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Oppositional Eight to Leave Negotiation Table
The Oppositional Eight introduced the causes that prompted them to stop the dialogue with the Georgian government to Georgian Academy and NGOs. The opposition has been negotiating with the government regarding the issue of changing election environment for five months.

Batumi City Hall Left Poor People without Free Dinner
The Batumi City Hall reduced the rank of socially disabled people, who can have free dinner, from 70 000 to 57 000 points. As a result, more than 100 families remained without assistance. A local resident Vladimer Jgharkava applied to the Adjara office of the Human Rights Center for help.

State Appealing against Court Decision
The State is appealing against the Sighnaghi Court decision which envisages restoration of property right of Irish citizen Ciara Rosemarie O'Sullivan.

Families Without Electricity and Food Vouchers
Residents of Khevischala, Chartali, Cheremi and Shiraki villages in Kakheti region received neither electricity nor food vouchers. The villages have not been supplied with the electricity for almost 20 years and locals did not expect the electricity vouchers in its time.

Singer Gia Gachechiladze to Become 50% Share Holder of Maestro TV
Gia  Gachchiladze, alias Utsnobi (stranger) is going to be handed over 50 per cent of Maestro TV shares.
According to Bacho (Ilia) Kikabidze, Director General, Maestro TV the agreement was reached yet in 2006. 
Kakhi Kaladze Requests Release of Giorgi Demetradze
Kakhi Kaladze, captain of the Georgian football team requests release of the former member of team Giorgi Demetradze. His statement was spread via facebook on March 24th with the following title – “Release Unjustly Arrested Giorgi Demetradze!”

Georgian Soldiers Shooting near Davit Gareji
The Ministry of Defense categorically denies the renewal of the military trainings near Davit Gareji military shooting-range. The crew of TV-Company Maestro observed the explosions near the monastery and informed the public on the corresponding on March 20th in the reportage covered by the studio GNS.

Letter Sent to the President is Returned
The website of the President of Georgia – www.president.gove.ge – has a service entitled Letter to the President. This service provides users the opportunity to electronically send an e-mail to the President. However, the e-mail does not reach the addressee and it comes back with the warning – “the indicated electronic address has a problem of receiving”.

Eric Fournier: “I got the impression that I was hearing the description of Neo Bolshevik state”
For Georgian government the impression of ambassador of France Eric Fournier that Georgia is more like neo Bolshevik state than democratic, seemed unbelievable. Eric Fournier shared this comment on March 15th while presenting the outcomes of the research of seven different NGOs in the hotel Marriot.

Scandalous Confession of Businessman
Ltd Giorgi 3, one of the large companies in Sighnaghi region has stopped working. The founder of the company Giorgi Chirinashvili who operated the auto complex and a petroleum station states that since he joined Nino Burjanadze’s the political movement, finance police hinders his work.

Presentation at Bolnisi Youth Center
On March 21st, the project of the organization Multinational Georgia was presented in Bolnisi Youth Center.

European Neighborhood Policy: Alternative Report
Seven NGOs evaluated the fulfillment of Georgia’s obligations undertaken in the frameworks of European Neighborhood Policy during the year of 2010.
Human Rights Center Held Press-Conference on Zviad Kharebava’s Case
On March 18, the Human Rights Center held a press-conference on the guilty-verdict of Zviad Kharebava - the former advisor to the ex-primer of Georgia Zurab Noghaideli in its office.
Single Mother: “They Seized 200 GEL from US; and Wasted Another 300 GEL”
“President Mikheil Saakashvili said the time, when people listened to the government, has finished and now it is high time for the government to listen to its people. But, why do not they listen to us, the single mothers? Are our problems tabooed?!” single mother complained with the Human Rights Center.

Gogi Topadze: “We need to admit our mistakes and make an apology”
Georgian media has covered the meeting of Abkhazian, Ossetian and Georgian businessmen according to the interviews of one of the participants of the meeting – Gogi Topadze. This is reasonable considering that other businessmen decided not to say anything about the meeting. While talking with humanrights.ge Gogi Topadze cannot explain why his colleagues decided not to talk about the Cyprus meeting.

Closed Trial
Kvareli district court discusses the case of the former director of the public school in Balghojiani village Zurab Tabagari at closed trials. Tabagari is accused of the attempt to have a sexual intercourse with the school-girl and of the abuse of his professional power. The former director does not plead guilty in the accusation on debauched activities. The villagers believe Tabagari is detained for political grounds. 

Human Rights Center Appeal Regarding the Case of Political Prisoner Zviad Kharebava
Human Rights Center has studied the criminal case of Zviad Kharebava the former adviser to ex-Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli, and has determined that political motives are behind his arrest. Mr. Kharebava is currently waiting the Supreme Court’s verdict.

Condolences and Support to Japanese People
Georgian NGO sector expressed its condolence to Japan tragedy. The representatives of NGOs gathered at the Japanese Embassy in Tbilisi on March 15 and passed a letter of condolence and support to the Japanese diplomat.

Frozen Conflict Paradigm Persists in the Geneva Process
By: Vladimir Socor

In October 2008, two months after Russia’s invasion of Georgia, a diplomatic process was launched in Geneva to implement the armistice agreements signed on August 12 and September 8 that year. Two and a half years later, the fifteenth round of negotiations concluded in Geneva on March 4, again without results. The participants are Russia, Georgia, the EU, the US, the United Nations, OSCE, and the internationally unrecognized Abkhaz and South Ossetian authorities.
“Naughty IDPs”
In the sanatorium of the resort Akhtala of Kakheti Region, 44 families of IDPs from Abkhazia have been evicted. Only four of them agreed to move to the place offered by the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation. The rest 40 families are still sheltering at the homes of their friends or are living under rent. According to the IDPs, the Ministry stated that they do not help “naughty IDPs”.
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