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Who are main donators of the “Georgian Dream”

August 11, 2016

In July, 2016 Ltd “Alfa” was the largest donator for the Georgian Dream with  120 000 GEL”. The company belongs to Koba Kurdghelashvili, the former single mandate candidate of the “National Movement” in the Parliament in Kaspi, municipality.. Among the largest donator physical persons are recently nominated single mandate candidates and the acting single mandate MP from the National Movement. 

The State Audit Service published the report about donation to the political parties in July, 2016. The report states that the “Georgian Dream” received the biggest amount from Ltd “Alfa” – 120 000 GEL.

The Information Center of Kakheti found out that Ltd “Alfa” was founded in 2010. Koba Kurdghelashvili is the founder and 100% stakeholder of the company., He was single mandate MP from the “National Movement” in the Parliament in 2008-2012 from the Kaspi municipality. 

Koba Kurdghelashvili has been businessman since 1992. Besides Ltd Alfa, he has shares in 13 other companies: Ltd “Lux Kutaisi” (55%); Ltd “Colorful Bath” (15%); Ltd “Lux Provider” (50%); Ltd “Marani” (86%); Ltd “Lux 2007”(50%); Ltd “Dako” (50%); Ltd “Beer Georgia” (50%); Ltd “Meliora” (50%); Ltd “Iveria” (5%, in the same enterprise “Alfa” owns 40%); Ltd “Luciano” (45%); Ltd “Lux 2004” (50%), Ltd “Vestin” (60%) and Ltd “Sky House”. 

Koba Kurdghelashvili is a friend of the businessman and MP from the “National Movement Kakhaber Okriashvili, who is now  single mandate candidate of the Georgian Dream in Tsalka-Dmanisi municipality. The interests of Kakhaber Okriashvili and Koba Kurdghelishvili officially are not overlapping, though they have several common business partners. Besides, Kurdghelashvili has shared business with Kakhaber Okriashvilil’w brother - they own 50-50% assets in Ltd “Lux Provider”. 

Koba Kurdghelasjvili was involved in the dispute about Tbilisi Sulfur Baths. The former owner accused him in the forced seizure of the property. He claimed that the Prosecutor’s Office confiscated the Colorful Bath and assigned it to the state in 2006, after what Koba Kurdghelashvili received the company. Although, the victim appealed the Public Defender and the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, his complaints were not responded. 

Information Center of Kakheti found out that Koba Kurdghelashvili and his partners united Tbilisi Sulfur baths and “Colorful Bath” in May, 2008. 
As it was mentioned above, Koba Kurdghelashvili was the Kaspi single mandate candidate from the “National Movement”. He personally did not make any donation at that time, though his business partners were actively helping the “United National Movement”. For example, Vazha Okriashvili (Ltd “Lux Provaider”) transferred 60 000 GEL, Aleksandre Kamushadze (Ltd “Iveria”) – 10 000 GEL, Zurab Kikaleishvili (Ltd “Luciano”) – 2 600 GEL to the former ruling party. 

It is interesting, that Ltd “Alfa” has been very actively involved in state ventures, though, it participates only in the competitions announced by two institutions and, as a rule, wins the competitions. According to the information from the web page of the State Procurement Agency, the company won 13 tenders of the Ltd “State Food Provider”(S/C 404482537), which is under subordination of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, in 2015-2016. The total costs of all contracts was 1 077 500 GEL. 

The same company won two tenders announced by the Center for Special and Emergency Events of the MIA . Total cost of contracts was 201 450 GEL. The “Alfa’s” subsidiary company, Ltd “Iveria” won one of the tenders of the same agency. The agency bought” sausages for 185 000 GEL from Iveria.

As for the donations from physical persons in July, 2016, the ruling party received the maximum allowed donation from one person – the general director of the Chachava Clinic, Elguja Gotsiridze, transferred 60 000 GEL to the political party. He is the single mandate candidate in the electoral district #50 (Tkibuli-Terjola) from the “Georgian Dream”. 

Genadi Margvelashvili and Koba Narchemashvili , who are single mandate candidates in Kutaisi election districts #47 and #49, donated 55 000 GEL. Also. Gocha Enukidze, the single mandate candidate from the “National Movement” in Ambrolauri and the head of the fraction “Independent Single Mandates – for the Strong Regions” allocated 55 000 GEL to the ruling party. Allegedly, the “Georgian Dream” will nominate Enukidze to be a single mandate candidate in Ambrolauri-Oni-Tsageri-Mestia district. Grigol Liluashvili, the former deputy of Tbilisi Mayor, transferred 20 000 GEL to the ruling party and now is presented as the single mandate deputy in Vani and Khoni election district #54. It is interesting, that all those donations were made on one day July 29. 

It should be noted, that according to the organic law “about political unions of citizens”, a political party can receive maximum 60 000 GEL from a citizen and 120 000 GEL from the organization per year. Information Center of Kakheti has already mentioned that the “Georgian Dream” received the maximum allowed amount from Ltd “Kakheti Traditional Winemaking”.