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Faked Legal Findings in Shida Kartli Prosecutor’s Office
Suratia Gigauri, a resident of Shartava Street # 48 in Gori, demands that high-ranking officials of the Gori Prosecutor’s Office be punished. She claims they changed and falsified the conclusions over the death of her husband. We estimated from our findings that investigator Merebashvili and the prosecutor Muradashvili collaborated in the case.

Single Mother: “I will do impossible things for their sake.”
They live in the village veterinary clinic and they are afraid that they might be ousted from there at any minute. The only income of the family is a meagre pension. The family lives under the most intolerable of conditions.

“Were can I find justice? Whom can I address?” asks Maia Kipshidze, a single mother of five children and 3 of them are physically disabled. Maia Kipshidze is the inhabitant of village Bulajuri, Adigeni district. 

Government’s Mistakes Over Abkhazia
A round table, initiated by journal “Sitkva” (meaning word in Georgian) was held in Tbilisi. Representatives of the Georgian government and oppositional parties were invited to the forum meeting to discuss the pressing issue of Abkhazia. The Human Rights Center (HRIDC),  Radio "One" and Radio "Mtsvane Talga" also participated in the discussion. 

Media Restrictions on Radio Imedi
The restrictions will be imposed on Imedi in the nearest future,” states Nona Kandiashvili,

Already Irakli Khetereli, Director General of the Radio “Imedi” and Nona Kandiashvili, its broadcasting director are jobless.

“I opened a door to journalism and I want to have this door open,” states Nino Gabriadze, new general director of radio Imedi.

The Shida Kartli Government Poorly Adjudicates Administrative Claims
Is there any point in filing a complaint to any boards of administration? Will you find justice if you go to the government in its own chamber? Is there any hope if you sue a neighbor or a friend or an enemy that sits on the board of administration and not in court?

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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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