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Half Starved Cows in Gori District
The inhabitants of Gori district villages have been collecting 5 GEL per family for several days now. The villagers had wanted to buy pastures in order to keep strangers away from their plots. However, the majority of villages could not manage to purchase the pastures collectively. Consequently, private entrepreneurs bought pastures and arable land plots. Now it is pointless to collect money and buy out the plots for these poor villagers

Regional TV News Programs “Off-The-Air”
News related programs of the Kakheti based TV Companies of Telavi and Gurjaani have ceased broadcasting. Nato Metungishvili, the head of the News Department of the Telavi TV Company “Tanamgzavri” reported they are expected to resume broadcasting in September. The board of however, correspondents of the TV Stations are to be furloughed and will be on unpaid holidays. 

Opposition Political Camp Receives Just Reward in Georgia!
The Office of the Georgian Public Defender protests the legislative that was initiative for the introduction of amendments and additions to the Georgian Organic Law on “Political Unions of Citizens”. Parties oppose these amendments and both claim that the amendments are in contradiction with the international law and the Georgian Constitution.

Deputy Public Defender Responsible for Hit-and-Run Car Accident ?
The representatives of Kakheti Division of Patrol Police Department with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) leveled a fine of 300 GEL on Sopo Khorguani, Deputy Public Defender. The law enforcers fined her for having committed and administrative misdenemour, in particular for exceeding speed limit and damaging a car; the law enforcers wrote a protocol describing the facts of the case.

Government of Patriots or “Little People” in Shida Kartli
(Cleaner is the person who has longest working record and best professionalism in the local authority)

“Are we not working here for your benefit? Just allow us to get along with our work as we have lots to do,” … officials from the Gori authorities are  making such statements when they are presented with right to public  information  applications by representatives of the Human Rights Center. The Centre sent several scores of applications to the local authority but professional replies have not been forthcoming – and not to even a single request.  The Human Rights Centre will now send the collected materials to the Georgian Public Defender in order to request corresponding assessments of the matter and that conclusions will be made based on the presented facts.

Media Crackdown Means Ordinary Citizens are Hostages of Georgian Government
Georgians have become accustomed to surprises. Each and every day in Georgia starts out with stories of somebody’s property being illegally taken or how some families were expelled from their homes. It is also common to hear stories about TV Companies or individual TV programs being closed down or changed in its programming direction. The Georgian government is getting rid of everything that creates some obstacle in its way.

Dangerous Land Slip on Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze Main Highway Destroys Road Sections
The vehicles can not move at village Tsaishi section of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze international highway since May 27. The drivers are forced to use other side roads and detours in reaching their final destination. The reason for paralyzed car flow is that 45 km. stretch of road collapsed and produced a 4-5 meter deep ravine on 329th highway of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze main road. The official representatives of the Road Department of Ministry of Economical Development state that the road was damaged because of a land slip. However, in spite of the terrible conditions, nobody has created a project that would provide for road rehabilitation till the present time. The law enforcers have not launched a criminal case in the circumstances. The journalistic investigation agency “Dro Da Sivrtse” (Time and Space) has exclusively been investigation the circumstances to the problem.

Will Tbilisi City Hall Permit YET Another Ugly Building in Tbilisi Center?
The building at the corner of Leonidze and Tabidze streets is already being torn down. The project of the new building is not confirmed yet. Evidently, the old building is so structural sound that that the workers are a hard time pulling it down. However, the City Hall and the owner claim that nothing can be changed now…it too late.

Ketilari’s Villager Fighting over Land Plots and Broken Promises
The inhabitants of village Ketikari, Abasha District are fight for the plots they had been cultivating for years. Approximately 175 hectares of land in Ketilari was placed on the privatization list. In the near future an investor might buy the land which is used by the villagers for cultivation and grazing their animals. This land is the only source of income for the villagers.

“Optimus!” Euphemism for Cutting Nursery Schools and Human Resources
Gori Municipality Board now intends to reduce the level of funding for Gori based nursery-schools starting in 2009. Several nursery schools will be consolidated and the building will be emptied of their contents.  Local authority calls the initiative “Optimization” and explains to the directors of the nursery schools that word “Optimus” means improvement.

