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Will the President Be Punished for “Great Diplomatic Victory?”
Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia with Heidi Tagliavini as a head published the report on September 30. In the report the government of Georgia is blamed for launching the war. The report also casts responsibilities over Russia and blames it for provoking the conflict, for usage of disproportionate force, ethnic cleansing and for breaching the ceasefire agreement.

The west is faced with uncomfortable conclusions
What is this report about? The inquiry was commissioned by the European Union in response to conflicting claims from Georgia and Russia about who started the fighting. It concludes that Georgia launched the conflict but Russia helped to provoke it by years of interference.

14 Families Will Be Homeless After the Varshalomidzes Return to Their Properties
The fate of the families living in Z. Gorgiladze Street N 4, Batumi has been vague for 20 years. They know they should leave the house before 2012 but they do not know where they should go and who should compensate them for their loss of the property.

Lessons of the Georgia Conflict
A year ago, the European Union helped mediate an end to a war that left 850 Georgians (including South Ossetians) and Russians dead and 138,000 displaced.

Sense of Guiltiness and Participation
President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili lost both military and political war with Russi.Special fact-finding mission of the EU studied the five-day war between Georgia and Russia and officially concluded what was previously only suspected: Saakashvili was the person who crossed red line in August of 2008 and his action resulted into large-scale hostilities between the two states in South Ossetia.

Karaleti Residents VS Illegal Constructions
Residents of the Karaleti village protest the construction of the petrol station. Villagers have plots close to the area where the petrol station is being constructed. Although people do not have houses in those plots yet, they received them for the construction of houses in future.

Politics in Culture
Politics influences every field in Georgia particularly culture though culture workers are not politicians and politicians should interfere in their activities least of all. However, the recent events prove the opposite.

Prisoner Escaped Death after European Court Took Up His Case
Several days ago Mamuka Ninua, a prisoner, was taken to the Tbilisi Central Hospital from Rustavi prison N 6 after his health conditions had seriously worsened. He has chronic colitis, psychopathia and Hepatitis C. He escaped death with the support of his attorney and the European Human Rights Court. The European Court demanded that the government of Georgia study Ninua’s health condition   and provide him with full medical assistance.

“I Will Make You Disabled and You Will not Be Able to Write Anything in Future”
“I will kill you. I am looking for you and wherever I see you, I will kill you without considering anything. You compelled me to do it. Why are not you leaving me alone? Have not you heard that you should not bother me?” Gogi Nikvashvili, director of Sighnaghi district hospital “Janrmteloba Ltd” threatened the journalist. The chief doctor of the hospital was irritated by the articles we have published about him. Nikvashvili

The International Federation for Human Rights FIDH Publishes Report on Political Prisoners in Georgia
The international human rights organization admitted the existence of the political prisoners in Georgia though it was previously claimed only by local non-governmental organizations. FIDH publishes a report which states: There are political prisoners in Georgia.

Patriotism” in Gori District Prosecutor’s Office
“Patriotism” is still very urgent in Gori district. After a year people still speak about the fact how the local government left them alone during the August war. Today it is still unclear how the population was left with Russian occupants.

Tornike Kilanava Denied the Information On Detaining a Mini-Bus Driving to Gali District
On September 26 at about 2:00 am two armed and masked people robbed resident of the village of Chuburkhinji in Gali district Eter Kajaia. The robbers were beating her for several minutes and demanded money. However, the woman did not have more than 45 GEL and the criminal left her house.

IDPs Sleep on the Floor
According to the official information 138 million GEL is envisaged in the 2009 budget to improve the living conditions for the IDPs from Abkhazia. Eviction of the IDPs from their shelters has started 16 years after they fled from Abkhazia. The Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation moved 37 IDP families previously residing in the building of former tourist company in Telavi to the building of vocational college in the same city. The IDPs do not have electricity and gas supply in the new building. The drinking water is also supplied very rarely. Most of IDPs sleep on the floor because there is not enough furniture in the building.

The State Assists Only Those IDPs Who Live in Cottages in New Settlements
So-called new IDPs (people who were displaced during the Georgia-Russia war in August of 2008) received the IDP status several months ago though not all of them did. The status was granted only to those IDPs who live in the cottages in the new settlements.

Where Is the Boundary between the Poverty Reduction State Program and Its Efficiency?
How efficient is Poverty Reduction State Program in Georgia? How real are those criteria which are used to list impoverished people who should get allowances from the state? The Human Rights Center got interested in the problem after many discontent people applied to the center for help.

Judge with Kind Smile and Evil Behavior
Everything happens in the Georgian court. A person, fighting against injustice, might encounter the biggest injustice in this system.


Goods Were Not Returned And She Was Arrested
Investigator gave the goods of 1 612 GEL of the trader Emine Petridze to another trader. Market administration denies their participation in the case, investigator Mikheil Abashidze does not comment on the fact.

Why Shota Khabareli Was Fired?
Since September 11 Amiran Totikashvili has been chief trainer of the judo national team instead Shota Khabareli.

Disinformation: State Policy or Artificial Escalation of Ethnic Discord?
For a long time I was planning to prepare this article but having read the final report of the Secretary General of the UN I decided to offer my letter to the readers in this way. I hope I will receive some results from it and then I will not have to publish this information in the mass media.

Passports Are Seized from Ethnic Georgians of Abkhazia At Georgian Checkpoint
Abkhazian and Russian soldiers control Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border in turn. People are not strictly controlled on the checkpoint on the Abkhazian side. However, various procedures are taken by ethnic Georgians from Gali district when they are travelling to Zugdidi.

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