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Report on the protection of human rights and freedoms in Georgia of the Public Defender of Georgia for 2013
This document is the Report of the Public Defender of Georgia for 2013 on the protection of human rights and freedoms in Georgia covering wide spectrum of civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Furthermore, it highlights positive and negative trends in human rights area for the reporting period, brings together key recommendations developed by the Public Defender towards various branches of government,  the timeliness and degree of fulfilment of which to a great extent will define the establishment of high standards in human rights protection in Georgia.
Gori Municipal Board Supported Version – “One Plus Five”
On March 27, there were five issues on the agenda of the special session at Gori municipal board. First issue referred to administrative-territorial optimization of the district. 25 board members attended the session. 21 of them voted for the initiative and four were against. With majority votes, municipal board adopted “one plus five” format of administrative-territorial optimization. 
Controversy at Lanchkhuti District Local Self-Governmental Bodies Continue
Short time ago, chairmen of two fractions at the Lanchkhuti municipal board requested impeachment of the board chairman Amiran Gigineishvili. The latter responded to their statement and said. 
Fraction Social-Democrats Requests Impeachment of the Municipal Board Chairman
One of the member parties of the Coalition Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia, Social Democrats for Georgia’s Development, opposed the local government. Leader of the local organization Soso Sheizashvili held press-conference. 
Akhalgori District Governor Resigned
Akhalgori district governor Zurab Gatenashvili resigned. Based on the decision of the Akhalgori municipal board, Nugzar Tinikashvili will implement duties of the district governor during three months. Tinikashvili told Human Rights Center that municipal board had offered the position to him. After three months, competition will be announced and applicants for the district governor’s position will be able to submit applications. Interim district governor Nugzar Tinikashvili said he will also participate in the competition.
Kutaisi Still Without Mayor
Kutaisi is still without Mayor. On February 12, chairman of the city council issued decree # 152 and resigned Kutaisi interim mayor. 
Constitutional Court Discussed Ucha Nanuashvili’s Lawsuit
Constitutional Court of Georgia discussed constitutional lawsuit of the citizens Ucha Nanuashvili and Mikheil Sharashidze. The suitors appealed the 1st and 2nd Paragraphs of the Article 110 of the Election Code of Georgia. They believe they are non-constitutional in comparison with the Articles 14 and 28 of the Constitution of Georgia. Namely, the suitors request change in the formation of single-seat election districts for Parliamentary Elections. The defendant in the case was Parliament of Georgia.
Strange Single-Seat MPs
Parlaimentary monitoring website “Chemiparliamenti.ge” published report on the activities of single-seat MPs. According to the provided data, MPs Marika Verulashvili, Zaza Kedelashvili and Giorgi Gviniashvili from Kakheti region are among least active MPs.
Competition Commission at the Kutaisi City Hall Dismissed – Competition Results Annulled
Representatives of local nongovernmental organizations, participants of the test competition at the Kutaisi City Hall have been requesting resignation of the chairman of the Kutaisi City Council for two days already. They claim, Tamaz Margvelashvili, who is chairman of the competition commission, does not obey the law and acts selfishly. 
Bureaus of Single-Seat [majoritarian] MPs from Adjara Autonomous Republic Do Not Identify Local Needs
“Transparency International – Georgia” published a report on the Evaluation of the work of single-seat MP's bureaus in Adjara. Two of total 6 bureaus of single-seat MPs in Adjara – Kedi and Shuakhevi districts did not provide the nongovernmental organization with the public information. The survey showed that majority of bureaus does not identify local needs at all.
What do you think, are rights of former senior governmental officials breached?
Yes, their rights are breached No their rights are not breached I am not informed I cannot answer


Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
I have been observing elections since 2003. I have not missed any elections, though I had to miss it as a voter because
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria
First Time as an Observer


Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
Recently, protest of Geguti prison inmates was one of the most urgent topics in Georgian media. Hundreds of prisoners used different forms of
Autumn Fly
Human Rights Center to Monitor Trials on Former Senior Governmental Officials

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