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Who was interested in the information of the National Forum?!
The members of the political union National Forum asses breaking into their Nadzaladevi office and into the house of their single mandate candidates a political revenge. The MIA states the results from the expertise will speed up the investigation. 
Political Union Centrists promises Russian pensions electorates
The leader of the political union “Centrists Temur Khachishvili promised citizens of Rustavi to get additional 400 GEL pension from Russia. 
“Girchi” will not fullill the Public Defender’s proposal
Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili criticized one of the pre-election video clips of th new political center “Girchi’s” disseminated via social media and on the web page of the organization itself. The direct target group of the pre-election advertisement is youth and encourages them to participate in the elections. At the same time, the video-roll presents the “Girchi’s” attitude towards elderly people. 
Who are main donators of the “Georgian Dream”
In July, 2016 Ltd “Alfa” was the largest donator for the Georgian Dream with  120 000 GEL”. The company belongs to Koba Kurdghelashvili, the former single mandate candidate of the “National Movement” in the Parliament in Kaspi, municipality.. Among the largest donator physical persons are recently nominated single mandate candidates and the acting single mandate MP from the National Movement. 
Failed assembly of “Socialist Georgia” and confrontation in Telavi
“I protest your activities. Today, in the 21st century, it is not a time for the Soviet Union. Russia is occupant, Russia is murderer and you are all slaves”, - after the former correspondent of the Public Broadcaster in Kakheti Region Roman Kevkhishvili said these words  one of the founders of the“ Socialist Georgia” Temur Pipia, slapped him.  In response, the journalist threw the egg to him. The founding assembly of the Socialist Georgia failed in Telavi. 
Ex-owner of Gori swimming pool claims the expropriated property back
The Gori City Mayor, Zurab Jirkvelishvili called the twice-failled question back from the City Council. The initiative of the Mayor referred to giving the Gori swimming pool to the Ministry of Economics. At the August 5 session the council members did not support the initiative. Several deputies left the session and the quorum was not accomplished. Second session was scheduled at 17.00 on August 5, but the quorum was not reached again. The next session was scheduled on August 8. However, the Gori Mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili called the initiative back. The members of the City Council were clarified that the Mayor had not specified the space of the object in the resolution. 
Service car of the head of the city council in the demonstration of the Georgian Dream
On August 3, the political party “Georgian Dream” met population and presented its single mandate candidates on Rustaveli street in Rustavi.
Legislative initiative of Human Rights Center – prisoners should not be fined for unpaid income taxes
Human Rights Center submitted legislative proposal to the Parliament of Georgia on suspending allocation of fines for unpaid income taxes on prisoners.
Violence against Women – Hard Heritage for Generations
Level of violence against women has become very alarming. Absolute majority of violence facts happen in the families and sometimes end lethally – women are either killed or badly wounded by husbands or partners. More and more facts happen every year that is caused, as experts say, by ineffective reaction to violence facts from law enforcement officers, loyal and faulty legislation, insufficient number of shelters, etc. The state cannot give adequate guarantees of protection to the violence victims.
Police has arrested supporters of Levan Kokoshvili during the demonstration
On July 21, in Gori a confrontation between police officers and supporters of Ramaz Kokoshvili started after judge Levan Darbaidze did not satisfy solicitation of defense regarding changing preventing punishment from arrest to bail. 
46th day of hunger strike in detention centre
Ramaz Kokoshvili has been on hunger strike for 46th day in Gldani prison #8. Kokoshvili chose this form of protest after the court decided to impose arrest as a preventive punishment on him. Kokoshvili accuses police officers in illegal arrest and physical assault. According to his attorney, Kolpshvili’s health conditions are worrying. After the hunger strike he lost 17 kilos and he does not feel well. 
When the Roma Do Not Apply to the State, the State Shall Come to Meet Them
The Roma are as isolated and marginalized community in Georgia like in other states. The Roma living in Europe have raised their voices for the defense of their rights for a long time already. However, we have not heard their civic protest in Georgia so far. The stereotypes in the society, frequent conflict with the state and the law, living in discriminative and hard social conditions are common problems of the Roma. 
Isolation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Complicates Defense of Human Rights
After August 2008 war the state of human rights worsened in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. First of all, the reason is the war, as a result of what thousands people had to flee from their homes from the villages of South Ossetia and Kodori Gorge, which were under the Georgian jurisdiction before August 2008. During military operations militants burnt and destroyed the houses of ethnic Georgians in the Georgian villages of South Ossetia. The people who still live in Abkhazia and South Ossetia still live under high risk of human rights abuses. 
Press-Conference about Malicious Practice in Penitentiary Establishments
On July 6, Human Rights Center and Georgian Bar Association held press-conference to express concern with the malicious practice in penitentiary establishments when prison officers demand the lawyers to present them the notes they made during the meetings with their accused/convicted clients in prison. Leaders of Human Rights Center and Georgian Bar Association call on the Minister of Corrections to get interested in the situation in penitentiary establishments and take effective measures to combat hindering of the attorneys’ professional activities in prisons.
State Security Service Requests Release of Giunashvili
De-facto law enforcement bodies claim the citizen of Georgia is suspected in terrorist activities. The detainee is resident of Disevi village, Giorgi Giunashvili, born in 1978. According to the information of the de-fact state security committee of the occupied South Ossetia, the detainee has been active member of the illegal armed formations of the Georgian special forces since 2004.
Human Rights Center Calls on the Ministry of Corrections to Deny the Spread Disinformation
Human Rights Center protests the dissemination of false information by the Ministry of Corrections through the news program of TV-Company Imedi on July 6.
Mountainous Village Ziari May Get Deserted
In accordance to the Law of Georgia on the Development of High Mountainous Regions, 1582 settlements in Georgia received status of the mountainous zone. Among them was Ziari village, in Gurjaani district. According to the 2002 census in Georgia, 75 persons lived in the village. Nowadays, up to 30 people live there. As locals say the migration process started after the school was closed in the village.
Forensic Expertise Has not Returned Body of Dead Person to the Family for Two Years Already
On June 29, Kakheti office of Human Rights Center organized a press-conference about the dragged out investigation into the case of deceased 79-year-old Anzor Garibashvili.
Defense Side Mistrusts Court Judgment
Judge at the Gori District Court Valeriane Pilishvili considered the case of Gocha Avlokhashvili, who was arrested on June 17 in Muskhelishvili street for the disobedience to patrol police officers during the so-called “police raid.” At the court hearing police officers declared that Avlokhashvili verbally assaulted them and disobeyed; consequently he was arrested. Avlokhashvili blames the police officers in the abuse of their power
Thalassaemia – Result of Cousin Marriages
3, 5% of the Georgian population is sick with thalassaemia. Medicians clarify that the disease is inherited and is mostly common among ethnic Azerbaijani population. The reason is so-called cousin marriages.
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How the Parliamentary Elections were conducted?
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