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International partners congratulate the first female president-elect of Georgia with the victory
Regardless some grave violations during the Presidential Elections, International partners congratulate the first female president-elect of Georgia with the victory
Guards without arms
Representatives of the anti-occupation movement – “Power Is in Unity” have been patrolling 24 hours in Atotsi village, Kareli municipality close to the occupation line for one month already. They have set up tents right in the field. They are observing movement of the occupation regime and create obstacles for them to continue demarcation of the so-called border alongside the occupation line. 
The investigative activities resumed in Gori with regard to the disappeared adult
In the central park of the city “Akhalbagi”, the investigative activities continue to find the boy, who disappeared in Gori 14 years ago. I.N, suspect in the murder of the nine-years-old girl in Gori, also participated in the investigative experiment. He participated in the criminal case related with the disappeared boy 14 years ago.
Inauguration of the President-Elect of Georgia to Be Held on December 16, 2018
The second round of the Presidential Elections was held on November 28. According to the Central Election Commission, the candidate of the United Opposition Grigol Vashadze gained 40.46% (779 614) of votes, while the Georgian Dream-backed candidate Salome Zurabishvili gained 59.54% (1 147 106) of votes.
Human Rights Center published the Report on Monitoring Activities of the New Department of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia
On November 16, Human Rights Center presented the report– “Monitoring Activities of the Department of Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia for the Investigation of Offenses Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings”.
Representative of Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili participated in the World Summit of Human Rights Defenders
Human rights defenders from across all corners of the world gathered this week in Paris for the Human Rights Defenders World Summit, to develop a plan of action for how to protect and promote the work of activists fighting for rights, 20 years on from the first UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. 
Nongovernmental organizations evaluate the presidential elections of 2018
On October 28, Presidential Elections were held in Georgia. According to the preliminary results, which rely on the data collected from 3 705 polling stations, independent candidate Salome Zurabishvili, who was supported by the ruling party Georgian Dream, received 38,64% of votes; as for the candidate of the United National Movement Grigol Vashadze, who was backed by the united opposition, received 37,74% of votes. In order to be elected president, a candidate shall gather more than 50% of votes. Consequently, Salome Zurabishvili and Grigol Vashadze will go into the second round of the elections, which shall be held by December 2, 2018. 
Agitators of the Georgian Dream are active at election precincts
In Gori, the agitators of the Georgian Dream are mobilized in the vicinities of almost all polling stations. They put up the election poster with the election number of the GD supported candidate Salome Zurabishvili in some polling stations.  
International Observatory of Advocates and Lawyers Mobilizes Voters and Conducts Agitation
Representatives of the International Observatory of the Advocates and Lawyers brought voters to the Sabirkendi village polling station N 12 in Marneuli election district N 22 by mini-buses, allegedly to vote for the Georgian Dream backed presidential candidate. According to the HRC observer, they brought five groups of different voters throughout the day by mini-bus.

Human Rights Center about the elections – one hour before the polling stations are closed
The observers of Human Rights Center are monitoring the Presidential Elections in Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli regions. 25 Monitors of HRC are deployed in the ethnic-minority inhabited villages of Sagarejo and Marneuli municipalities; in Akhmeta municipality – namely in Pankisi Gorge and in the ABL villages in Gori municipality. 

Questions over the presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili’s income
On October 1, for the pre-election campaign, Salome Zurabishvili took a loan of 1 million GEL from Cartu Bank, founded by the former prime-minister and leader of the Georgian Dream party Bidzina Ivanishvili. Information about the loan was published in the report of the State Audit Office. 
146 kids may not registered in the Gori kindergartens
The kindergartens resumed working in Gori but they cannot accept 146 kids because the groups are already filled in all kindergartens. The head of the union of kindergartens in Gori municipality Liana Kovziashvili said they received many applications this year and 146 children are on the waiting list. 
Representative of Human Rights Center at OSCE HDIM 2018
During September 10-21, 2018, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland. The representatives of government delegations from the OSCE participating and partner states, civil society, international organizations and OSCE executive structures participated in the meeting. The meeting is organized annually by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and it covers the issues of democracy and human rights.  
Pre-election campaign started – preparations for the presidential elections
Pre-election campaign officially started from August 29. 35 candidates applied to the Central Election Commission for the registration in the 2018 Presidential Elections; they were nominated by the election subjects and initiative groups.
Civil activist won trial against MIA… murderer is still in the street
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia started administrative proceedings against Gvantsa Doluashvili, director of the Radio Mosaic and local civic activist for the inscriptions made in the streets of Gori, with which the authors requested effective investigation into Khorava street teen-age murder case in Tbilisi. In parallel to the protest demonstrations with the request of effective investigation into Davit Saralidze’s murder case, protest captions appeared in the streets of Gori – “murderer is still in the street”. 

Government Empowers the Institute of Regional Governor Instead of the Local Self-Governance
“We need new approaches to the coordination between the regional and the central authority; in this light, the regional governors are leaving their positions,” PM Mamuka Bakhtadze announced his human resource policy after being appointed to the position of the prime minister. Shida Kartli regional governor Akaki Matchutadze is one of those five governors, who quitted their positions throughout the country. Four months ago, the former PM Kvirikashvili shifted the regional governors in Shida Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions and Matchutadze was moved from Samtskhe-Javakheti to Shida Kartli, and Kakha Samkharadze - from Shida Kartli region to Samtskhe-Javakheti. 
Candidates of opposition political parties will be rivals in the 2018 presidential elections – the ruling party is not going to nominate their candida
The ruling political party will not have a candidate in the 2018 Presidential Elections, which is scheduled in October, 2018 but the opposition political parties already nominated their candidates.
IDPs won trial against the Ministry of IDPs
Several IDP families still live in the building of the Hotel Kartli in Gori. They are the families, who could not receive flats in the recently constructed residential buildings for IDPs in Gori. One of them is Tsisana Tabatadze, who fled from Tskhinvali in 1990s. She expected to get the flat but finally the Ministry of IDPs refused. Tsisana Tabatadze said that she was not at home, when representatives of the monitoring service of the Ministry examined the IDP families in the hotel Kartli.
Gori municipality assembly will no longer consider impeachment of the Gori municipality mayor
On July 23, the members of the Gori municipality assembly, at the special session of the commission on mandate-procedural issues and ethics, discussed raising the issue of impeachment of the Gori Municipality Mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili. Chairperson of the fraction United National Movement Beka Korchilava petitioned the assembly about the impeachment of the Gori Mayor.
Campaign “Swim Safe” is starting!
Today, with the initiative of Ana Dolidze, Human Rights Center, Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) and Progress Center, the campaign “Swim Safe” has started. 

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Have you ever been victim of domestic violence and have you applied to law enforcement bodies for help?
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