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“It is better to support new” – Archimandrite at Pre-election Meeting of Margvelashvili
On October 23rd, electoral staff of Margvelashvili held meeting with the sportsmen. The head of the staff Amiran Bitsadze introduced views of new government in the sphere of sports. The sportsmen who attended the meeting stated that they are “faithful people” and will support “who it is necessary to support.” In about 20 minutes after the meeting started, archimandrite joined Grigol Abashidze.

De-facto Border with Akhalgori to Be Closed for Three Days for the Presidential Elections
“Governments never paid attention to us… I do not know whom to vote. I really do not know. Maybe, I will vote for Margvelashvili. At least he has not done anything wrong in the past,” a resident of Akhalgori district told humanrights.ge. He has not left the district since August of 2008. Other residents of Akhalgori, who have permanently lived in the Ksani Gorge, support the presidential candidate Margvelashvili. 
Nino Burjanadze Refuses to Participate in Presidential Debates on GPB Channel 1
Nino Burjanadze, presidential candidate of Democratic Movement –United Georgia said no to taking part in the Presidential Debates on Channel 1 of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB), reads the statement released by the political union on October 17. An application was lodged to the public broadcaster too.

Margvelashvili’s Closing Meeting with Shida Kartli Population
On October 18, Georgian Dream’s Presidential Candidate – Giorgi Margvelashvili met local population in Gori. He said if Georgian people vote for him on October 27, Georgia will win and not only any concrete presidential candidate.

Nongovernmental Organizations Trained Personnel Before Elections
Kutaisi acting four nongovernmental organizations will monitor 2013 Presidential Elections – Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Transparency International – Georgia, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy and Human Rights Center.
Election Posters Destroyed in Gardabani
One can hardly find an election poster of the presidential candidates in Gardabani center, where faces and election number of the candidates are not damaged. Posters of both Georgian Dream and United National Movement are destroyed.
Media Continues Providing Balanced Coverage of Elections- Second Interim Report of Journalistic Ethics Charter
Today, October 21, Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics published the second interim report (September 16- October 10) of a media-monitoring of media outlets. According to the results of the monitoring, the media in general continues providing balanced coverage of the elections. The major part of the media spares relatively less time on the government, while other part of the media has increased the amount of time dedicated to the coverage of political parties and political candidates. The televisions allot the biggest part of their time to covering Georgian Dream and United National Movement(UNM).
CEC: Number of Voters 3.53 Million
There are total of 3,537,719 voters in Georgia eligible to cast ballot in the October 27 presidential election, according to updated data released by the Central ElectionCommission (CEC) on Saturday.
Trial on Vano Merabishvili’s Case Renewed without the Accused Person
“If about 4000 witnesses, whose interrogation started today, will use cheat sheets, it is useless to ask them questions and holding trials in general? Place me in prison directly and finish this story,” Kakheti regional governor Zurab Chiaberashvili said at the October 21 trial at the Kutaisi City Court.
Political Party Donations
Georgian Dream (GD) coalition is the largest recipient of monetary donations this year, followed by Nino Burjanadze’s Democratic Movement-United Georgia (DMUG) party, which received over six times more funding from its donors than the United National Movement (UNM).
National Movement Speaks about Artificial Increase of Personnel in District Administrations
“They blamed National Movement for artificially increased personnel in public agencies. Now, look what is happening in the district administrations; how many people were employed there before elections,” head of the United National Movement’s Lanchkhutioffice Kakha Askurava told humanrights.ge.
Adjara TV and Radio Board of Advisers Confirms Candidates Presented by Georgian Dream
The Supreme Council of Adjara AR has confirmed, in the selective contest of the Board of Advisers of GPB’s Adjara TV and Radio, the candidates presented by the Georgian Dream, Georgian Dream-Adjara and Georgian Dream- Free Democrats- Zaza Khalvashi, Giorgi Iremadze and Rusudan Imedashvili.
Palitra TV has violated ethical principles – Charter of Journalistic Ethics
Shorena Kalandia representative of Tsiuri Bakaradze (Kvaratskhelia) complained against Palitra TV journalist Maka Kobalia at the Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia for a video-footage recorded without permission.  Maka Kobalia made a video-report for Palitra TV showing how mother looked after her son deceased 18 years ago. 
Judgment on Prison Riot Case to Be Announced in a Week
Court hearing on the case of prison riot in 2006 has finished. Judge Lasha Chkhikvadze said  the verdict on the accused people Bacho Akhalaia, Megis Kardava, Revaz Charbadze and Davit Chakua will be announced in a week.
Status-less Akhalgori Residents
About 20% of Akhalgori residents will remain without status. Some of them do not in principal get status, others cannot receive status due to some reasons. The new registration of IDPs started on September 19, and is due to October 28, 2013.
Elections and Passive Youth
During elections, youth is usually very active. During the last year Parliamentary Elections, youth movement was very active in Lanchkhuti; however they seem a bit passive in the current pre-election period. We asked representatives of the Georgian Dream and United National Movement to comment whether young generation is still active in the process and what is their role in it.
Gori Residents about Period between Two Elections
Georgian citizens are waiting for the upcoming Presidential elections and evaluate the past year in a meanwhile. The Government claims the year was successful, although the opposition parties do not naturally agree with it; they stay no positive changes took place in the country; the ruling Coalition did not implement their pre-election promises. Humanrights.ge interviewed part of Gori residents and asked them to evaluate the past year.
Bakradze’s Pre-Election Campaign in Batumi Finished with Detention of Three People
“Presidential candidate of the United National Movement Davit Bakradze addressed the Batumi residents from the stage installed nearby the UNM's office in Batumi. Before the meeting, law enforcement officers arrested three former political prisoners in the area. Merab Gorgadze, Jemal Duadze and Jimsher Kurtskhalidze were detained when they tried to approach Bakradze and ask question. 
Violator Election Administration Members Were Re-Elected in Commissions
People, dismissed from the election commissions after the results from November 3, 2008 Adjara Supreme Council Election were annulled, were re-re-employed in the Khelvachauri and Batumi District Election Commissions. For example, Ilia Tskhadadze was selected by the CEC as a DEC member. In 2008, he was fired from the position of the DEC Chairman after the election results were annulled in Khelvachauri.
Oleg Melnikov Alleges He Was Tortured in Ukrainian Prison
On September 13, former senior official of the Constitutional Security Department of the MIA, Oleg Melnikov, extradited to Georgia from Ukraine, appeared at the trial on Sandro Girgvliani’s murder case. The accused person said he was in inhuman conditions in Ukrainian prison, was tortured and intimidated there.
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