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New Boulevard At the Expense of Local Residents
Recently, the authority of Adjara Autonomous Republic has been boasting with the new boulevard on the seaside in Adlia. The governmental officials claim the local residents are happy with the new construction too. However, locals do not have information about the compensation either. The Human Rights Center could not find out the amount of the compensation despite many efforts because Batumi City Mayor Robert Chkhaidze could not find time for us.

“Great Show” with Criticism
Government of Georgia made a report to the population of Kutaisi. A lot of people gathered in front of the pavilions of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Probation and Penitentiary, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education and others yesterday. However, finally the show succeeded and people and representatives of the central authority spoke sincerely with each other.

Don’t Write to Ministries, Cities Will Get Polluted
Initiative of the Government of Georgia “Dialogue with People” visited Rustavi too. Ministries demonstrated their achievements by various models, colorful posters and advertising leaf-lets. In Shartava Avenue people could see everything to get sure that life is beautiful in Georgia or it will be beautiful in near future.

Europe's Georgian challenge
If, in 2008, saving Georgia seemed to be the great success of Europe's foreign policy, in the year ahead this country will provide a test of how serious Europe's collective strength in international affairs really is.

Only Politically Acceptable Teachers Must Work at Schools
Khatuna Enukidze worked at Tbilisi Public School N 76 for seven years. Lately she was fired. As she supposes the reason for her dismissal was her political opinions and relationship with Irina Enukidze, mother of Sandro Girgvliani. (Girgvliani was killed by high-ranking officials of the law enforcement bodies; her mother organized rallies to demand punishment of those officials who participated in the murder of her son; later she died as a result of serious illness).

Land and Justice
A plot of land was seized from Goderdzi Goderziani.  He learned about it only when he received notification from the Public Registration Agency. Since then he has been trying to obtain the return of the seized property through the court. The seized plot was initially registered as a state property after it had been seized from Goderziani and then it was granted to the Bodbe Monastery. There are two truths about the plot: Gordezeiani thinks the plot was seized from him illegally and then illegally granted to the monastery which received the plot from the state.

Road Reconstruction Will Cause Eviction of Hundreds of Families
Hundreds of families in Sagarejo and Telavi districts might be evicted. The rehabilitation project of the Vaziani-Gomobori-Telavi motor-way aims to repair the road and it means the road will also be widened. Local residents do not have information about the plans of the project at all.

Political Harvest – 2009
The grape harvest already is underway in the Kakheti region. In many villages of the region the estimated level of sugar has exceeded 21 percent   However, the peasants cannot harvest yet. Village councilors are not very keen on issuing notifications on which factories should accept grapes. Those people who do not support the government have problems while getting the notifications. Farmers are in the most difficult situation. Factories do not accept the grapes of the farmers who do not own a vineyard of more than 10 hectares. Policemen from the Sighnaghi, Gurjaani, Kvareli and Telavi districts work in an emergency regime. The Constitutional Security Department also monitors the ongoing grape harvest. They have been ordered to control the farmers.

The Case of Vakhtang Maisaia and the List of Spies [Video]
Vakhtang Maisaia, a military expert suspected of participating in the Mukhrovani mutiny, now is in Tbilisi Prison # 8 . He gave sensational information to human rights defenders and to his attorneys. Maisaia claims that law enforcers unsuccessfully tried to force him to testify against famous politicians and high ranking authorities during unwarranted interrogations. Vakhtang Maisaia sent a notebook to our investigating group in which are listed the names of the people whom the law enforcers demanded him to name. There are more than 20 names on the list. Many of them are  government officers and some are  famous experts on political and military issues. Law enforcers want Maisaia to say that these people have committed high treason.

