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The ruling party completed presentation of single mandate candidates in Shida Kartli

August 26, 2016
Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

“Valeri Gelashvili personally experienced the injustice and oppression of the government. He was under the threat of death. He bravely confronted that time injustice in the country. The problems of Khashuri population are familiar to him and we will try to solve them together”, - Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the Prime-Minister, presented the MP Valeri Gelashvili as single mandate candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections to the people gathered in the center of Khashuri. Kvirikashvili mentioned that the National Movement did not mind even the fact that Gelashvili was MP and physically assaulted him. 

Valeri Gelashvili thanked the Khashuri Municipality population for the support. He was MP from the Khashuri Municipality for three convocations of the Georgian Parliament. 

“We defeated the injustice together three times and we will win again if there are fair elections,” - Gelashvili declared. 

According to the research of the International Transparency Georgia, Valeri Gelashvili was among the MPs who did not make a speech at the plenary session in the 2012’s convocation parliament. Gelashvili claims that doing real work does not require much speach. 

After Khashuri the Prime-Minister presented the single mandate candidate Giorgi Totladze to the Kareli Municipality population. Giorgi Totladze underlines that he knows the problems of the population very well and if he is elected, he will try to improve the situation together with the ruling party. 

Kakhi Kaladze, the minister of energy, also attended the presentation of single mandate candidates. Kaladze compared current situation with the period of the National Movement. He said that fear and terror in the population disappeared after the government changed o. The Kareli population asked Kakha Kaladze for the assistance to build a regional hospital. 

The Prime-Minister emphasized the development of the region. Giorgi Kvirikashvili also talked about foreign policy of the country. He declared that the democratic institutions were developed during the four years governance of the Georgian Dream in the country. 

“Nowadays there is enough ground in the municipality to go forward  rapidly and step-by-step. From now on, the situation will be completely different. The population will feel the welfare, which is already inserted in Georgia. We are sincerely proud that as a result of the four-year clever foreign policy we managed to cool down the temperature: on the one hand, we increased the dynamic with Europe and on the other, reduced the tension with Russia. There will be no compromise in terms of territorial integrity and sovereignty, but those problems shall be solved peacefully”, - Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.  

On August 23, the ruling party completed the presentation of the single mandate candidates in Shida Kartli region. They are Joseph Makrakhidze from the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia, , acting MP in the Gori Municipality Temur Khubuluri and Irakli Mezurnishvili from the Kaspi Municipality will try to re-gain the parliamentary mandates. .