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Prisoner claims that he was living in special conditions in exchange for silence
Goderdzi Kiknadze enjoyed more special privileges than other inmates in number 6 prison in Rustavi. For years he was able to use such items as: a notebook, mobile, TV, iron and armchair.

Georgian Dream Appeals against Election results in Khoni
After a tense pre-election campaign when two activists of Georgian Dream were imprisoned for 70 days, the ballot process was conducted in a peaceful environment.

International Observer -“Democracy Starts The Day After Elections”
Mairon Lahola is an international observer of elections. Although this was his first experience of observing elections in Georgia, he has good experience in this field in other post-Soviet states.

What is about case against Georgian Dream which MIA announced on the Election Day?
On October 3, MIA representatives kept silence about the statement which they made on October 1 and alleged about mass distribution of money in the name of concrete political party in the regions of Georgia.

Voters Fight to Protect Their Votes in Terjola
On October 2-3 a demonstration was held in front of Terjola DEC # 49 to protect the votes of Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate Zaal Gogsadze. The demonstrators protested against the results of the District Election Commission and demanded a re-count in several polling stations and cancellation of results from one special polling station.

Kakheti – Pre-Election Digest # 6
From September 15 to September 26, Information Center of Kakheti observed 14 cases of detention of the Georgian Dream’s supporters – 12 of them finished with administrative imprisonment; 9 facts of beating of political parties’ activists – 2 of them resulted into the body injury; 4 facts of failing pre-election meetings, 1 fact of firing person from job; 4 cases of oppression, 5 facts of abuse of administrative resources.

Soldiers from Different Regions Voted for Gardabani District Majoritarian Candidates
In Gardabani district, National Movement is ahead in both majoritarian and proportional lists. Representatives of the Coalition Georgian Dream’s Gardabani office stated that results from the Vaziani Military Base significantly impacted the election of majoritarian candidate.

Human Rights Center to Appeal Prosecutor’s Office on the Ground of Faked Elections
Human Rights Center, which observed elections on October 1, intends to appeal to the prosecutor’s office against fabrication of election results by Signagi DEC members and personnel.

Despite pressure voters won in Kutaisi
Bribery of voters, transporting people to polling stations, threatening people: “Do not dare to sign 41 or you will regret!” shortage of ballots and inconvenient conditions in polling stations in general – despite all that unprecedented number of voters participated in the parliamentary elections on October 1 in Kutaisi.

Valeri Gelashvili : We Will not Give Up Majoritaraian district in Khashuri”
Valeri Gelashvili majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream in Khasuri states that there is still complicated situation in Khashuri but he isn’t going to surrender.

Parliamentary Elections Held in Peace in Guria
Elections were conducted mostly in peaceful environment in Guria. Several violations on polling stations did not impact the election results. According to initial data released by CEC, Georgian Dream is leader both in proportional and majoritarian polls in every election districts in Guria.

Insufficient Ballot Papers and Voters with National Movement’s Invitation Cards
On October 1, eight election subjects were registered in the Tskaltubo DEC # 58. Total number of voters was 53 846 and 68 polling stations were open throughout the district. IDPs participated in the elections in six polling stations where 3 389 voters were registered. One more polling station with the registered 488 voters was opened in Geguti Prison.

Riot Police Faked Election Results in Khashuri
TV Company Maestro has reported that riot police used gas and rubber bullets in polling station # 3 in Khashuri and . Riot police then stole the ballot box. Witnesses allege that riot police shot rubber bullets. After they left the polling station, people shouted: “Fascists!” Clergymen were also in the vicinity.

Violations in Mtskheta Did not Influence Election Results
Early in the morning on October 1, Mtskheta was strangely silent and expectant. Human Rights Centre sent five of us as election observers. We all said to each other that we preferred to go to a more populous place to observe where we could better investigate people’s positions and the activity around the elections.

Blatant Violations in the Polling Station # 28 in Marneuli DEC # 22
Observer of the Human Rights Center observed several violations in Polling Station # 28 in Marneuli Election District # 22.

Voters Arriving at Tbilisi Polling Stations Are Registered
Voters arriving at Tbilisi polling stations are being registered. Interpresnews correspondent reported from the polling station in Saburtalo DEC # 29 that several young people are standing in front of the PS and checking voters' identities as they arrive.

Secret Special Lists in Polling Stations
In Polling Station # 58 in Gardabani Election District, which is in the building of a public school, the controller of voter flow is standing in the corridor instead of at the entrance to the room. He told Human Rights Center’s observer that he did not know where to stand. At that moment, a crowd of people was standing at the entrance and some of  the voters entered the polling station without marking.

Representative of Unidentified NGO Insulted Nina Khatiskatsi
Observer of the Human Rights Center and expert in election issues Nina Khatiskatsi observed three polling stations # 11, 12 and 76 in Vake DEC # 2 in Tbilisi. She detected almost equal violations in all polling stations.

Georgian Dream Coordinators and Commission Members Summoned to Police for the Day After Elections
Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate in Tskaltubo Election District # 58 Paata Zakareishvili informed Human Rights Center about mass intimidation of local coordinators of Georgian Dream.

Human Rights Center’s Observers Expect Mass Fabrications in Several Polling Stations
Human Rights Center’s observers still remain in polling stations in the regions of Georgia and monitor violations. Organization doubts extra ballot papers will be dropped in ballot boxes and election results will be fabricated in the polling stations where low activity of observers was observed.

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