“Strict Hand” Moved from Prison and Businessmen to Army
“He was drunk... After beating, he stuck gun into the mouth of Avaliani and threatened him with death. Then he ordered the special unit to teach him a lesson; armed people attacked Avaliani and started beating him in the head with truncheons...” This is an extract from Public Defender’s Report of 2008 which describes the incident when Bacho Akhalaia beat prisoner Giorgi Avaliani. The Public Defender blames Abkhalaia for physical assault of prisoners and for the inspiration of the so-called Riot in Ortachala Prison on March 27, 2006. The report of the public defender also blames Bacho Akhalaia and his deputies in initiating the campaign against businessman Kibar Khalvashi.

Inmates of Kutaisi Prison Sewed Up Mouths
Inmates of the Kutaisi prison N 2 fought injustice with most severe forms. Giorgi Gorgodze and Giorgi Zirakadze sewed up mouths on August 7 and stopped their protest on September 9, on the 33th day. They were arrested in Baghdati district on February 23 for thievery.

Five Years after Oil Exploded in Sagarejo
Today, the Human Rights Center gave press-conference on the incident that happened on the boring well N 100 of the Oil Company “Canargo Georgia” in the village of Ninotsminda in Sagerejo district on September 10, 2004. Executive Director of the Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili provided concrete documents that prove negative impact of the oil-explosion on the population.

“Report to People” When Opposition Members Are Raided
Yesterday, the government of Georgia presented the residents of Telavi with their report. Eerekle Avenue was closed all day long in Telavi. Employees of the public agencies in different districts of Kakheti region visited the street exhibition of ministries. At 3:00 pm the president of Georgia also visited Telavi. Ministers were talking about democratic reforms with the population; the president was speaking about the ongoing development in the country. Meanwhile, high-ranking police officers and armed activists of the National Movement raided the Telavi Office of the Conservative Party.

IDPs Without IDP Status
413 IDP families still live in nursery schools in Gori. Among them are people from the village of Zardiaantkari in Gori district which is not located in the Patara Liakhvi Valley (former buffer zone). IDPs say their houses were not damaged during the war but Georgian police does not allow them to enter the village and cross so-called border.

Conclusion of Expertise that Cast Doubt in Investigation Results
Three years have passed since Zurab Vazagashvili and Aleksandre Khubolov were killed close to the tennis-pitches in Tbilisi by the officers of the criminal police department; the killed people were suspected for organized robber.

Whose Is Justice in Georgia?
“Justice belongs to the people” Dimitri Shashkin, Minister of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Aid of Georgia, made this statement several days ago when family members of the convicted Lasha Imedadze were trying to find justice at Kutaisi prison N 2. On the same day, the relatives of the prisoner could not leave the complaint to the head of the prison despite many attempts.

Shota Apkhaidze: “My Life Is In Danger”
Georgian society is not surprised that activists of the youth movements are imprisoned and threatened by the government. Vice president of the youth movement “Democratic League” and member of the movement “Protect Georgia” Shota Apkhaidze has already addicted to the threatening phone calls. He was attacked two times; in August he was imprisoned seven times for no reason. Shota Apkhaidze said currently his life is in serious danger. “I was informed by reliable source that the government is planning serious revenge against me. They can do everything; I do not exclude possibility of my kidnapping and torturing,” said Apkhaidze.

Ghromi-Mejvriskhevi Relation Is Complicated by Police and Energo-Pro Georgia
Government Does Not Care about Problems of Ossetian People

Residents of Mejvriskhevi village in Gori district say the government of Georgia artificially complicates their relation with Ossetian village of Ghromi. Georgian policemen deployed between the two villages do not allow Ossetian people into Mejvriskhevi; they bring cheese and matsoni to the village to sell.
Traders in Adjara Were Taxed for Tourist Season
Trading center in Kobuleti “Golden Eagle” has been closed for several days already. Traders protest increased taxes and refuse to work.

Whose TV-Set Under Whose Roof?
Gori office of the Human Rights Center and local newspaper “Kartlis Khma” are monitoring how aid is provided in the villages of former buffer zone. During the last two months several applications were sent to the local authority however they either do not reply or the replies are incomplete and late.

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