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Illegal Prisoner Released after 9 Months
Judge Nona Maisuradze has released 20-year-old David Badzgaradze from prison after 9 months of illegal detention. He was accused of robbing citizen Sopio Zurabashvili. Although there was not enough evidence for his arrest, he was imprisoned on the demand of Isani-Samgori district Prosecutor Nino Tsikhiseli.
Policemen Abuse Their Power
On the 27th of August at 6.00 p.m., Shida Kartli regional policemen wounded 25-year-old Mirza Besiashvili during a special operation in the village of Zerti, in the Gori district. At the time of the incident the man’s family was also at home. About 30 masked policemen entered the Besiashvilis’ family home, guns blazing. According to police information, Mirza Besiashvili has been blamed for many crimes.
Political Rivals Arrested in Georgia
Mamuka Paniashvili, one of the candidates for Gori Mayors, was arrested on the 4th of September. Local police illegally tried to take him to a military service by force. After four hours of arrest and active involvement of media, it turned out that law enforcers were mistaken and Peniashvili was arrested illegally. After that, policemen were forced to free him.
Victim of Family Violence Arrested
Georgian NGOs protest against family violence and call the state to support the victims of violence. Their activation was connected with the arrest of 32 years old pregnant Natia Janelidze, who was the victim of family violence herself.
New Series of Detentions in Gali Region
The nut season in the Gali region has begun, along with the expected frequent attacks and harassment of the peaceful Georgian people who live and work there. This week, Abkhazian Militia units have entered various villages in the area several times already.
Prisoners Robbing Citizens from Their Prison Cells
Prisoners have discovered a new method of robbery: they are committing crime from their prison cells by means of mobile phones, forcing citizens to top up their credit on their mobile phones. The scam is as follows:
Colonel Sentenced to One-Year Imprisonment
Lagodekhi Regional Court judge Nana Chalatashvili has sentenced Besik Zurabishvili, former head of the Border Guard Regional Department #6, to one-year’s imprisonment. The detainee’s lawyer, Nino Agabekova is about to appeal against the Regional Court’s verdict at the Appeal Court. Kakheti based NGOs call Zurabishvili’s detention a travesty.
Financial Police Detain Citizen without Search Warrant
“I only want to see a search warrant, nothing more,” 53-year-old detainee Tamaz Elbakidze told Financial Police officers, whom the Shida Kartli Financial Police Department accuses of transporting smuggled cigarettes. Zaza Ramishvili, the judge at the Gori Regional Court did not take the demands of the detainee and his lawyer, Tamar Tedliashviili, into consideration. The man was then sentenced to two-month preliminary detention, without seeing the reports on the search or his detention.
Special Operation Against Kvitsiani Harms Family
On the 3rd August at 4.00 a.m., law enforcers were looking for weapons and explosives in the family home of the Givradzes, in the village of Uchkho in the Khulo region. Special forces officers harmed the family during the search. The family members, terrified by the special operation, recall the details.
Non-Governmental Organization Sues Judges in Council of Justice
The NGO ‘The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre’ is monitoring judges in Kakheti, as part of a project supported by Human Resources Office of the OSCE mission to Georgia. As a result of the monitoring, the NGO has taken Telavi, Lagodekhi and Kvareli judges to the Council of Justice – demanding a remedy for the non-issuance of public information and insults to ethnic minorities. The organization has been monitoring all eight district courts for two months now. It is very difficult to travel around the region, so it is important that the NGO’s observer knows what case is being discussed when and in which regional court - so he can attend the appropriate trial.
Foundation Created for Victims of Trafficking
Despite the fact that human trafficking has reached enormous proportions, programmes to support the victims of trafficking in Georgia have not existed. The Parliament only approved a plan of action against human trafficking on June 1st, 2006. Under a newly approved law, the first ‘State Foundation for the Support and Defense of the Victims of Trafficking’ was established. The fund will give victims 1000GEL compensation and free medical treatment.
Criminals Raid Conflict Zone
Nobody has heard a gun shot in the Gali district for a long time, except for 9th of July fireworks celebrating the Italian victory in the Football World Cup. A person, fully aware of the matter, knows that peace in the Gali district is temporary and illusive.
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