned the deducted money to all eleven individuals. 
სოფელ ნამოხვანში -ნამახვანის დიდი ჰესების კასკადის- წინააღმდეგ მორიგი აქცია გაიმართა
2021 წლის 7 თებერვალს წყალტუბოს მუნიციპალიტეტის სოფელ ნამოხვანში „ნამახვანის დიდი ჰესების კასკადის“ სამშენებლო სამუშაოების აღკვეთის მოთხოვნით აქცია გაიმართა. აქცია წინასწარ დაანონსდა ტელევიზიებისა და სოციალური ქსელების მეშვეობით. 
Successful Cases of Human Rights Center (August - December, 2020)
Human Rights Center (HRC) is carrying out monitoring and free legal aid for the alleged facts of human rights violations after the State of Emergency declared for the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus and in the post-pandemic period under the project Free Legal Advocacy and Human Rights Monitoring  supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Georgia.  The project is being implemented in Tbilisi and five regions of Georgia: Shida Kartli, Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Imereti and Samegrelo.
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