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Moscow Intends to Launch New Information War and to Create Federal Media-Channel in Georgian Language

July 9, 2010
Moscow was dissatisfied and confused by the word “occupation” used by the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton in her statement about the Georgian-Russian war in August of 2008. Russian analyists loudly announce that the real reason of the current situation is the lost information war with Georgia; analyst of political and military institute Anatoli Chigankov said “Although Russia started the military operation in 2008 only to force peace in Georgia, Tbilisi won the information war,” wrote the newspaper “Resonance” in the article “We Should Admit the Lost Information War with Georgia,” – They started speaking about neutralizing Georgian propaganda and creation of federal media-channel in Georgian language.”

“Russian political scientist thinks that “people should know the truth of the five-day war; since a radio-station was established in Georgia in Russian language and works in favor of Saakashvili, we should take back-steps and create a media-channel of the Russian Federation which will broadcast in Georgian language and will report only the true information.” He thinks that “Georgian propaganda should be subdued in Russia.” The political scientist suggests the administration of the Russian president to set up an information HQ which will broadcast interests, positions and opinions of Russia in every language and in every country.”

“First of all, institutions shall be established which will work on the neutralization of contradictory information. Agreements shall be signed with every country and TV-programs shall be prepared in every language; they should be broadcasted in every country as well. We should specially work on it and not only journalists but film-directors and scenarists should also take part in it,” said Chigankov.

Russian expert claims that information provocations from Georgia are still expected. “Saakashvili will not stop; so we should take urgent measures.” The expert calls upon his government to start negotiations with all information networks. For example, South America receives information from the North American BBC. He said that “Diplomatic front shall also be used during the new wave of the information war. We should often repeat at the UN Security Council that Georgia started the war. Russia has missed this opportunity.”

“It is typical reaction of Russia – when they do not want to confess their mistakes. They think since the information machine deceived them, journalists were guilty in it. They are blamed in disfiguring the facts. The reality was not advantageous for Russia and winning the information war was not too difficult for us. However, Georgia won the information war in many and important aspects but in some cases we lost. For example, one of the most urgent questions – who started the war? Who made the decision to open fire? Here we lost the war because the world has double opinion about it,” stated the expert Ramaz Sakvarelidze in his interview with the “Resonance.”

“However, after Russian tanks went beyond the conflict zone, the information propaganda was not that much urgent because it no longer was the “support of Russian citizens” as the Russian government claimed to justify its activities; so the entire world supported us. The world learned the truth – it was victory of the information war. Furthermore, presidents of European states visited Georgia during the war. Only media sources did not do anything. Georgia won the information war with demonstrations,” said Ramaz Sakvarelidze.

“The winning or losing the information war makes no difference. We could not defeat Russia if their position were not difficult to protect. Russian people are astonished by the speech of Hillary Clinton. She mentioned the term “occupation” several times and had a very strict position.  Many journalists called me from Russia and asked questions about it and I know that there is a serious excitement there. However, it does not mean that we won the information war and consequently, and the West has similar position about us for that purpose. We cannot afford it. Information machine of Russia is very strong and they have more chances; however, since the territory is really occupied, it is very difficult not to agree with the conclusions of the Tagliavini Commission which were acknowledged as the violation of the international law by the international community,” said political scientist Gogi Khutsishvili in his interview with the “Resonance”

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