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Two employees dismissed from Correctional facility, Minister keeps his position

May 16, 2014

The Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Sozar Subari states that two correctional facility employees have been dismissed. As Subari told reporters after the government session, employee of correctional department Giorgi Kavlashvili and the Batumi prison director were dismissed. 

“As for the issue related to Dimitry Darbaiseli or me, I’ll say in general that nobody is irreplaceable and if staff changes are on the agenda, this will take place”, Subari said.

Information about high bonuses paid to the employees of the correction facilities was spread lately. In addition to that, Public Defender said penitentiary department creates artificial barriers for their representatives when working in the facilities. 

Giorgi Kavlashvili is one of those employees who received more than 17 000 lari bonus in one month. 

Minister Sozar Subari told journalists after May 16 government session that bonuses paid to the employees of the penitentiary department were unreasonable. 

“Generally, penitentiary department is sub-unit of the ministry and they have independent budget; chairman allocates bonuses based on his personal decision; however generally it is not reasonable to make similar decisions without agreeing it with the Minister. Internal regulations regulate this fact. On the other hand, even if agreement was not needed, it was absolutely unjustified decision. We had very strict reaction on it. They clarified money was left in the budget at the end of the year and they preferred to give bonuses to employees, who were in charge of the most difficult field. However, I repeat again, I do not justify their action. Neither ministers nor Prime-Minister justifies this fact,” Sozar Subari said. 

Minister added considering the fact that new management of the penitentiary department had come in office one and half month before, and it was third personnel changes in the department after the new government came in office, the Minister did not impose any sanctions but strict warning. 

Minister of Corrections Sozar Subari had some questions about HR policy of the head of Penitentiary Department Dimitry Darbaiseli. Subari shared his concerns with the reporters after the government session.

“I had many questions about personnel changes conducted by Darbaiseli for the past few months. It does not mean that anybody was not to be appointed to the position, but some of them were unacceptable for me. Two of them are dismissed now – Batumi Prison director and Giorgi Kavlashvili,” Subari said.

He added that chairman of the penitentiary department makes decision on personnel changes.

“We had an agreement – if he had taken responsibility to settle everything in prisons, he was free to conduct HR policy. However, some of his decisions were not acceptable for me,” Sozar Subari said.

As for possible resignation of the Minister, that was much spoken about lately, the Minister of Corrections Sozar Subari states that he submitted a letter of resignation three times. Subari told reporters after the government session that he twice applied to Bidzina Ivanishvili and the third time to Irakli Gharibashvili.

When asked when he submitted the first letter of resignation, Subari said “a very long time ago”.