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Famous Human Rights Defender Sergei Kovalov Was Astonished by Vakhania’s Case
On September 10, 2009 Zugdidi District Court (Judge Davit Kekenadze) sentenced Academician Vladimer Vakhania to one-year-imprisonment for preventing journalist from professional activities and to three-year-imprisonment for illegal purchase-possession of weapon; the crimes are envisaged under Article 154 Part II and Article 236 Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Law enforcement officers detained Vakhania for preventing journalist from her professional activities and for the purchase-possession of weapon on March 17, 2009. He is in Zugdidi prison N 4 in unbearable conditions with poor health.

Mentally Disabled Juvenile Was Imprisoned
14-year-old Irakli Abashidze was accused in robbery. According to the accusation, the damage which was caused by the crime is about 200 GEL. However, the lawyers claim there are no documents to justify the accusation. According to the medical expertise, Irakli Abashidze is mentally disabled person. His lawyers are going to send the suit to Strasburg.

Why I Apologize To Abkhaz People
“Sorry” Campaign was launched in March of 2007. It is not easy to apologize as well as to accept an apology.

The aim of the Sorry Campaign is to change the dynamics and direction of the relationships that have been established between Georgians and Abkhazians during recent years. The “Sorry” Campaign is not in any way connected with politics; it is a movement against war, as we consider that there is no alternative to peaceful dialogue and mutual settlement of the conflict.

Trading in the Ruins
Local government of Ozurgeti district made a New Year surprise for traders and customers of the agricultural market by deconstruction of the market.

Residents of Sakobo Village Request to Study Legality of Expenditure of the Grants Allocated by Dutch International Organization
Residents of Sakobo village in Sighnaghi district request to study the legality of expenditure of the grants allocated by the Dutch international organization.

People Did not Believe Memorial to Victory Will Be Exploded on December 19
In Kutaisi, society is getting more anxious about the explosion of the Memorial to Victory. Several days after the accident, new details were exposed and it reinforces the doubt that the deconstruction of the monument was carried out earlier, in a hurry and consequently through violation of security norms.

Judge Passed Verdict on Beselia’s Family Members according to Prosecutors’ Directions
Batumi City Court passed verdict on the son and brother of Eka Beselia, leader of Movement for United Georgia. Juveniles Rati Milorava and Valeri Kirvalidze were sentenced to 18-month-imprisonment and fined with 2 000 GEL; Sergo Beselia and Roin Tsagareli were sent to prison for 2 years and 6 months and fined with 4 000 GEL. The prosecutor requested the length of imprisonment and amount of fines. Judge Jemal Kiknadze at the Batumi City Court satisfied the request of prosecutor completely.

Sozar Subari:”It Is Early to Spread Information About Death of Georgian Media”
On December 25, authors of best journalistic investigation were awarded in the Art-Café “Caravan”. The competition “Human Rights-My Everyday Life” was organized by the Human Rights Center and South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders.

Number of Residents of Gremi Community Houses Increases Monthly
The number of residents in Gremi Community House in the village of Gremi in Kvareli district increases monthly. Two months ago, there were 84 residents in the shelter, and now their number is over 100.

Prosecutor’s Office Used Loyal Charge for Family Members of Eka Beselia
“I heard politically grounded verdict of Saakashvili announced by Judge Konstantine Tsatsua,” stated Eka Beselia, the head of “Movement for United Georgia” in Batumi Court on December 22, where the trial on his brother and son finished. Prosecutor facilitated the charge. Judge Jemal Kiknadze postponed announcement of the verdict for 5:00 pm on December 24.

King-Kong Is Back!
Vasil Mkalavlishvili, excommunicated clergyman from Orthodox Church of Georgia, has returned to the arena of violence. On December 22, news programs reported that self-proclaimed clergyman cannot be improved by the imposed and served punishment. Now, it is time for him to regret but only a human being can regret, while the monster like Mkalavlishvili does not recognize similar feelings.

Vakho Komakhidze: “There Were Normal Conditions in the Cell of Georgian Adults”
Journalist for the Studio “Reporter” Vakho Komakhidze reported that adults from Tirdznisi village were in normal conditions in the custody in Tskhinvali.
Kidnapped Ossetian Adults Were Tortured
There is a video-recording which proves torture of the detainees but offenders are not found yet.

Fate of Alan Khugaev, Alan Khachirov and Soltan Pliev is still unclear. De-facto government of South Ossetia blames Georgian law enforcement structures in their disappearance and provides several grounded evidence to prove it – they have video-recording and photo-materials purchased for 500 USD at Georgian prison.
Endless Impudence
Nobody knows who was first who thought of moving the parliament to Kutaisi from Tbilisi. The society could not realize why it was necessary. Furthermore, they speak about partial movement of the parliament – plenary sessions will be held in Tbilisi and committee sessions - in Kutaisi.

Tragedy Caused by Explosion of “Memorial to Victory” Increased Aggression towards the Government
Deconstruction of the Memorial to Victory in Kutaisi ended in tragedy. Two people - 8-year-old Nino Jincharadze and her mother died as a result of explosion. According to official information, investigative team of the prosecutor’s office investigates the accident. At the moment, technical director of the “Sakpetkmretsvi Ltd” (the company which carried out explosion activities) Avtandil Darsavelidze was arrested.

Tskhinvali Regime Has More 12 Georgian Hostages among Them Is 17-Year-Old Giorgi Archvadze
Georgian human rights defenders, invited to Tskhinvali by the leader of Ossetian separatists Eduard Kokoity, met Georgian citizens detained and convicted in Tskhinvali as well as relatives of the missing Ossetian people and media representatives. What is general feeling in Tskhinvali? What is the position of the leader of separatist government about the release of Georgian hostages and what do the parents of missing Ossetian people request? We interviewed member of the Georgian delegation, conflict scientist Paata Zakareishvili about this details.

Eric Fournier: “We Have Not Decided to Sell “Mistral” to Russia Yet”
“Active discussion on selling “Mistral” to Russia does not mean that the agreement has already been signed or it will definitely happen,” said extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of France to Georgia Eric Fournier before his meeting with Temur Iakobashvili, State Minister for Reintegration of Georgia.

Ossetian and Georgian Peoples Hoist Flags to Disregard Each Other
On November 29 three men went to St. George church in Dvani village and stole the bell of the church. Although the incident happened at night, there are people who saw how criminals removed the bell. Furthermore, Gulo Mamagulashvili claims Ossetians stole the bell and shot in the air. Mamagulashvili thinks they were shooting to irritate residents of the village of Dvani because several Ossetian people consider the territory around the Church belongs to the “Independent South Ossetia”.

Court Sentenced Young Lawyer to 7-Year-Imprisonment
Gori district court sentenced 22-year-old lawyer Mariana Ivelashvili to 7-year-imprisonment. Gori Prosecutor’s Office blames her in swindle. Mariana Ivelashvili petitions to the president of Georgia, representatives of international organization and human rights defenders to defend her rights.

Government Will Blow up Memorial by Merab Berdzenishvili and Build New Parliament On Its Place
The new building of parliament of Georgia will soon replace the monument by Merab Berdzenishvili in Kutaisi. The construction of the last century will remain in our memory only in photos. The sculpture of famous artist will be sacrificed to the initiative of Kutaisi MP; he initiated to move Parliament of Georgia to Kutaisi.

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