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‘Red Cross’ Property Seized
The Adjaran Government is auctioning off property belonging to the Red Cross’ Adjara Office. The auction has been temporarily delayed after an appeal by the organization’s leadership to the Batumi Court.
Students Talk about Violations of their Rights
The entrance examinations have already finished and the process of appeals has started. Some of the students are unsatisfied by the exam results and talk about their suspicions. According to the students, their marks were reduced in the foreign language exams, after the tests were remarked. They think that this was no accident.
Cancer Cure Method Stolen From Doctor
Doctor Lida Mchedlishvili has discovered a unique method of curing cancer. Her years of work have been a success, but no someone is trying to steal her discovery. She has appealed to several bodies for help. Different people were interested in her discovery and have offered bids. But the doctor is no longer receiving any offers. She asks the Medical Ethics Commission for help.
Temporary Accommodation Finally Granted After Suicide Attempt
Gulnara Chaghalidze decided to throw herself under a car with her three under-age children after having been refused temporary accommodation by the Health Ministry. After being moved out of resort-house ‘Mtsvane Kontsxi’ the Chaghalidzes were put up in a club house in the village of Charnali, where they were then forced out by villagers.
Power Cut Protests
On the 20th August a demonstration was held on the only motor-way linking Abkhazia to the village of Rukhi in the Zugdidi region. It was arranged by villagers expressing their anger at having no electricity. As one of the participants said though there is a danger of epidemic outbreaks when it is too hot, as they have neither water nor electricity; despite the population having paid their bills for electricity used. They say that the money they gathered was handed to Beso Todua, a councilor of the village. The Power Distribution Company cut their electricity last week for not having paid. The population suspects that the money has not reached its destination.
Who Supports Those Who Doomed Half of Gori To Unemployment?
It has been clear for quite a long time that Okruashvili and Merabishvili are rivals in obtaining influence over the Gori region. Officially the division between these two high-ranking law enforcers started after staff changes within the police. Whilst Okruashvili supports Aleko Sukhitashvili and his people, who are being punished by Merabishvili for being involved in the smuggling business, Merabishvili supports those whom Okruashvili blames for appropriating and wasting state property and for crimes committed long before the revolution.
The Poor Blame Social Welfare Agents for Incompetence and Corruption
Since last year, the State Agency for Social Aid and Employment has released a definition of families below the poverty level. The first registration of those in need of aid has now finished, with 40,001 so called ‘points’ estimated as the poverty limit. Impoverished people who have exceeded this limit, now find themselves unable to receive aid and blame social agents for incompetence and corruption.
Nearly 200 Impoverished Families Left Without Their Family Allowances
Nearly 200 families have been left without the social (family) allowances they normally recieve from a state program. The lack of payment is as a result of the incompetence and carelessness of the officials at the Passport Department within the Lagodekhi Region’s Passport,Population and Civil Statements Registration Service.
After Drawing Up Border Tensions Might Erupt Into Bloodshed
Davit Gareja’s monastery complex has endured disasters quite frequently, yet its 12 parts remain very important religious and cultural monuments for the Georgian people. Regarding this site however, Georgians cannot help their anger towards the behavior of the Azeris.
Alcoholic ‘Mother’ Does Not Care About Child Rights
Four-year-old Mariami attracted our interested after we saw her being physically assaulted by her drunken ’adopted mother’. Witnesses say Lili Chugoshvili, from Gurjaani, has been continuously insulting the child, making her do whatever she wants and forcing the girl to obey. Despite local police being informed about the situation in detail, no legal action is being taken. Chugoshvili’s neighbours explain that whoever remarks about the situation to the woman will be physically assaulted by her.
We Must Pay Just To Stand on the Asphalt
Every day in Batumi, market traders on the area surrounding Boni market are made to pay a tariff by inspectors. The tariffs are not required by any law or set of rules but are demanded on unofficial basis by the tariff collectors themselves. The tariffs were initially demanded on the site of the market about two months ago.
Non-Governmental Organization Sues Judges in Council of Justice
The NGO ‘The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre’ is monitoring judges in Kakheti, as part of a project supported by Human Resources Office of the OSCE mission to Georgia. As a result of the monitoring, the NGO has taken Telavi, Lagodekhi and Kvareli judges to the Council of Justice – demanding a remedy for the non-issuance of public information and insults to ethnic minorities. The organization has been monitoring all eight district courts for two months now. It is very difficult to travel around the region, so it is important that the NGO’s observer knows what case is being discussed when and in which regional court - so he can attend the appropriate trial.
Will Nut Harvest Bring Any Profit to Gali District Population?
From August 10th, nut season begins in western Georgia. Every year this period is awaited with hope and fear by the Gali district population, as frequent robberies also take place at this time. Every year people are kidnapped for ransom, armed attacks on families and buses occur. The Gali region’s Abkhazian administration has ‘seriously’ prepared for the season.
Violations in Summer Employment Programme for Students in Telavi
“Anyone who has ever criticized either the President or the government, should not demand anything from them – this is the principle the Nationalists and local government rule the Telavi district by”, says Naira Grdzelishvili from Telavi. She demands an apology from Nana Kibishauri, the editor of the Telavi district administration’s newspaper and local National Movement Party members for having insulted her.
Who Violates Journalists Rights in Zugdidi
On the 14th August at approximately 19:30 several gunshots from automatic weapons were heard in the Tsalenjikha district suburbs on the former area of the restaurant ‘Samtsatskhvi’. Later it became clear that criminal settlements took place there.
“Ingilos’ Expressed Their Mistrust towards Kaheti Governor
Ingilos living in Dedophlistskaro district village of Samtatskaro consider themselves victims of torture, who have been assaulted by the state representative of the president to Kakheti and his administration members and blame human rights defenders for indifference.
Cloths Factory Workers Go On Strike
“Rise in wages, increasing of time-limit to fulfill the plan and human treatment are demanded by us,”- say Batumi Cloths Factory workers, who held protest demonstration. Participants of preventive demonstration held in the factory yard demand human treatment, adequate wages to their labor and normal working conditions.
Foundation Created for Victims of Trafficking
Despite the fact that human trafficking has reached enormous proportions, programmes to support the victims of trafficking in Georgia have not existed. The Parliament only approved a plan of action against human trafficking on June 1st, 2006. Under a newly approved law, the first ‘State Foundation for the Support and Defense of the Victims of Trafficking’ was established. The fund will give victims 1000GEL compensation and free medical treatment.
Criminals Raid Conflict Zone
Nobody has heard a gun shot in the Gali district for a long time, except for 9th of July fireworks celebrating the Italian victory in the Football World Cup. A person, fully aware of the matter, knows that peace in the Gali district is temporary and illusive.
Did the Local Government Take the Telavi Agricultural Market?
On the 8th August, the Kakheti Court Decision Implementation Office within the Ministry of Justice executed a verdict of the Telavi District Court. The verdict, which was passed several days ago, expelled Tengiz Darchiashvili, the former owner of the agricultural market, from the marketplace. Darchiashvili declares the Telavi District Court’s verdict was illegal.
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