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Before I Am Arrested during Live-Broadcasting

February 14, 2011


Aleko Tskitishvili

As is usually the case, I listened to President Saakashvili’s February 11th parliamentary address because my profession requires me to obtain information from all sources, analyze the data and then make some conclusions regarding the ongoing events. However, listening to Saakashvili’s speech has long since lost its meaning for me.

His speeches are predictable, and always well rehearsed, allowing him the ability to recite it flawlessly at will; almost like a clergyman knows Alleluia. And we always know the content of his speech in advance: The Georgia police are better than the police of any other country, Georgia is the first place in eating Khinkali, we have the purest snow in Mestia, Batumi is the second Barcelona, the most ebullient fountains are in Tbilisi!, the eyes of Khatuna Kalmakhelidze and Vera Kobalia are the most charming!


We are fed up with it!

So, on February 11th I did not waste my time to watch him and did not even switch on the television. Yet I am completely certain that the president provided insubstantial and impertinent replies to the questions posed regarding about and painful problems.

Indeed, later I learned from the news that our Superman President has remained faithful to his “zero tolerance” policy.

Apparently, people shall continue to be killed in the streets like happened in Kutaisi several years ago, when as a result of a very-badly planned special operation, police officers and passers-by were killed. The president still justifies these sorts of bloody operations and does not feel shame or regret for the murder of the suspected boys near the tennis-courts, for the torture of Sandro Girgvliani, for Roin Shavadze who was killed by terrorist-like methods or for the famously shady activities of police officers.

Instead, everything was written off and erased from the paranoid brain of Saakashvili, and only fountains, snow in Mestia, Khinkali and Kobalia’s glimmering eyes remain in his memory.

The number of questions is increasing day-by-day and society wants an answer!

New facts of astonishing violence and insolence:

Why did uniformed police officers detain and beat the Lutidzes brothers whom they attacked like animals (Video)?

How many millions does “Soso, who often makes speeches on TV” request and what they are going to spend that dirty money on?

I am astonished by the special reportage of Nana Lezhava (

Someone might really have a criminal mentality, and he might be friends with a criminal like Shakro Kalashov and earns millions through illegal activities. I do not fancy that man at all. However, it is more astonishing when the state cannot prove his criminal activities and a high-ranking official of the MIA requests him to transfer three million Euro into his bank account or to give that money in cash to Soso Topuridze. If that man is really suspected in international drug-trafficking, why doesn’t the International Police arrest him? Why does he live peacefully and run businesses in several states of Europe?

I do not like politicized demonstrations!

 I did not participate in the protest rallies of 2007 and 2009!

But I am astonished, and I think about how to oppose each rogue-like action of our government!

I am thinking about it, and hope I will find some solution if they do not arrest me during a live broadcast!