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Presentation of the Book “Trust and Peace Building in the South Caucasus”
On November 5, book Trust and peace Building in the South Caucasus was presented in the National Library of Georgia. The purpose of the book is to find resources for dialogue and cooperation and to contribute to starting a new phase in the history of the South Caucasus: the rebuilding of trust. The book comprises different views of the representatives of the South Caucasus countries and regions. 
In Quotes: Int’l Reactions to Rustavi 2 TV Case
Below is a round-up of international reactions on November 6 to a court order replacing top management in Rustavi 2 TV in ongoing ownership dispute over the broadcaster, which has been condemned by opposition parties, Public Defender’s Office, civil society groups and activists in Georgia.

Does the law protect consumers’ rights in Georgia?
Moldy bread, sour salads, outdated sausages, chocolates, yogurts – it is short list of products which are sold in the shops of Georgia every day. Consumers post information about outdated and bad products on the website momxmarebeli.ge (consumer.ge). The website administration responds to all updates and issues consultations. If it is required, the website administration can provide laboratory analysis too.
Building Trust across Wire-Fences
„If we wait for the removal of these wire-fences to start dialogue between the peoples, we will lose much time. We must start actions immediately,” executive director of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili opened the meeting with these words on October 23 in Nikozi village, Gori municipality. The meeting was about Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian dialogues. 

Population requests JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company to Follow Safety Norms
“Keep children away from the balcony,” Bela Gochinashvili, resident of Kakheti region, was warned in the office of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC). On May 22, 2015 Gochinashvili addressed to the CNERC with the request to either rehabilitate high voltage electricity transition wire or remove it from the vicinities of her residential house.
Inhabitants from Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11 were evicted by compulsory measures
On August 26, inhabitants of the barracks in Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11, Tbilisi were evicted by compulsory measures. Enforcement police officers and their transportation service employees were mobilized on the site. Furniture and belongings of the inhabitants were transported by the vehicles of the National Bureau of Enforcement. Old people bounded to beds were taken out of the building by hand-borrows. Court judgment on compulsory eviction was executed without violence. 
Human Rights Summer School in Istanbul
Human rights summer school was held in Istanbul on August 3-9, 2015, within the framework of a joint project of the Public Defender's Office and the Human Rights Center. The project was funded and co-organized by the Office of the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities (OSCE HCNM).
Farmers from Kakheti Protest Tentative Price of Grape
Traditionally, the harvest in Kakheti region will start from Alazani embankment villages in Dedoplistskaro district from the end of August. State budget will allocate subsidies but companies have not yet made comments how much they will pay for one kilo of grape. 
Immigrant families without legal protection
According to the latest official information of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons, 35 thousand people in Georgia are victims of natural disaster and require social, economic support or a place to live.
Special Meeting in Ergneti will be held on July 20, 2015
On July 16, uniformed Russian and Ossetian armed forces mobilized at the surrounding area of Khurvaleti and Tsitelubani villages. They did not allow locals to harvest. The locals ask for help from the Government. They think that the situation became difficult after media representatives dismantled so-called “border banner” of South Ossetia. 
Human Rights Summer School has ended
A joint project of Human Rights Center, Public Defender of Georgia and OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities – “Human Rights Summer School”, was held from July 10 to July 16.
New Occupation Line
On July 10, on the surrounding area of village Tsitelubani of Gori district and village Ortchosani of occupied district Akhalgori, near the Tbilisi-Gori central highway, the representatives of Russian occupation forces moved so-called border banners 300 meters into the Georgia-controlled territory. According to the new occupation line, a part of Baku-Supsa pipeline turned up within the occupied territory. 
Remarks of the Public Defender of Georgia on National Integrity System Assessment Report by Organization Transparency International – Georgia
In June 2015, Organization Transparency International - Georgia has released a Report on National Integrity System Assessment in Georgia. The document encompasses examination of the functioning of 12 institutions in Georgia, including the Public Defender’s Office and reflects positive and negative changes implemented in these bodies over the last four years.
Gori Municipality Assembly Refused to Transfer Buildings to the Ministry of Economy
The Ministry of Economy asks transfer of four kindergarten buildings from the Gori City Hall, so they can legalize this space for internally displaced persons. At this moment, refugees are living temporarily in these four buildings. Gori City Hall rents five kindergarten buildings, for which 4000 lari are spent monthly from the local budget. 

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