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Nino Chkhobadze: “We Might Lose Truso Valley Soon”


Manana Kveliashvili, Natia Danelishvili
Mtskheta-Mtianeti Information Center

According to the head of NGO Greens Movement of Georgia – Friends of Planet Nino Chkhobadze, Georgia might entirely lose Truso Valley after the building of Lars Hydro-Electric Station.

The construction of Lars hydroelectric station Larsihes in Kazbegi region started in the middle of October. The project to build 20 megawatt hydroelectric station on the river Tergi the value of which is 20 million GEL is implemented by the Ltd Energy. According to the project, building of several objects is envisaged including the main building, cleaning building and hydroelectric stations. The height of dam will be approximately three meters.

The final version of the report on the environmental impact has already been published. The report states that the hydroelectric station will not have negative impact on the environment.

“According to the results of the report, no negative effect has been observed during the periods of building and exploitation of canalization collector, pumping station and cleaning buildings and the construction-exploitation of the object does not cause any change in ecological situation,” – the report on the environmental impact of Larsihes states.

On the question to what use Larsihes can bring for Georgian economy, the technical director of Ltd Energy Giorgi Gogava explains: “Economic effect is such: Larsihes produces electric energy, provides electric energy for local population – the zone that it covers. The electricity might be exported and the sums be transferred to budget.”

The Ltd Peri participated in the construction of Larsihes along with the Ltd Energy. The head of Ltd Peri Lasha Iordanashvili is also a head of Ltd Dariali Energy as well which is being built by Dariali Hydroelectric Station. Both stations are being built on the river Tergi. According to Lasha Iordanishvili, approximately 30 people will be employed in the station and their daily payment will be 20 GEL on average.

According to Ltd Energy, the construction of Lars hydro electric station will end in December of 2013.

The former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Nino Chkhobadze who is currently a head of NGO Greens Movement of Georgia states that building gigantic hydro electric stations will create serious threat of losing territories. According to Chkhobadze, the construction of Lars hydroelectric station started by violating law and as a result Georgia might entirely lose Truso Valley.

“Lars hydroelectric station is being built in the area where there is entrance to Truso Valley from Georgian side. Thus this area is being flooded. We might lose the beautiful valley this way because after the station is built the entrance to this valley will be only from North Ossetia. Another problem is river of Dariali. The station will not be able to produce so much electric energy which might be worth for losing touristic potential of Northern route. Greens Movement of Georgia requested the permission for building Larsihes on November 14th. We received the answer from the Ministry on November 29th where it is stated that the permission was issued on November 27th. Instead of reacting on the illegal construction, the permission was issued in an expedited way,” – Chkhobadze states.

“The biggest threat and problem emphasized in Georgia is the strategy and policy that Georgia has undertaken. We are saying that we want to sell electricity which we produce through hydroelectric stations as if it was the source of alternative energy. In reality big, gigantic hydroelectric stations will destroy Georgia. We might lose the regions of Georgia as the humidity and illnesses will increase. People will be exiled. 26 historical places will disappear after building Khudonhes. Khaishi will get flooded. Some people have expectation that they will receive compensation. I know that this will not happen. They will be unable to compensate for loss of Svaneti. Regarding every big station and grand construction, Greens Movement of Georgia considers that it might bring Georgia to destruction,” – the head of the movement states.

According to expert, the adoption of legislation for energy efficiency and carrying out the state policy for energy economization is the way out of this situation.

“There is an alternative – adoption of energy efficient legislation which Georgia does not have. If energy economization is the state policy, in this case we can release the energy which we can always sell. Saying that we did not have electricity because we did not have Khudonhes is wrong. We still do not have Khudonhes, but have electricity,” – states Nino Chkhobadze.

Truso Valley is situated in the northern side of Caucasus between the main dividing ridge of Caucasus and Khokhi ridge, from the pass of Truso till the village Koba. The lowest part of the valley is 2000 meters (at the village Kobi).

Truso Valley is rich with hydrocarbon mineral waters. Springs with big debits are Keterisi and Abano. There are almost no trees in the valley. There are alpine and subalpine grasses in the valley. It is possible to go to the village Koba by military road then only by truck.

The villages of Truso Valley are almost entirely empty The only person living in the first three villages of the valley is Sima Bidikhova. He is supported by the church.

photos from the portal www.karavi.ge

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