Khochabeki – A Waterless Settlement in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region of Georgia
Khochabeki is a settlement in the suburbs of Ninotsminda; locals call it a village. Local residents dream of having water-tap in their yards. Every morning starts with the same procedure in Khochabeki that has gone on for years: people fetch water by cars, horses or carrying it by hand from the town center.

Giorgi Amiranashvili- A Framed Political Prisoner
It has become common practice in our country to pursue and arrest citizens for their political views and without legal grounds. It does not come as a surprise to anyone any more when a group of people in masks enters a private house and twists hands behind their backs at 5 in the morning. Such standard procedures have been transformed into the chosen method of detaining suspects in Georgia for now and it is expected to continue into the future.

Only King Solomon Can Understand Sighnaghi District Budget Calculations
A adequate supply of safe drinking water is the number 1 problem for the citizens of Sighnaghi District is. Zaza Zedelashvili, the Sighnaghi District Governor admits that the first item that concerns the Municipality authorities is to support the Sighnaghi Municipality administration. The problem of drinking water for the population is not a high priority. 904, 000 GEL was allocated to cover Municipality administration expenses in the Sighnaghi Budget of 2008.  This is 28, 5% of the total district budget. 23 000 GEL is assigned for Municipality-Sakrebulo and District Government stationary expenses. 16, 080 GEL out of 23 000 will be spent on purchase of paper. This means that Sakrebulo and District Government representatives need approximately 1 million sheets of paper in a year. Based on this we can infer that they will use 3,831 sheets of paper per for each working day.

Government Targets Kavkasia and Terrorism of Business Continues
TV-company Kavkasia has only one way left, which is to ask for financial assistance in order to survive and to continue its existence and supported by the station’s viewing audience. The government has not left any other option for the struggling TV-company: businesspersons who used to air their ads on Kavkasia have been since invited to Financial Police and pressure applied. Demands have been made for them to stop advertising their businesses via this TV-company.

Georgian School of the XXI Century Threats Health of Future Generation
“Should not we be grateful to them for having constructed a new school? You could not dream of such a school in your lifetime. It would be excellent…. Now what are you talking about?  I wish school construction would soon end as I intend to go to the seaside with the money they will pay to me for having worked on its construction.  Shut up, stop complaining; we should be satisfied with the  money they pay to us; if we start complaining they will hire other workers,” you can hear such  conversations between the workers who are constructing public schools in the villages of Karaleti and Kvakhvreli in Gori district.  

Palliative Medical Treatment in Georgia
Every year nearly 150 thousand people need palliative treatment. Although the number is still high for Georgia, this direction within the healthcare system has not been developed in our country. Specialists discussed the problems and achievements of the palliative treatment in Georgia at the closing ceremony of the Program - “Media Support”.

A View from a Kobuleti Court House
The building of Kobuleti District Court is near the central market in Kobuleti. It is an old building and does not differ much from other old buildings. However, there are only two judges in the district court: Iuza Butskhrikidze and Vera Dolidze. Vera Dolidze also works interim court chairperson as well.

Old Blind Lady Seeks Shelter
Liana Malania, 70 physically disabled person has been seeking shelter for the last 17 years. However, all her attempts have been useless.  Liana Malania had been working in Zugdidi Educational and Entrepreneurial Innovation of the Association of Georgia’s Blind People. 17 years ago, the head of Association allocated money to Liana Malania. It was because of this money Malania became a member of house constructing union.  It was planned that Malania would receive a two-room apartment in a house that was still under construction at that time. Meanwhile, military operations started in west Georgia and as a result the constructing union was abolished and the house construction project stopped. Malania and her little boy were left homeless and she had to find shelter in her relative’s house. She spent her whole life in moving from one relative’s house to another’s. 

Innocent Georgian Parents Fined in Lieu of Teenagers
The article of the law that contradicts with the Georgian Constitution and international conventions makes people to pay fines even for offenses they have not committed.

Lack of Roads in Ninotsminda District Villages
The lack of road continues to be a great problem for the residents of the Ninotsminda district. Local authorities state that soon the problem will be at least partially resolved. However, the incomplete resolution of the problem means that the roads will be repaired only in several villages of the district.

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