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Heavy Snow Created Problems for Tusheti Population
Heavy snow during past few days in Tusheti district created serious problems for the population. Locals complain about problems of movement, no electricity supply, lack of medical personnel, and attack of wolves.
Results of Vacancy Competition at Gori City Hall and District Administrations Are Known
Deadline for applicants to send applications for the vacant positions in the local self-governmental bodies were expired on November 6. 607 applicants submitted 1570 applications for 102 vacant positions. 337 applicants passed second stage but only 317 of them took part in the test-exams; according to the preliminary information 256 of them passed barrier of 51%. 
Violence against Women Protested in Gori
Marina Tabukashvili, founder of the foundation Taso, which works on the women’s rights, arrived in Gori to protest violence against women; during the demonstration she observed the reaction of passers-by and saw that nobody joined the demonstration from the street – they just continued their way.
Shida Kartli Regional Administration Spent 95 940 Lari on Bonuses and Salary-Adds
This year, 36 employees of the Shida Kartli regional administration received bonuses twice and salary –add once for extra work. Additional payments to the employees amounted to 95 940 lari during 10 months.
NGO’s addressed to the President to study cases of life-sentenced prisoners
On November 25, at the press conference in the Press-club of the Prime Time, Human Rights Center and Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights addressed to the President of Georgia and Pardon Commission to study cases of life-sentenced prisoners.  
Prisoner is on hunger strike in Gldani prison and threatens with suicide
Vazha Utiashvili from Gurjaani is on hunger strike in Gldani prison; he even does not drink water and threatens with suicide unless he is found innocent in the accusation.
NGOs Obtained Rights to Observation through Compromise
Competition for the employees of Kutaisi local self-governmental bodies has become more active. Third round of interviews is underway after two noisy rounds of test-exams. Representatives of the Kutaisi City Hall stated the commission is working impartially though part of applicants does not agree with them. Nongovernmental organizations requested engagement in the process for more transparency. 
Tolerance and Fears of Religious Majority
How much tolerant we are and whether Georgian state equally guarantees protection of the right to faith and freedom of religion for everybody? How people are protected from the discrimination according to their ethnicity, race, skin color, sexual orientation? How are women protected from violence, people with disabilities from degrading treatment?
Bakurtsikhe Village Population Requests Dismissal of Their Neighbor from Mental Hospital
Resident of Bakurtsikhe village in Gurjaani district Teimuraz Samadashvili, 45, is taking compulsory psychiatric treatment instead “punishment” in Khoni district Psychic Health National Center after Academician B.  Naneishvili. His relatives and neighbors clarified that his friend Amiran Sachechelashvili took Samadashvili to load scrap-iron on the truck in the yard of vocational college. Police arrested both of them for thievery. 
Bonuses to Issue Seven Times in Local Self-Governmental Bodies – Noisy Session of the City Council
On November 19, City Council passed the resolution on the amount of bonuses to be issued in Gori Municipality with ten votes v five. 
Round table about prisoners and former prisoners
On November 12, Human Rights House Tbilisi and Georgian Center for Psycho-Social and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims [GCRT] organized a round table about the situation of current and former prisoners in Georgia.
Bones of Lost old Man Were Found in Vazisubani
Bones of 79-year-old lost Anzor Garibashvili were found in Vazisubani village, Gurjaani municipality. Supposedly wild animal ate the old man. 
Public Discussion – Conflicts and Inter-Cultural Relations
On November 14, Human Rights Center organized public discussion on Conflicts and Inter-Cultural Relations in the frame of the project Coalition for Rebuilding Trust in the conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi; the project is implemented by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in South Caucasus and Human Rights Center is local partner in it.
Controversy in Akhmeta- 1 wounded, 2 injured people
In the evening of November 9, Vano Davitashvili was wounded as a result of the controversy between Georgian and ethnic Kist people in Akhmeta. He was urgently operated on. Injured during the incident Nodar Chichiashvili and Jokhola Achishvili are also in hospital. 
Controversy in the village Mokhe
There is a conflict between Muslim and Orthodox Georgians in the village Mokhe in Adigeni district. The reason for the conflict is a half-ruined building, where the local administration planned to open a library. Muslims claimed it was a mosque in the past, and that if a library starts functioning there it will insult their religious feelings. The building was being reconstructed at the same time as a protest rally of the local population was finding place, which finally resulted in the police arresting several protesters.
Survey on Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Penitentiary Establishments
In the first quarter of 2014 Institute of Social Studies and Analysis conducted a survey in the penitentiary establishments of Georgia under the order of Open Society Georgia Foundation; the purpose was to conduct large-scaled qualitative survey of torture and inhuman treatment practice in Georgian prisons in the period of 2003-2012. 
Protest Rally at Gori Prosecutor’s Office
Family members and relatives of Giga Zarkhozashvili, detained during the incident near Gori Justice House held protest rally in front of the Gori Prosecutor’s Office on November 11; they protested dragged out court hearing of the case, which was launched under Article 553 of the Criminal Code of Georgia – resistance to police officers.
Investigation into rape case dragged out
Nata is 24 years old. She spent summer holidays on the seaside in Kobuleti together with her friend. They met 28 years old G.M on the sea. Nata said when walking on the beach her dress got wet and she returned to the hotel alone to change cloths. (The girls lived in a hostel)  G.M. chased her to the hostel and broke into her room; he tried to rape her. 
“Everything is cut down! Forest has lost its nature! "
A lot of wood is cut and then exported abroad from the mountains of Akhalsopeli village in Khvareli municipality. Locals complained about it with Human Rights Centre. They protested the fact in 2010-2012 too. Local population did not know which company exported the wood. 
“Initially they requested admission of murder, then planted drugs on him; now threaten to kill him”
The family of Levan Davitashvili, accused of killing “Starichoka” from Telavi, blames police officers in the violation of their rights.  They claim 25 pills of Subotex were planted on the convict. As Davitashvili’s wife Ana Kizikhelashvili said after Levani’s arrest, local police persecutes their family and they urge for help. 
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Detention of high officials of Defense Ministry is:
Fight against corruption and professional crime Fight against Euro-Atlantic Course Persecution on political grounds I cannot answer


Fragile Peace in Balkans
After a long and complicated preparation period, on July 30, we landed in Sarajevo. Despite scary landing caused by bad weather conditions, I
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria


What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
“Miscarriages of justice“– we use this term to characterize the problems existing in the system of Georgian judiciary during ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance. 
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
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