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Simplified registration of plots coincided with the pre-election period

August 9, 2016
Manon Bokuchava, Kvemo Kartli

Population of Kvemo Kartli periodically holds demonstrations and asks for the registration of plots. Despite the fact that the problem exists for a very long time, the government started to solve this problem during pre-election period. The law, which will regulate the process of plot’s registration, went in force from August 1. 
Mamed Sariev, who lives in the municipality of Gardabani, several times tried to register a plot, but in vain. 

“I do not know anything about the new law, but they say, anybody will be able to register the plot easily and for free. It will be a good job for people. If they solve the problem, I will give a vote to Bidzina (“Georgian Dream”). Nothing is more important than land here, we live with our plots”, - clarified Mamed Sariev. 

According to the new law, a citizen has to present all documents to the registration office, which prove the property. The Public Registry refrains from registering a plot in case any document is missing. The plot owner shall collect all documents, including missing one. Otherwise, the property cannot be registered.  

According to the new law, the Public Registry will become a co-participator in the registration process. The Public Registry will help a citizen to find a document, including archive documents. The list of plot’s registering documents will also be enlarged. New law indicates that the reason for rejection to the registration can be only insufficient documents”, - the Public Registry stated in its statement by. 

The Agency clarifies that nowadays up to 25% of plots are not registered in the country and the law will change the situation. According to the statistics of the Public Registry, already on the 4th day after the law went in force, up to 5 000 citizens applied to their offices with a request to register a plot. 

The head of regional department of Public Defender’s Office, Teimuraz Koridze, talks about the difficulties regarding registration of plots.

”There are cases when other names are indicated in the documents. Or plots are cultivated in the500 meters perimeter of the border zone and people request legalization of those plots. Some of them have bought the land unofficially, paid money in cash and but cannot prove the ownership. There were cases when a person cultivated the land for many years, but did not register them in the Registry and the state registered them as state properties t. As for the new law, I can say that the society is not well-informed and they get wrong information from each other”, - explained the head of the regional department of Public Defender’s Office, Teimuraz Koridze.

The amendment to the law offers citizens free to collect documents for free, to systematize them, mediate and recognize arbitrarily obtained plots. Besides, the registration of plots and changes in the owner’s rights will be done for free as well.