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Reason for Juvenile’s Detention - a Pram
Fifteen-year-old Giorgi has been detained for several days now. He arrested after taking a toy-pram from the neighbor’s house to entertain his eighteen-month-old brother. Giorgi, who takes care of his brothers and sisters, has no father and his mother is sick. Since he was detained four little children have been left without care.
Price Rises on Press
Since tax allowances were abolished on press on January 1 2007, independent newspapers have faced many difficulties and the situation in the regions is particularly complicated. Many publications have not been able to publish their editions frequently. The progressive newspapers that were critical and locked horns with the government are no longer published.
Gurjaani Municipality Gamgebeli Does Not Have High Education
Non-governmental organization, Human Rights Centre, has brought suit at the Gurjaani District Court against the district Municipality. The suitor demands to abolish the December 8, 2006 resolution of the Municipality according to which Ramaz Kerechashvili was appointed to the position of Gamgebeli (governor).
Backlog of Unsolved Cases Builds up Tskaltubo
Lamara Geguchadze, a resident in Kutaisi applied to the Human Rights Center’s Kutaisi office after discovering her house had burnt down in her village of Banoja in the Tskaltubo district. The victim said that she initially applied to the Internal Ministry’s Tsakltubo district Department with oral and written appeal. However, everyone seemed to ignore her.
“Our Choice is Georgia” – Demonstration on The Enguri Bridge
Today, a group of young people, members of non-governmental youth organization “New Generation for United Georgia” and approximately five hundred students and youngsters held a peaceful demonstration on the Enguri Bridge (which is connecting Samegrelo region with breakaway Abkhazia). The key requirement of demonstrators was to cease violation on ethnically Georgian population living in the territory of Abkhazia.
Nearly 350 Blind People from Batumi No Longer Receive Allowances
In Batumi, the society “Sinatle” for blind people is situated far from the city center at the end of the Griboedovi Street…Buses do not operate in that direction so it is expensive to get there. It is also difficult to cross the street for Rezo Mikeladze because he is blind. Twenty-three years ago, a landmine exploded near him and he lost his eyesight.
Davit Roketishvili: “I am Harassed by the Chief of the Borjomi Internal Ministry Department”
Series of problems for Dato Roketishvili, Borjomi resident, has started since a policeman raped a little girl. Roketishvili speaks about the harassment he endures from the chief and officers from the Borjomi Internal Ministry Department.
Representatives of Aid and Employment Office Violate Human Rights
Poor people living in the Kakheti region don’t hold the “Poverty Reduction Program” in high esteem. They even doubt if it exists to assist poor families. There are serious doubts about the competence of social workers and it is alleged that some are corrupt. Program applicants also claimed that the board of the Kakheti Regional Center for the State Social Aid and Employment does not show interests in their needs and their insensitivity is well demonstrated with the way representatives of the social agency insult the poor people when they call in for assistance over the phone.
Disabled People Are Prohibited To Get Married
The Georgian Civil Code, Article 1120 prohibits the mentally and physically disabled people to get married. The Public Defender does not welcome the restriction and demands the chairwoman of the Parliament to cancel the draft law.
The Idea of Joining the Gori and Tskhinvali Universities Was Turned Down
The representatives of the “Republic Party” Gori Office dedicated the recent press-conference to the integration of the Gori and Tskhinvali Universities. The residents of the Shida Kartli Region were concerned about the situation for the last time. The initiative about integration was proposed by the board of the Tskhinvali University.
Patrol Inspectors Beat Watchman and Then Detained Him
Human Rights Center demanded to launch a criminal case against Vakhtang Zatikashvili and Giorgi Naskidashvili, inspectors of the Patrol Police Kakheti Regional Department.
The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
ECRI was established by the Council of Europe. It is an independent human rights monitoring body specialised in questions relating to racism and intolerance
Local Government is Accused of Misappropriating State Funds
The Human Rights Center blames the Gurjaani local authority misappropriating state funds. The non-governmental organization is demanding that a criminal investigation be opened into the alleged high-ranking governmental officials involved.
Legislation against Laundry
The amendments became popular after the Tbilisi Supervision Service started to distribute the warrants to the population. More precisely, under the Article 150 section III, physical and legal entities cannot install a ventilation system, laundry drier, bars or some other constructions without permission. If the law is not followed, the violator will be fined 500GEL, and if repeated the fine will increase to 1, 500GEL.
Human Trafficking Remains the Problem of the Century(part III)
Six hundred trafficked girls have been found in Turkey over the last three years. They are mainly from the former Soviet Union. Girls from Moldavia, the Ukraine and Russia occupy the first three places in the list. Georgian girls take the sixth place. Their number reached 29 over the last three years.
In Adjara Region Population Faces the Danger of Losing Their Plots
The Administrative border of Batumi is being widened. The villages of Khelvachauri, Sarfi, Gonio, Mtsvane Kontskhi and others will join the city of Batumi. The villagers are afraid that they will be deprived of their lands and the plots will be privatized.
Dream Ark
There are seven members in the family, a father, mother and five children. The twins, Khatia and Beka, have cerebral palsy. Due to their disabilities, the state provides aid in the amount of forty lari a month.
Pornography Has No Limits
Non-governmental organization “Parents’ Union” has protested the removing the law from the Georgian Legislation that protected juveniles from being influenced by indecent material. More precisely, based on the Parliament’s decision on December 29, 2006, amendments were introduced to the law on “protection of juveniles from indecent influence” but all prohibitions on TVs have since been abolished.
Chief of the Military Police Admits to Threatening Journalist
“Bondo Khutsinashvili pointed out during the interrogation, that he had rebuked journalist Saba Tsitsikashvili,” stated the resolution 01/22-1/04-190, issued on January 25, 2007 by the Gori Prosecutor’s Office.
Factory Watchman, Lost Property and Victim of Drug Planting
Kote Askurava, accused for having stolen equipment worth million of dollars from a factory formally owned by Aslan Abashidze (former head of the Adjara Autonomous Republic), was detained last week for drug-dealing. The family members of Askurava blame the law enforcers for arbitrary detention.
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