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Dachi Tsaguria Met Gigi Ugulava At the Petrol Station

April 29, 2010
Nino Gelashvili

On April 28, the candidate of the Tbilisi City Mayor from the National Movement Gigi Ugulava worked as a petrol attendant at the petrol station “Eco” within the pre-election Campaign. The member of the Movement “November 7” Dachi Tsaguria approached him by the car together with the film-crew of the TV-Company “Maestro”. While Ugulava was filling the fuel-tank, Tsaguria asked him several questions.

Dachi Tsaguria: Did you start working long time ago?

Gigi Ugulava: Yes, I did…But not here, in another place.

Dachi Tsaguria: Have you forgotten the time when you were destroying the private property very close to here and in many other places in the capital? Do you remember yourself and the government to destroy a lot of properties?

Gigi Ugulava: Yes, I remember everything very well.

Dachi Tsaguria: Do you remember November 7, 2007 when you dispersed demonstrators? Do you remember the law enforcement officers disperse us according to your orders on November 7? You remember. It is fine! Do you remember the protest demonstrations in April 2009?

Gigi Ugulava: Yes, I remember everything very well.

Dachi Tsaguria: Do you remember the time when you used to send zonder brigades to us to beat in the instances of the buildings?  It is good that you remember.

Gigi Ugulava:  Good-bye. Have a nice journey.

Dachi Tssaguria: I hope you will remain here to work.

Gigi Ugulava: Yes, it will be nice…. I have perfect colleagues here.

Dachi Tsaguria: Yes, it is perfect job. If these people work here, you can also work.

Gigi Ugulava: Of course, I can.

Dachi Tsaguria: You will remain here, by all means.

Gigi Ugulava: I will appreciate if I stay here. Have a nice journey!

It is interesting that Gigi Ugulava did not give the receipt for the service and it was recorded by vide-camera. Later, Dachi Tsaguria said he is ready to cooperate with the Financial Police regarding the fact. The incident demonstrates that Ugulava breaches the law in the petrol station as successfully as he does as a city mayor.

“If Gigi Ugulava tries to succeed through similar cheap PR-campaigns, I want to tell him that after his imprisonment he will really have to work in any of those positions which he uses during his pre-election campaign,” said Dachi Tsaguria to the GeoTopNews.

Within pre-election campaign Gigi Ugulava implements various works. On April 28, the Movement November 7 announced their campaign against Ugulava. One of the leaders of the Movement Jaba Jishkariani said they will attend the events organized by Gigi Ugulava and ask actual questions to him.

You can see the video-recording by Maestro-TV on the video-portal of the Human Rights Center