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Eastern Partnership Georgia National Platform STATEMENT Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in Paris, France
The Georgian National Platform strongly condemns the terrorist attack directed against journalists of the French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France on 7th January, in which 12 people were killed, 10 injured and 4 seriously wounded. On 9th January the terrorists took hostages at the supermarket in Eastern Paris claiming lives of four Jewish victims.
Civil society organizations call on the Parliament to set up a commission to study high-profile cases
A few days ago the whole country was shocked by the death of Yuri Vazagashvili, who died as a result of an explosion while visiting his son’s grave. Yuri Vazagashvili was the father of Zurab Vazagashili, who was killed in a special operation in 2006.
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary disagrees with the initiative limiting the scope of the jury trial
A legislative initiative on amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) sponsored by MPs Manana Kobakhidze, Davit Saganelidze, Gedevan Popkhadze, Zviad Kvachantiradze and Paata Kiknavelidze was registered at the Parliament of Georgia. The initiative proposes voiding article 330.31 of the CPC.
Statement of Human Rights Center – Prosecutor’s Office Must Timely Investigate High Profile Cases
Human Rights Center is alarmed with the fact that despite our many petitions and addresses, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office does not investigate the cases where signs of systemic crimes in penitentiary system and law enforcement bodies are detected.
Statement of CSOs about Alleged Premeditated Assassination of Yuri Vazagashvili
On January 20, Yuri Vazagashvili was killed as a result of the explosion on the grave of his son in Karapila village, Kaspi district. The tragedy terrified the Georgian society.
Address of Human Rights Center about Political Persecution of a Citizen
Human Rights Center is concerned about political persecution against Nato Usenashvili that has already acquired systemic character.  
Coalition Statement Regarding the Selection of the New Chief Justice
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is addressing the issue of election of the new Chief Justice, which has already garnered growing public interest. The current Chief Justice’s term is up in February, 2015.
Who shall be punished for the crimes committed during the August 2008 armed conflict?
Russian side Georgian side Ossetian side All parties equally I cannot answer


Fragile Peace in Balkans
After a long and complicated preparation period, on July 30, we landed in Sarajevo. Despite scary landing caused by bad weather conditions, I
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria


Villages of the Hopeless
I learned about healing water Dzuguri first several days ago. Having searched information, we learned that Dzuguri water is sold near the chain
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests

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