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Who was interested in the information of the National Forum?!

August 17, 2016
Aleko Tskitishvili

The members of the political union National Forum asses breaking into their Nadzaladevi office and into the house of their single mandate candidates a political revenge. The MIA states the results from the expertise will speed up the investigation. 

Two crimes happened  one after another. Late at night on August 10, the Nadzaladevi office of the National Forum was looted. Next day, the house of the single mandate candidate of the National Forum in Nadzaladevi election district #17 Tamar Tsikhiseliwas also broken. The election information and documentation related to the party activities were taken from the office. Nothing was stolen in Tsikhiseli’s house, neither expensive jewelry. 

One of the leaders of the political organization, MP Ani Mirotadze spoke about similarity in the two crimes with the Human Right Center: “Both crimes have clear political motives. The Nadzaladevi office of the National Forum is one of the strongest, with big experience and possesses huge information, which we collected and archived for many years. It seems they wanted to get this information. The lock of the office was broken. Everything was scattered on the floor. The computers were open and plugged off. The complete information about the party members, supporters, coordinators, agitators and others, which is particularly important information for the political party in the pre-election process, was stolen from the computers. Nothing was taken from the house of Tamar Tsikhiseli, because, most probably they could not find valuable information there”. 

It is difficult for Ani Mirotadze to name concrete political opponent, who could commit this crime. Moreover, she cannot blame the ruling party “Georgian Dream” in it, because for years, the National Forum was the member of the same coalition and they had collected the stolen information together for years. 

“The Georgian Dream also has the same information and, therefore, they cannot be interested in this information. Maybe somebody wanted to threaten our voters and members with this action. However, right now, we cannot and do not want to speak about concrete persons with doubts. We helped the expertise and investigation activities. Now we are waiting for the investigation results and hope, the crime will be resolved on the hot track”, - said Ani Mirotadze. 

Tamar Tsikhiseli, the single mandate candidate in Nadzaladevi election district #17 is professional expert-criminalist with the FBI certificate and badge. She said only 2 women have the FBI certificate in Georgia. 

Tamar Tsikhiseli, the National Forum member, single mandate candidate:

“I know very well how to protect the scene of crime. In order to keep the prints untouched, I did not enter the house and the office directly. I called operative investigation service. I showed them the jewelry and expensive things that were on the place. Afterwards I asked them to let me take the memory stick, what the criminals were looking for. The criminal expert told me said that if I was particularly interested in the memory stick, he would take it, seal and could give me back when I need it. I explained that the memory card contained confidential information of the political party, which I could not give to anybody”. 

Tamar Tsikhiseli is not satisfied with the work of expert-criminalists: “I asked them to mark the scene with black and white powder while searching the tracks, because red powder damages the white walls and the furniture. Now I have red spots everywhere at home and need to re-paint everything. Also, I warned them from the beginning, that there will be a lot of finger prints in the room, because my son is a jazzman and a lot of his friends are coming to visit us. Almost every day we have huge parties at home. In fact, 239 finger prints were collected, that means all those people shall be contacted and interrogated. It is very difficult. There are cameras in front of our house. They told me that the video material is extracted and they were planning to show the video to us too. But afterwards they did not contact me. Generally, I am not satisfied with their work. I have an impression that they were doing only half of their job”. 

Tamar Tsikhiseli added that during private conversation the investigator alleged that the criminal may be the member of the National Forum  who may have certain motives. However, the party members do not have the information in which direction the investigation is going on.

Thea Pertaia, head of the public relations department at the MIA, said the MIA promptly reacted to both crimes and started investigation under the article 177, part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Relevant expertise is done and the results will contribute to resolve the crime. 

Ani Mirotadze and Tamar Tsikhiseli believe the second crime is connected with the first. They think the cases shall be united. Tamar Tsikhiseli said the house was broken after she saidduring the press conference that the stolen information was stored in another places too. 

On the photo: shot from the reportage of “Moambe” about robbing the house of Tamar Tsikhiseli