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December 27, 2007

On October 19 Special Groups started the campaign of visiting every voter to check election lists. They had to verify voters list in particular to correct mistakes and withdraw dead voters from the list. The results of 16-day-work were sent to the Central Election Commission. According to the information published on the web site of the Central Election Commission the number of voters in Samtskhe-Javakheti is the following: 34 481 voters in Akhalcikhe, 15 442 in Adigeni, 9 628 Aspindza, 38 045 in Akhalkalaki and 21 445 in Ninotsminda.

Jaba Macharashvili the head of the Adigeni Regional Election Commission # 38 states: "Dead voters are taken out and their votes cannot be used in the election. It is Impossible."

However, a resident of the Adigeni district has different opinion on the issue: "I also worked in the regional election commission and I know that the most powerful means to falsify elections is using of so called "dead voters".

The heads of the presidential candidates' regional headquarters are concerned with the problems.

"According to our information there are a lot of faults on the election list because even people who are abroad or dead are enrolled in the voters’ lists. We are going to visit voters and check the lists," said Oleg Sandroshvili the head of Akhaltsikhe Regional Organization of Levan Gachechiladze, the presidential candidate.

Gia Kapanadze the member of Badri Patarkatsishvili’s regional organization in Akhaltsikhe made a brief comment: "We have not checked yet, we are going to start verification process."

The population is much more active than political headquarters.
"Nobody visited me during this verification process and I visited my election district and checked myself in the voters list," said Nunu Gogoladze.

Rostom Magrakvelidze the head of the Regional Election Commission #39 in Aspindza district persuades us that perfectly drawn up electoral list cannot exist and the motivation is following: "After Special Groups finish their work we will not do anything if anyone dies."

We have checked one of election districts and attempted to find out some faults in it.
Artemi Abuladze, Giorgi Abuladze and Tamar Abuladze who were residents of Merab Kostava Street are enrolled in Akhaltsikhe Election District #1, but as their neighbours state a long time has passed since they left the town.

Petre Abuladz, a resident of Kostava Street, is in Iraq, although nobody is aware about this fact in the Election District # 1 and the information concerning the voter is not given.

It turns out that our persons are enrolled by mistake in the list of 15 people. Officials from the Akhaltsikhe Regional Election Commission # 37 do not make comments on the situation. They declare that final voters’ lists will be sent two days before the election. Thus it is too early to talk about the violations.

Gulo Kokhodze, Akhaltsikhe-Adigeni