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NGO Ad Hoc Press Conference: Alleged “Spying” of Lira Tskhovrebova
December 16, 2008

We, the leaders of NGOs held a special press conference addressing the alarming news reports that were issued on December 15 dealing with the alleged “espionage” of Lira Tskhovrebova. Lira Tskhovrebova story was covered by all TV outlets of Georgia in much the same way.

We consider that yesterday’s  news pieces attempted to show all members of the civil society that people’s diplomacy is being discredited and those who are involved in this kind of activity are spies and foreign agents.

Human Rights Watch
Russia: Protect Civilians in Occupied Georgia

Fear of Ethnic Violence, Isolation in South Ossetian District

Russian authorities should take immediate steps to stop South Ossetian militias from attacking ethnic Georgians in Akhalgori district in South Ossetia, Human Rights Watch said today. Russia should also ensure that local residents remain able to move freely to and from the rest of Georgia.

pour la Protection des Défenseurs des Droits de l’Homme EL OBSERVATORIO
para la Protección de los Defensores
de Derechos Humanos


GEO 002 / 0908 / OBS 145
Physical and verbal assault / Threats
September 4, 2008

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Georgia.

Peace Must Be Secured in South Ossetia!
An Appeal of the Human Rights Center

The Human Rights Center is extremely concerned about the recent urgent situation in the Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia). We consider that Georgian authorities and all of society should do their utmost to reduce and bring the current hostilities to a peaceful conclusion.

Human Rights Centre Response to Journalists’ Protest
The Human Rights Center joins with protest demonstration of journalists and expresses its support to demonstrators who seek freedom of speech.

 The Human Rights Center considers that governmental authorities have illegally persecuted and continues to persecute various media organizations and demands that such a policy much be ended. Every attempt is being made to subdue and restrict freedom of speech. Such efforts being done in order to support the establishment of a totalitarian and dictatorship state in Georgia and society must not allow this to happen.

No Justification for Terrorism!
Human Rights Center Expresses Sincere Condolences to Abkhaz People

The Human Rights Centre expresses its condolence to the families of those people who needlessly died in the terrorist acts on the territory Abkhazia. The center is deeply concerned over the recent incidents in conflict zone: terrorist acts that were carried out in Sokhumi, Gagra and Gali. These actions resulted into the death of several people and the wounding of many others.

Eka Beselia’s Son – Victim of Political Retribution
Appeal of the Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Center is concerned that a criminal case has been opened against the son of Eka Beselia, member of the United Opposition.  Rati Milorava, 15 was invited to the Main Division of Tbilisi Police for interrogation and has been charged with hooliganism; the charge for this category of delinquency is punishable with a term of 2-5 years of confinement. .

"There is an invisible wall that blocs the "legal" immigration in the Old Continent. The borders of this Fortress are invisible to the major part of citizens, because they are composed by laws, but their result is visible as a Human tragedy".

 Marco Rovelli Italian writer

UNITED for Intercultural Action protests against the building of a "Fortress Europe", which leads to the death of desperate people looking for a safe refuge.

Georgia must meet its obligations on the rights of the child
Geneva – Tbilisi, June 9th 2008 – The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has just made public its recommendations on the situation on children’s rights in Georgia, noting that it “remains concerned about the information indicating that children continue to be victims of arbitrary detention, police brutality and ill-treatment in detention facilities”.

An Appeal to Mikhael Saakashvili
We are writing to express our profound concern about legislative amendments lowering the age of criminal responsibility and urge you to take immediate steps to repeal them.  If the amendments go into force as planned on July 1, Georgia risks flouting its international legal obligations and causing irreparable damage to the lives of children.

To the members of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe
When Azerbaijan and Armenia became members if the Council of Europe in January of 2001, the Parliamentary Assembly of this organization noted the availability of problems of political repressions and political prisoners (Opinion 221, iv, par. b,c and Opinion 222, iv, par. b respectively). Following Opinions 221 and 222, the Secretary General  of CE appointed the group of experts who had examined 25 “pilot cases” on these countries and worked out criteria of “political prisoner”.

Attack on the Political Party Tavisupleba (Freedom in Georgian) Minibus
Passengers Blocked from Protest

The members of the political party Tavisupleba( Freedom) driving from Zugdidi to Tbilisi were attacked by the armed people at 3:25 a.m. on May 26.

Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections – Unprecedented Brutality
Findings of the observation of the Parliamentary Elections of May 21 2008

The Human Rights Centre (HRIDC) is a non-governmental human rights organization, without any political or religious affiliations. The purpose of HRIDC is to increase respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Georgia, as well as to contribute to the democratic development of the country. The HRIDC have been actively monitoring the respect of human rights by the Georgian Government over a last decade. The Centre has actively been engaged in the monitoring of elections as a part of its general human rights monitoring activities. HRIDC observed Presidential Elections of 2008 and issued its report on findings.

Human Rights Center Demands Immediate Reaction
The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) is deeply concerned about the suppression and mass persecution of voters and supporters of the opposition parties. The government permanently tries to prevent opposition parties from organizing sufficient pre-election campaign. Activists from opposition parties are abused, threatened, arrested every day.

The Human Rights Center appeals to the international organizations to response to pre-election terror in Georgia. Here we provide several facts of terror observed recently in Georgia.

TSU student organization appeal to media and NGOs
On the 8th of May 2008, marks the second year when self-governing student elections were conducted at Tbilisi State University.  Two major student organizations stood in the recently held elections: “United Student Movement” and “Free Student Organization”.

Stop Talking of War in Georgian Media
The Human Rights Center considers that disinformation is being provided to Georgians

An alarming tendency has been recently observed in Georgia. Greater society is receiving messages from various sources that war is imminent with Abkhazia. Governmental officials continue making ambiguous statements in this direction. Moreover, both Georgian and Russian media sources are persistently speaking about a pending war.

Human Rights Center’s Reaction to the Georgian Military Deaths in Iraq
The Human Rights Center remains concerned about the recent Georgian military deaths occurring in Iraq. Reportedly, two Georgian soldiers died after their vehicle was blown up by a roadside mine. Lieutenant Giorgi Margiev and Capral Zurab Gvenetadze were killed in the incident, while a third, Sergeant Tengiz Mirtskhulava was wounded.

Peace Appeal of “Georgian Women”
We stand against violence. We want to live an honorable life in peaceful environment. Conflicts must only be resolved through peaceful talks!

We urge Georgian Government to start peaceful negotiations with our Abkhazian and Ossetian brothers and sisters. The aim of all politicians-Georgian, Abkhazian and Ossetian must be peace because the war and bloodshed only represents sacrifice and betrayal in the future of our children and country. The life and happiness of each person is precious. It is unbearable to endure the war again with all its death, rape, torture and degradation of people.

Lawyers for Justice (Appeal)
The principle of equality between the defense and prosecution parties is breached in practice of the Georgian judiciary system. The principle is guaranteed by the Article 11, paragraph I of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article VI, Paragraph I of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 42, Paragraph VI of the Georgian Constitution, Article 15, paragraph I and III of the Georgian Criminal Code.

An Appeal of the Human Rights Centre
The Human Rights Centre appeals to the OSCE and other international organization to assist Iana Bestaeva-Kandelaki, who is arrested by de-facto South Ossetian law enforcers.

The mother of the detainee has informed the Human Rights Centre that five days ago her daughter was arrested and she has been denied to meet with her parents. On April 21 (on the fifth day after the detention) she was blamed of having been traitor and that she had participated in an act of terrorism. Mzia Bestaeva-Kandelaki, the mother, connects the detention of her daughter with the activities of her husband, Sarmat Parastaev

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