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Impoverished People Left Without Social Accommodation Complain about Partiality

September 30, 2010
Maka Malakmadze, Adjara

Gulnaz Mamuladze is one of those people who participated in the project “Social Accommodation in Nice Environment”. However, she remained disappointed. She thinks the accommodations were assigned to the families ilelgally and she remained without the accommodation.

Gulnaz Mamuladze is a disabled person – she is blind and has cancer. She belongs to the category of the socially disabled people. The rating point of the family is – 33 020. Her monthly income is a social allowance 54 GEL and pension – 80 GEL which makes 134 GEL in total.

Gulnaz Mamuladze has been living in the rented flat in Mayakovski Street # 80 in Batumi for many years already. Her husband died several years ago and their 13-year-old son Tsotne initially lived in Makhinjauri orphanage and currently he lives in the Urekhi orphanage. Gulnaz Mamuladze said she cannot pay the rent and take care of the son with her 134 GEL per month.

Official from the Adjara Healthcare Ministry Bezhan Ishkhnelidze explained their refusal to give the accommodation to Gulnaz Mamuladze as follows: “I personally visited her family; she lives in really poor conditions but since she does not live with her son and she personally refused to live with him, we assigned the accommodation to another family.”

Gulnaz Mamuladze said the agents did not explain the situation to her properly. “I told them I could not live with my son in the place where I live now because I cannot kill my son with hunger. If they had given an accommodation to me, I would not have had to pay the rent and could have bought at least bread for the son. Of course, I want to live with my son but they understood my words as they wanted to.”

After the project, Gulnaz Mamuladze appealed to the Batumi City Mayor Robert Chkhaidze. “You have promised me several times to resolve my accommodation problems; nevertheless, the situation changed for the worse finally. Mr. Robert, have you sheltered the family –poorer than mine – in to the new accommodation?! You might not care about the expectations of my son who is dreaming to return home.”

The Batumi City Mayor did not reply to this letter either like to her previous letters.

According to the memorandum which was signed in August of 2009, the Government of Switzerland, UNHCR, Ministry of Healthcare and Social Welfare of Adjara Autonomous Republic and the Batumi City Hall implemented the project “Social Accommodation in the Nice Environment” in Batumi too.

Within the project, 8 IDP and 6 socially disabled families received comfortable accommodations for 30 years. In the framework of the project, 78 families were examined. 14 families moved to the accommodation late in August of 2010. The accommodation was officially opened on September 9.

The Human Rights Center visited the accommodation to meet the families sheltering there. Every family has a physically disabled member. The situation in Tsatsa Jorjoliani’s family was very interesting. 70-year-old lives with her 52-year-old disabled nephew. “I had been waiting for a flat for ages. Finally, I received it. I have stenocardia of the heart. I permanently suffer from the blood pressure.”

The final protocol of the evaluation of potential beneficiaries also states that Tsatsa Jorjoliani satisfied the project requirements. However, social conditions of Gulnaz Mamuladze did not satisfy those requirements.

“The flats were assigned illegally. If I had had a caretaker who is not disabled, I would not have been in similar situation. I am blind and have a cancer. I already studied the locations of the things in my house and can take care of me. My son does not live with me because I cannot afford to keep him. I do not think the families sheltering in the social accommodation have worse situation than I have,” said Gulnaz Mamuladze.