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Father Basili Driven Out from Saingilo
The only Georgian priest father Basili was driven out of Saingilo. Father Basili was serving in Kakhi St. George Church. Before driving him out, security officials of Kakhi region prohibited him to whitewash the temple facade or arrange the church yard. The workers were thrown down from the scaffolds.

Strange Arithmetic for the Repressed
Zeinab Burdiashvili is a daughter of the victim of Soviet repressions Dimitri Burdiashvili. Dimitri Burdiashvili was one of the 33 conspirators of 1941. He got the hope of liberation of Georgia from Soviet regime after the start of WWII. Their action plan was just in the form of idea when they were suddenly arrested.

Almighty Kezerashvili
In accordance to the Law on State Purchases, property of over 50 000 GEL shall not be purchased without tender. However, the Georgian Lottery Company can pay 3 million GEL without tender.

Prisoners Get Ill with Tuberculosis Because of Negligence from the Prison Administration
The head of the Legal Clinic of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili said prisoners get ill with tuberculosis in Georgia mostly because of inattention and professional negligence of prison administrations.

23 Families in Isolation for 9 Months
51-year old resident of the village Vedzatkhevi of Dusheti region Nodar Zviadauri fell from the rock and got injured. His health state is very hard. However, it is not possible to transfer him to the hospital. Vedzatkhevi has been isolated from the outside world for 9 months now.

Ossetians and Georgians Reach Across Front Line
While negotiations between officials in Tbilisi and South Ossetia have run into a dead end, non-governmental organisations on both sides are attempting to establish contacts.

Special Operation in Kintsvisi – Next Fairy Tale from MIA
In the morning of May 26, MIA officers arrested 24-member group in the territory of Kintsvisi Monastery. The reason of their detention was plotting of an armed mutiny and illegal possession of weapon. The government-controlled national TV-Companies actively reported about the special operation. The representative of the prosecutor’s office said at the trial that it was not a special operation and the accused were detained in Tbilisi not in Kintsvisi.

Entrepreneur Fined with 3 000 GEL for Having Sold 1.10 cm Long Iron Pipe
Inspector-investigator of the Kakheti region main department of the MIA fined owner of the Ltd Khalikhebi Akaki Kharashvili from Kardenakhi village in Gurjaani district with 3 000 GEL for having sold an iron pipe of 150 mm diameter and 1, 10 cm length.

Chronicles of Brutal Torture
The executive director of Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili has received an address of lawyer Lekso Arkania accompanied with the explanation note of prisoner Malkhaz Arkania imprisoned in #8 prison department and other documents. Malkhaz Arkania was detained in 2011 at Enguri Bridge when he was leaving Gali region.

Tragedy of the Zerekidzes – “Stop Serial Murders!”
Prisoner Mamuka Zerekidze died in Rustavi Prison # 6 on August 16. The prison administration told the family he died of electroshock. The Ministry of Corrections and Legal Aid has not released any official versions about Zerekidze’s death yet.

Doctors VS Director
“Salary arrears; director rented out reanimobile of the hospital to his deputy’s husband who used it as a catafalque; the director instructed the personnel not to keep patients in hospital unless their conditions are not grave; deficiency of medical supply in hospital; illegal deals with insurance companies to gain main,” it is incomplete list of accusations of the doctors from Gurjaani district hospital against director Gela Orvelashvili.

Phantom states and rebels with a cause
Three years ago this month, Russia and Georgia fought a brief and brutal war over an obscure slice of mountainous land called South Ossetia that had declared its independence from Georgia. Flouting international law, Russia stepped in to defend South Ossetia and later formally recognized the secessionists as a legitimate government. Hundreds died and thousands of refugees fled the disputed region.

Adjara Government not Fulfilling Promise to Charity Foundation
The government did not transfer the promised building to the charity foundation of “Saint Ana and Saint Francesca.” The foundation addressed the court. However, on August 5th the judge of Batumi City Court Jumber Bezhanidze made a decision against the foundation.

Series of Willful Quitting of Jobs in Adjara Region
On July 25th the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Protection of Adjara submitted written request to quit job. The head of Adjara government Levan Varshalomidze satisfied his request.

Article 314 (on Espionage) Sued At the Constitutional Court of Georgia
On August 2 a suit was filed to the Constitutional Court of Georgia where editor-in-chief of the newspaper Resonance Lasha Tughushi, Constitutionalist Vakhtang Khmaladze and Lawyer Aleksandre Baramidze proclaim the Article 314 of the Criminal Code of Georgia as incompliant with the Constitution of Georgia and request to amend it.

Lawyer Ramin Papidze in Administrative Imprisonment
Lawyer Ramin Papidze has been on dry hunger-strike in Batumi pre-trial detention setting for sixth day already. He was detained under administrative charge at 12:00 am of July 29.

The Public Defender Demands Inquiry into the Fact of Infliction of Bodily Injuries on a Convict
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi has addressed the Prosecutor General of Georgia, Murtaz Zodelava, with a recommendation to launch investigation into the fact of infliction of bodily injuries on convict Ahmed Aboliv and to promptly conduct a forensic-medical examination to determine the origin and age of the injuries on the convict’s body.

Georgia: Weighs Costs, Benefits of Photographer/Spy Case
President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration is taking a hit over the abrupt end of a photographer/spy saga in Georgia. Many journalists feel shortchanged on the facts of the case, while foreign allies, in particular the United States, are reportedly growing weary of the Georgian government’s fixation on Russian spies.

Pressure on Journalist of Newspaper Rezonansi
On August 1st Human Rights Center held a press conference the goal of which was to inform the society regarding the facts of threats and pressure against the journalist Mariam Otarashvili.

Three Georgian Photographers Plea-Bargain for Suspended Sentences
Georgia’s official presidential photographer, another photographer who was an Internal Affairs Ministry contract employee, and the Tbilisi representative of the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), have all pleaded guilty and received suspended sentences on espionage charges.

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