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While Checking the Election Registers, the Republicans Found Ran Into a Registered Voter Who had Died a Year Earlier.

December 25, 2007

The opposition discovers new pre-election problems every day. For example, the Republicans have information that teachers in Kaspi are forced to visit every family and ask everyone who they are voting for. According to political party New Rights the government will use 3 000 votes of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gori. It needs to be mentioned that Ajadar Ogli Iasimi, an inhabitant of the village of Perma in the Kaspi district, is registered in three different polling stations under three different names: Ajadar Ogli Iasi, Ajadar Ogli Iasim and Ajadar Ogli Iasimi.

Khatuna Thathanashvili: (Republican Party in Kaspi) “We have given detailed information to the OSCE monitoring commission on what is going on in the Kaspi district. We possess a universal election register sent by the CEC. We also requested the registers according to polling stations but were rejected those. The reason was simple: they do not have them. We have the election register of the Kaspi district that the Kaspi District Election Commission sent to the CEC. Special groups made this register. We have started to check the election register and have found many violations of election procedure. For example, there is a man called Vasil Gamdlishvili, born on December 22, 1959 whose address, according to the register is Kostava Street #2 in Kaspi. A person with that name does not exist at all. Besides, it is the address of our office and we do not know that man. We have know of instances where the same person was registered under two names. For example, Maia Kazarashvili, an inhabitant of Aghmashenebeli Street # 80, is registered on the list and Kazashvili Maia, living on Aghmashenebeli Street #80, is on the list as well. There are two Shotas on the list, one is Obgaidze and the other is Obgadze. Both live on Kostava Street and both have the same house number. Bacilashvili Gulnara, born on February 14, 1974 is registered in Kvemochala and Vacilashvili Gulnari born on the same day is registered in the village of Lower Gomi. There is Cherupova Zeinab, registered in Kaspi and Cherupovi Zeinabi, registered in the village of Perma .They are both born in 1978.

We also have Kasradze Zaza and Kasradze Genadi, who both suffer from mental problems and therefore are not allowed to vote. A court has granted a pension for mentally disabled people to both of them.

The surnames I mentioned are registered three and four times in various villages and districts. For example, the name of one person is registered in three different ways: Ajadar Ogli Iasimi, Ajada Ogli Iasim, Ajadar Ogli Iasi. Some people’s names are registered without their passport data. Some are registered with their surnames only, for example, Poladashvili L., Papunashvili L., etc.

There are many so-called “dead people” on the list. We ran into Baindurashvili Guram, who had died a year earlier, while reviewing the register. This incident happened in Kaspi on Vazha-Pshavela Street.

Tatanashvili Omari has been dead for two years now. Janjalashvili Mariami is dead as well. The addresses of people who live abroad for 10-20 years are indicated in this way: is abroad. However, according to law, the people who are legal emigrants specify their address so they can vote in the consulate of Georgia in the country they reside. If a person is an illegal emigrant then you indicate that he/she is abroad. Here we see that all emigrants were registered identically. Such an infringement has been observed in polling station # 32. Some prisoners are on the lists as well. Also, some constituencies could not be found, for example, Khalipovi Poladi and Khalipovi Olgami.

The new method of the National Movement annoys me. Teachers are forced to visit every family in the villages Doesi and Axalkalaki and record who they are voting for.”

Mamuka Faniashvili: (New Rights in Gori) “We have registers from every polling station. There are people who were born in 1924 on the list. 5-6 People out of every 40 are dead. We are going to dedicate a press conference to this issue. IDPs will have their own particular polling station. They can vote there together. The IDPs were warned that if they vote for the opposition they will be kicked out of the houses, which have been assigned as their legal property by the government. The common polling station for IDPs will be established in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia.

Soldiers have the same problem. They have been warned that if the opposition gets even one vote from them, they will be punished. The soldiers will vote together at the common military polling station in the morning and then they will go to their own polling stations without their uniforms and vote there as well.

Some people who have passports without addresses, will vote in a common polling station, on Guramishvili Street, in the building of an old nursing home. The government plans to falsify the votes of Jehovah’s witnesses. Approximately 3 000 Jehovah’s witnesses are registered in Gori and the government intends to vote instead of them. The Jehovah’s witnesses will not go to the elections because their faith forbids them to. Generally, the election registers are not arranged properly. Six million GEL was apportioned for the organization of election registers. Nevertheless, the registers of 2003 are still in force. These are the registers that stipulated the “Rose Revolution”.

Representatives of the police and intelligence forces put pressure on members of the election commissions. Some are threatened with dismissal and some with imprisonment. The head of School # 5 met the teachers and warned them against supporting the opposition”, states Faniashvili.

Saba Tsitsikashvili , Gori