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Information about ongoing election process reported by Human Rights Center’s observers from different election districts by 21:30 pm
Today, Human Rights Center observes the Parliamentary Elections in four regions of Georgia. The monitors and journalists of the Center are deployed in the conflict-affected villages of Shida Kartli and in Gori; in Imereti region - in the conflict affected villages in Sachkhere municipality; Kvemo Kartli region - in the villages compactly inhabited with ethnic minorities in Gardabani, Marneuli and Bolinisi municipalities and in Rustavi; Kakheti region – in the villages of Pankisi Gorge.
Election reality and ethnic Azerbaijani people
“Several days are left before the elections and we still do not know how many single mandate candidates participate in the ballot in our district. We met only one ethnic Azerbaijani female candidate and one Georgian candidate, who met people in the school. To tell the truth, I do not expect that any of them will do any good for us,” Vahid Humbethov from Nakhiduri village, Bolnisi municipality said.
Fire was open against Irakli Okruashvili during the pre-election meeting
On October 2, when the single mandate candidate in Gori Irakli Okruashvili was meeting the local population, somebody opened fire in his direction. Koba Koshadze, Okruashvili’s security officer, and Bidzina Tomashvili, the member of his political party, were wounded.
Political Transfiguration of the Free Democrat’s single mandate candidate in Rustavi
Teimuraz Menapire, the single mandate candidate of the political party Irakli Alasania – Free Democrats in Rustavi DEC #30, left the party when there was no time to replace him with new candidate. 
The Governor of Kaspi Municipality is accused in misuse of administrative resources
Vakhtang Bezhitashvili, the single mandate candidate from the Free Democrats, accused the Municipality Governor in the misuse of administrative resources. Bezhitashvili said the governor Gocha Gochitashvili went by service car to the election office of the Georgian Dream. Bezhitashvili disseminated the video to prove the statement in social media. 
Dead people in the election lists
8 days before the Election Day, the representatives of the political parties talk about dead people in the election lists. 
Ethnic Azerbaijani people and Elections
After the 2012 Parliamentary Elections 8 ethnic minorities became members of the Parliament of Georgia. In 2008-2012 there were 6 ethnic minority MPs in the Georgian Parliament, in 2004-2008 their number was 12 and in 1998-2004 – 16. 
The MP Candidates in the Pre-Election Campaign and Voters without Information
“What has the MP, whom we elected, done for us? He has never come to us and got interested in our problems. We have no gas and water supplies but nobody cares about it. Members of one of the political parties came here and tried to convince us to vote for him and their Georgian candidate.
The war of election banners
The election experts, representatives of NGOs and the chairwoman of the Central Election Commission positively evaluate the pre-election campaign. The CEC chairwoman promised the 2016 Parliamentary Elections will be more organized than ever. Tamar Zhvania said the miscarriages from the previous elections were easily tackled. 

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How the Parliamentary Elections were conducted?
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