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Simulated Chronicle – Suspected in the Death of Three People

April 7, 2010

Tako Khutsishvili

So-called simulated Chronicle released by the TV-Company Imedi on March13 informed the people about the new war with Russia. Besides moral damage, it caused fatal results for the people. Although, the number of the dead people is not estimated, three families are openly claiming that their family members died because of the simulated Chronicle.

One of the victims of the reportage on TV-Imedi was a resident of the village of Aragsipiri in Dusheti district. 50-year-old Gaioz Odishelidze died of heart attack.

“When the reportage was on, he cried out – what is going on? Then he felt pains in his heart and fell down unconscious,” said the son of the dead person Aleko Odishelidze. He called the ambulance immediately but doctors could not help the man.

Russian news agency Itar-Tass spread information about one more victim of the reportage – 75-year-old IDP from Sokhumi Vano Nasaridze who lived in Tbilisi died of high blood pressure.

The relatives of Nasaridze reported that they took the sick person to one of the hospitals in Tbilisi where he was operated on. After the operation, Vano Nasaridze lived only for several days.

Kakheti News Center also spread information about the fatal results of the simulated chronicle. According to the Center, 65-year-old J.M. had a heart attack after the simulated chronicle and died. The neighbors of the dead man informed the center about it; though they preferred to keep the name of the victim anonymous.

“In the morning of March 14 we learned that he felt ill the previous night. He watched the false information reported by the TV-Imedi and had a heart attack. On March 15, he had steno-cardio attack, the team of the medical emergency service took him to Kvareli hospital but he was in poor condition and was sent to Tbilisi. The doctors could not help him,” said the neighbors.

Non-governmental organizations provide legal assistance for the victims of the simulated chronicle. Lawyer of the Young Lawyers Association Kakha Kozhoridze stated that one person applied to them for help. The lawyer does not want to publish the name of the client.

“A victim who felt very bad when the reportage was aired applied to us. He requests moral compensation. We will bring his suit to the court in near future,” said the lawyer from the GYLA.

One complaint was filed to the communication ombudsman Davit Ebralidze. Neither Ebralidze published the name of the suitor.

Other NGOs have not received any complaints yet. The information about any complaints filed to private legal offices is not spread either. As for the dead people, their family members do not complain either; however, they are sure that their relatives died because of the simulated reportage.