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Impoverished Population from the Gorge Visit the Governor in Gori
Residents from the village of Charebi in Patara Liakhvi Gorge arrived in Gori to urge the Shida Kartli Regional Administrative Board for help. However, their arrival ended in failure. Later, a kind man advised them to see a journalist who promised to inform the authority about their problems.
Georgian Population Is Trafficked In Abkhazia
Georgian population of the Abkhazia coped with additional problems during the citrus season. They are to give certain amount of their harvest to the de-facto Abkhazian Government. Beside that, they were trafficked in Abkhaz families.
What Will Happen with the Schools In Gali District?
On November 27, teachers from several Georgian schools in the Gali District went on a strike. They demanded salaries according to their working hours and allowances from the Georgian government. On November 28, teachers (nearly fifty people) of all schools in the district, held demonstration near the river Enguri Bridge, in the village of Orsantia. The teachers said that the legal government of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic does not pay attention to them.
Pupils Are Frozen in Classrooms
Although, it is already winter no central heating have not been installed in schools yet. Both teachers and pupils get frozen in classrooms. Parents complain about school principals and demand to resolve the problem. Most part of Tbilisi based schools has similar complaints.
Journalist against Public Broadcasting Company
Journalist Marika Parunashvili blames the Public Broadcasting Company (PBC) for abusing her rights. She was fired from this company over the phone. "I used to defend others all the time, and I considered it to be a part of my professional duty. However, I need to be defended because of my colleagues' lies," said Parunashvili, who was working in the Samtskhe-Javakheti office of PBC.
Telavi Tax Inspection Demands Pay Bills from the Dead People
Lawyers for the NGO 'Human Rights Center's Kakheti office, blame the officials from the Telavi Regional Tax Inspection for breaching the law. The reason for the charge was the summons sent to the entrepreneurs several days ago. According to the document we received, by October 1, 2006, small and standard enterprises, and commercial organizations have gone into serious debts to the state budget since 1996. Entrepreneurs, who died two and three years ago, include the list. Their descendents face the danger of being left homeless.
Government Disrespects Private Property
Former Councilor of Abastumani District, Anton Merabishvili, and local businessman, Genadi Endeladze, had their property, the hotel 'Abastumani' and the resort-house 'Aghobili', turned over to the government. The deed was drawn up, and the hotel and the resort-house were transferred to the state. The former owners refused to comment.
Mentally Disabled Girl's Parents Sue Doctors
Nineteen-year-old Nana Gegenava from Poti had been mentally disabled since her birth. Doctors said, "She is mentally retarded and displays aggressive behavior." Gegenava is currently being treated at the Tbilisi Central Neurological Clinics.
IDPs Demand Better Living Conditions
Nearly 2,600 IDPs live in so-called Faifuri District in the suburbs of Zugdidi. Twenty families from Abkhazia live in one of the block of flats there. Seven or eight members of several families live in one room. The building has not repaired since the eighties of the last century. The roof must be changed. The rain is leaking in the house.
Family's Hard Social Conditions Are Graved by Their Daughter's Disease
Nineteen-year-old Natela Bolkvadze needs urgent operation. According to the diagnosis, she has injuries in the breast and abdomen which resulted from the burn. Her breast is deformed. The Bolkvadzes live in hard conditions back at home. Kedi District Authority promises the family to give thirty lari in assistance. The only income of the family is the small pension of the blind grandmother.
What Was the Price for a Position in Shida Kartli Governor's Board?
The famous case of Nino Avetisova, the former personal assistant of the governors, Mikheil Kareli and Irakli Okruashvili, will soon conclude in the Gori District Court. The Shida Kartli Prosecutor's Office detained Avetisova in spring, 2006. Gori residents had brought suit against her then. They complained that Nino Avetisova had extorted some money from them. The accused promised to find jobs for them with the help of Okruashvili and Kareli.
Internally-Displaced Persons (IDP) from Tskhinvali Are Left Homeless
In Argvitsi Village in Small Liakhvi Gorge, the trailer of IDP Marusia Midodashvili burnt down, and she was subsequently left homeless. She lived fifteen years there. We have already conveyed the facts about the intolerable conditions the woman had to cope with, yet no one paid attention to her.
Telavi Authority Continues to Oppress Local TV Company
Financial police raided Telavi Based TV company ‘Tanamgzavri’, tried to arrest its director, insulted and physically assaulted employees of the company during last two years. At present, the only independent company of the district, ‘Tanamgzavri’ was left without office in Telavi. Weekly TV program ‘Dialogue’ has not been shown for two weeks now.
People from Both Sukhumi and Samachablo Urge the President to Protect Giorgi Mikiashvili
Last week, representatives of NGOs and journalists from the regions of Georgia drew up urgent appeal to the president. They asked Mikheil Saakashvili to draw his attention to Giorgi Mikiashvili’s case. The appeal was supported from Abkhazia, Samachablo, Russia [Moscow] and so-called Saingilo in Azerbaijan.
Veteran of the World War II does not Receive Pension
79 year-old Ismail Bregadze who participated in the World War II does not receive his pension of 45 lari. In addition to that he is deprived from all other benefits on gas and electricity since this summer when veterans were re-registered.
A Hepatitis Has Been Discovered in Aspindza
Nearly forty pupils have been infected with Hepatitis in Aspindza district. Children's parents say the reason for the infection is water, which has worms in it. Dirty water is not a strange thing in the district. People are unprotected in this field.
Gali Georgian Population Is Not Issued Abkhazian Passports
Abkhazian self-proclaimed government has been forcing local people to take Russian and Abkhazian passport for three years now. The process of issuing Russian passports has become the source of corruption. Abkhazian self-proclaimed government also confesses the fact.
Rabies Vaccine Supplies Run Out - Keep Away From Dogs!
The Russian-Georgian embargo has affected the drug supply, particularly rabies vaccines. Russia was the only country that supplied Georgia with this vaccine. At the moment, the blockade is underway and we have the only one way out -- to avoid dogs and other animals.
‘Badagoni’ Is about To Sue Ministry of Agriculture
On November, 14 controversy was caused by spilling the wine in the factory of Georgian-Italian Company 'Badagoni'. The operation was organized by General Inspection within the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and Financial Police Kakheti Department. Investors declared that the special operation was a provocation against the development of independent business in the country.
Khelvachauri District Governor Was Detained in the Courtroom
Yesterday, Khelvachauri District Governor, Gocha Shervashidze was detained in the courtroom. The prosecutor blames him for 'illegally purchased plots'. According to the initial information Prosecutor refused plea bargain with Shervashidze and the latter faces ten-year imprisonment. He has already been sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention.
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