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Ombudsman against the Ministry of Refugees
Public Defender, Sozar Subari, opposes the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation. He speaks about concrete violations of the Ministry and petitions to the President to protect IDPs. The Minister Kheviashvili does not consider Subari’s statements serious and advises him to resign.
Violence in the Name of Motherhood
Some time ago, law enforcement bodies detained fifteen-year-old Giorgi Khachishvili for thievery. Relatives of the family claim that the boy was forced to commit a crime because of unbearable conditions of his family. Giorgi’s four little siblings live in similar conditions too. Alcoholic mother treats her children cruelly. Neighbors said that she tries to feed her hungry children with alcohol. If they resist her, she beats them.
Next Boisterous Report of Public Defender
Georgian Public Defender represented his 2006 report to the Human Rights Committee of the Georgian Parliament. His report revealed human rights violation in Georgia. Prosecutor’s Office, Court and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are the institutions that mostly harass human rights in Georgia and occupy the first places in the list of violators.
Decadence of the Country
Borjomi population is concerned about increased price on gas. Despite their income from the resort season, local people complain about poor living conditions. “We will not be able to pay increased bills on gas,” they say.
Sister of Sadistically Murdered Brothers Is Threatened
On April 4 an article, “Kvareli District Governor Is Blamed for Murdering Children”, was published on the web-site of the Human Rights Center and it caused public resonance. The Prosecutor’s Office renewed criminal investigation on the murder of juvenile brothers, Zakro and Kakha Gheleghutashvilis. Besides that, Mamuka Kuprashvili, the governor of the Kvareli District, offered resignation.
IDPs are Being Evicted from Hotel “Kutaisi”
Seventy-five-year-old Natela Milorava is an IDP from Abkhazia. She has cancer and resides in a little room in the hotel Kutaisi with her husband. Her thirty-one years old son, Nugzar Milorava was commander of a Military Unit during the war in Abkhazia and he died. Another son and sister-in-law are disabled people of the second group. They live in a separate flat far from parents. The old people have been threatened to be evicted from the hotel for more than a month.
Various Replies to “Sorry” Campaign
Replies of IDPs residing in Zugdidi and local non-governmental organizations are various to the appeal to Abkhazian people prepared by the Human Rights Center. Their opinions about spreading the public apology differ. It is unacceptable for some of them, while others consider that it is necessary though this form of appealing has been too late.
Patrol Policeman Crashed Twenty-Year-Old Boy by Car
“Prosecutor’s brother protects the killer of my brother.” On March 25 terrible car accident happened in Telavi. Besik Mrelashvili, a patrol policeman, crashed twenty-year-old Giga Charbadze in the town center. Mrelashvili was drunk when driving his own car. Badly injured Charbadze died in the hospital. Having arrived at the scene of accident, patrol policemen tried to hush up the crime and made fraudulent documents as investigation materials show. However, the prosecutor’s office has not charged them yet. Besik Mrelashvili is not detained either; he paid 25 000 lari as a bail.
Students Having Graduated From the Gori State University, Have Not Received Diplomas Yet
Ana Isakadze, one of the University’s graduate students, wants to go on with her studies in Germany. However, she cannot take diploma at the Gori University and will have problems regarding her future studies abroad. In Germany they do not believe Isakadze that she had really graduated from the University in Georgia.
We Will Have Experienced Directors Late This Year
At the end of the school year the Georgian schools will have new, tested and selected directors. Nearly 7 000 contestants took part in the tests; however finally their number reduced. Only 2 300 directors should be elected throughout Georgia. Those who received highest points will choose schools according to their own wishes. As for others with lower points, they will be introduced to various schools by the Ministry of Education and Science.
“We Are Eco-Prisoners and not Eco-Migrants”
They resemble their lives to the lives of prisoners. In 1987 despite great resistance they had to leave their homeland. The landslide turned their houses into ruins and peasants from Adjara became “interim Imereti region dwellers.”
Beaten Pupil Has Brain Concussion
Teacher for the Akhaltsikhe Public School # 3 beat the pupil and the incidents resulted into the brain concussion of the child. The teacher still works at the school.
Public Information Is Permanently Blocked in Kakheti
Representatives of the regional non-governmental organizations openly protest the blocking of public information in Kakheti. Civil society is deeply concerned on the fact that local government absolutely disrespects court decisions.
Mother Threatens to Commit a Suicide Together with her Seven-Year-Old Child in front of the Court Building
Gulnaz Arikh Khizi, a resident of the village of Kharadjala, in the Telavi District, threatens to commit a suicide. Azerbaijan woman said that the reason of her decision was a criminal case that was launched against her at the Telavi Police Station. She is accused for disobedience. Gulnaz Arikh Khizi claims that law enforcers pursue her on national grounds and threaten to detain her.
“Prohibition, Dispersal and Deconstruction Are the Worst Job to Do”
Sunflower, chewing gum for five tetri and cigarette – these are all that are placed on low wooden table for sale. The owner of the stuff is called a street trader and she sells those things in bad and good weather and day income hardly amounts to three lari. The street trader should keep the whole family with that money and now they are left without that three lari either. Local Authority started severe control on street traders.
IDP Children from Abkhazia Are Not About To Leave Nursery School
Abkhazian IDPs are going to be left without accommodation. Three IDP families, who reside in the building of Nursery School #12 in Tarkhnishvili Street in Gori since 1998, will remain without accommodation. On April 13, they received a warrant form the Gori Municipality on eviction.
Number of Dead Prisoners Is Incredibly Increasing
Statistics on dead prisoners is catastrophic. 28 prisoners died within three months-nobody remembers similar statistic. It is the statistic of the first three months of 2007. Several days ago, three prisoners died on the same day. Experts call the situation in the penitentiary system catastrophic and urge to take urgent preventive measures.
Grocery Has Been Opened in “Hungry” Prison
Prisoners started to complain about unbearable conditions in the Kutaisi Prison # 2 since the day it was opened. Food is delivered late, there is not sufficient medical base, and canalization system is in disorder and rain leaks into the building and makes ponds in the cells. These are details which have been criticized for so long time.
Offender or Parents Who Care about Future?
Violence and violence on children is the problem that might cause serious complications for the country in future. People, who became victims of violence in their childhood, are grown up into offenders or have inferiority complex. Readers might get surprised and blame me for exaggeration of the problem, but very often parents turn out to be violators of these children.
Students Appeal to the President and Minister of Education
Representatives of the student organization “Student League” at Tbilisi State University’s (TSU) Zugdidi branch have begun a television appeal. They appealed to the President and the Minister of Education and Science, Aleksandre Lomaia. The students became active after the announcement about closing down the University Branch. Some of the students demand the right to continue their studies in Zugdidi, while others demand that Zugdidi State University not be closed.
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