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There Is a Problem Regarding Interpreter at Batumi Court
There is only one interpreter at Batumi Civil Court. In other district courts throughout the Adjara Region there is no interpreter at all. Citizens, who do not know Georgian language, claim that cannot understand statements made during trials. Public Defender’s Office states that it is violation of rights of national minorities. At least one trial is held at Batumi Civil Court a day and interpreter is obliged to attend all of them.
Prisoner Woman, Who Is Ill with Tuberculosis, Has Her Imprisonment Term Prolonged on the Ground of Provocation
Prisoner Shorena Gegelishvili, who is ill with tuberculosis, was to be released on August 8. But several days ago she was sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention and nobody interrogated her regarding the fact. Judge and her assistant are on holiday and Nestan Londaridze, lawyer for Human Rights Center (HRIDC), who protects Gegelishvili’s interests, cannot study the case properly. The prisoner was on a hunger strike for several days in protest but because of health problems she was obliged to stop the protest today.
Khiladzes Expect Compensation for Destroyed House In Vain
Vardo Khiladze’s house was destroyed by its former owner Jemal Shavadze five years ago. Since that time, the victim has been demanding the court and law enforcers to reimburse her damage in vain. Prosecutor’s Office settled the case in Shavaze’s favor under suspicious circumstances.
Expensive Life
Price on wheat increases day-by-day. People in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region cannot plant wheat so they have to buy bread. In this situation expensive life bothers villagers and city dwellers in similar way. Entrepreneurs cannot maintain prices on bread.
“Heat” in Prison-Serving a Term in the Queue to Lavatory
Chechen Vahid Albastov has been in Pretrial Detention Setting for four months already for illegal crossing of border. Four-month-stay in prison has so much changed the prisoner that his lawyer, Nino Andriashvili, who represents Human Rights Center (HRIDC), could not recognize the client.
In the Expectation of Internal Re-Displacement
IDPs residing in Telavi based hotel of Kakheti” were given five days to leave the building. The police warned them about it yesterday. The hotel, where nearly 60 families have lived since 1992, was purchased by Centre-Point Company. Local government offered 10 000 lari as compensation to each family from district budget. The IDPs said that they will not be able to buy any accommodation in Telavi with the money.
There Is a Smell of Gunpowder at Gori University
Students of Medical Faculty within the Gori State University blame University Administration for inattention. Klara Elchibegashvili, rector of the University said in her conversation with the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) that students’ rights are not violated at the high school and have no reasons for complaining.
Prisoner with Blood Cancer Urges for Pardon
Vitali Gamkhuashvili has served his imprisonment term for a year already. He pleads himself guilty and urges for pardon. Initially Kharagauli District Court and then Kutaisi Appeal Court sentenced twenty-two-year-old Gamkhuashvili to three-year-imprisonment. None of the court instances took into consideration that the accused was sick with blood cancer.
„People’s” Market Is Being Sold out
Scandalous market in Gori is being sold out without asking anything to its previous owner, Jemal Tsiklauri. Current director of the market, Anzor Kachkachishvili also confirms the fact.
“Childless” Prisoner
“When verdict was passed on Sofio Kobakhidze, both the judge and the prosecutor knew that she had one-month-old baby. Sofio’s lawyer, Ana Gagua, introduced the court with birth-certificate of the child. The judge and the prosecutor looked at each other in silence, but finally they did not react on the fact. Sofio’s little baby is not mentioned in case materials at all,” said Davit Managadze, lawyer for the Human Rights Center (HRIDC).
Story of Kuradashvili’s Family Who Became Mekhriev
“I want to return my surname back, but they are sending me to various institutions for a single document”… Muslim Meskhetian, eighty-nine-year-old Osmana, his son-forty-year-old Ali, daughter-in-law Osana and grandchildren-Aslana, Raina and five-year-old Abasa live together. Osmana Mekhriev was twenty-seven when he was evicted from Georgia. He well remembers the details of eviction. “Soldiers arrived at our houses at 3:00 AM and ordered to pack our stuff in two hours; we had to leave the village before 5:00 AM. We left Atskuri (Akhaltsikhe District) by train. We traveled 22 days and finally arrived in the village of Luisan in the Ahum-Baboev District in Fergan Region, Central Asia. Later on we moved to Tashkent.”
Land Argument -Batumi City Hall Sold Tarielashvilis’ Land in Khelvachauri
Nevrestan Tarielashvili, a resident of the village of Angisa in the Khelvachauri district has argument with Batumi City Hall regarding the land. Last year City Hall sold the land to the firm “Edelweiss” that was to start construction on it. It turned out that the Tarielashvilis paid taxes on the land till 2003 in vain.
Tailors Abandon Just-Opened Makhinjauri Textile Factory
Several months ago, Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, opened Makhinjauri Textile Factory in triumph. However, most employees of the enterprise are going to abandon the job.
Chechen Refugees Residing in Pankisi Gorge Demand Resettlement to a Third Country
“We have got used to all kind living conditions, so it will not be difficult to stay in the street either. We will not return to Pankisi. There we are unprotected. Our lives are in danger there,” said a Chechen refugee Mahamed Khasaev in his conversation with the Human Rights Center (HRIDC). He appeared in front of the building of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kazbegi Street #2 together with other five Chechen refugees. They demanded the UNHCR to resettle them to a third country.
Gonio Residents Are not Allowed to Start Constructions
Shakro and Meri Kokoladzes, residents of the village of Goinio in the Khelvachauri District started construction of the hotel several years ago. At the moment there is a comfortable two-storied-house in the yard, though it is not roofed yet. “We have decided to build some more stories on the building. We have prepared project on it but the Administrative Board refused us to start construction until September for uncertain reasons,” said Meri Kokoladze.
“Let’s Encourage Murderers”
Goga Khaindrava: “Now everything depends on the dignity of society; how will people put up with similar dishonesty. I predict that Saakashvili’s government will finish its activities shamefully. It is terror and society cannot put up with terror.”
Tourists Get Lost in the Darkness of Uflistsikhe
A lot of tourists visit Uflistsikhe. Because of heat the visitors prefer to see the historical monument in the evening, but the surrounding area is not illuminated. Nobody knows where eighty illuminations disappeared which were delivered from Tbilisi in Gori in autumn of 2006. This problem emerged as soon as tourist season arrived and visitors started to encounter problems to see the monument.
Why Do Tourists Pay Seven Lari More for a Museum Ticket in Gori?
This year, there are a lot of foreign tourists in Gori streets. They are from England, America, Poland, and the Ukraine. Tourists arrive in Gori to see Stalini Monument and museum. However, unlike local people, foreigners have to pay more for tickets.
Word Demonstration-What Would You Like to Tell Abkhaz People after 15 Years?
“I want to meet Abkhaz children,” the youngest participant of the “Word Demonstration-What Would You Like to Tell Abkhaz People after 15 years?” wrote on the board in front of the Opera house in Tbilisi on July 27 2007. She does not remember the war and has never been to Abkhazia. Anyway, she has similar wish.
Mentally Disabled Person Was Deprived of Pension
Naira Tsartsidze, who complains about several diseases, has remained without pension. She received the allowance for three years.
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