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Rustavi City Hall does not agree with increased transportation fee on Rustavi-Tbilisi route
In the beginning of December, Company InterTrans increased transportation fee on Rustavi-Tbilisi route at 20 tetri. InterTrans is the only company in Rustavi which gained license to transport people from Rustavi to Tbilisi and back in the tender competition of the local authority. 
Synagogue was robbed in Gori
On December 1, ethnic Jewish people found the synagogue robbed in Gori. Ancient handwritten torahs were stolen. Law enforcers found part of the stolen torahs behind the building but majority of them were damaged.

Public Defender of Georgia Opened Human Rights Week
On December 5, Public Defender of Georgia opened International Human Rights Week in Gori. Ucha Nanuashvili spoke about the state of human rights in the country during the public lecture in the Gori State University. He spoke about the issues related with the implementation of the Law on the Eradication of All Forms of Discrimination. Nanuashvili spoke about gender equality, child’s rights and rights of people with disabilities in his public lecture; he also spoke about the human rights violation facts in the conflict-affected zone, about the needs and problems of IDPs and refugees.
Strasbourg Court Concluded Preliminary Alleged Violation into Aslan Tsutsashvili’s Case
The Strasbourg Court of Human Rights concluded preliminary alleged violation into the case of Aslan Tsutsashvili – Pankisi Radio WAY disseminated information about it. Aslan Tsutsashvili, resident of Omalo village, Pankisi Gorge, appealed the European Court of Human Rights for the degrading treatment and discrimination on ethnic grounds from the side of police officers

Family and Business-Partners of the Gurjaani district single mandate MP donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream
Signle mandate candidate of the Georgian Dream in Gurjaani municipality Davit Songulashvili won the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. He gained 78.54% of votes in the second round. He is member of the parliamentary committee on economics and economic policy and the fraction Georgian Dream. In October, 2016 the family and business partners of Davit Songulashvili donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream.  

Senebi – village without water, gas and road
You can meet people with muddy boots and buckets fetching water from the spring to their homes in the village of Senebi, Bolnisi municipality. Winding and muddy road in this remote village tells about hard lives of the local inhabitants. 

Dismantling of the historical building of the school is temporarily suspended
Elena Bayramova-Adamashvili is originally from the village of Small Mejvriskhevi in Gori municipality. Nowadays she lives in the capital. Upon request of the neighbors she started collection of the documents based on what the company started dismantling of the 9-grade public school building in her native village.
16-day campaign against gender-based violence in Gori
„Men are allowed to do everything,” “a woman shall put up with everything”, “gender is women’s issue,” – the participants of the demonstration wrote these and other wide-spread stereotypes in Georgia on the special banners in the Gori center.
Parliament of Georgia Will Return to the Capital
The 9th convocation of the Parliament of Georgia will resume spring sessions in the old building of the parliament in the capital. Kutaisi, which presumably obtained a status of the parliamentary capital only for a short time, will go back to its old routine. 
Majority of political parties closed their offices in the regions
In Shida Kartli, political parties closed down their offices in the region after the parliamentary elections. Nowadays, only two political parties have regional offices in Gori – Georgian Dream and the United National Movement.

Human Rights Center Presented Report and Documentary Film about 2016 Parliamentary Elections
On November 22, in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi, Human Rights Center presented the report - Monitoring of the Parliamentary Elections 2016. 

Kaspi Municipality Budget to Be 9 732 200 GEL in 2017
Kaspi municipality administration drafted the 2017 budget, which amounted to 9 732 200 GEL and submitted to the municipality board for the consideration on November 18.  The majority of the municipal board members voted for the draft of the 2017 budget and it was approved. The board members from the opposition parties did not support the budget because they did not have time to review the budget in details. 
Vice-speakers and chairs of the committees in the 9th convocation of the Parliament are already appointed
“I wish to have less radicalism and more truth in the Parliament of Georgia. I will do my best to promote further development of the parlamentarism in Georgia and to guarantee the right of each MP to have chance to demonstrate himself/herself in the work of the Parliament,” the new speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze stated.

Gori City Budget to Increase at 700 000 GEL in 2017
In accordance to the 2017 draft budget, Gori will have 700 000 GEL more in its budget than last year and it will reach 16 222 000 GEL. The project was already sent to the Gori City Council members for further discussion. They have to review, comment and issue recommendations to the City Hall with regard to the budget by December 25. Afterwards, the city council will have to ballot about the main financial document for the next year. 
Budgets of local self-governments will fund initiatives of the MIA
“Safe city, safe region, safe country” – it is the title of the new project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which aims to prevent crime, to operatively respond to the committed crime, to identify and combat administrative violations, to manage traffic flow and to ensure collection of valid evidence. The project aims to increase role of high technologies in the work of the police and to improve the crime-prevention activities. 
Protest Demonstrations in Parallel to the First Session of the Parliament of Georgia
The ninth convocation of the Parliament of Georgia opened the first session in Kutaisi in parallel to the protest demonstrations. Representatives of different NGOs and Free Trade Union gathered in front of the Kutaisi building of the legislative body despite the rainy weather; they called on the legislators to defend the rights of the voters.

Prosecutor’s Witnesses into Lawyer Mdinaradze’s Case do not Support the Prosecutor’s Position
On November 14, the Tbilisi City Court held next trial into the case of the former head of the Tbilisi Vake-Saburtalo district police unit Lasha Kvirkvaia. The case is about a high-profile case which refers to the physical assault of the lawyer Giorgi Mdinardze in the police office, for what Kvirkvaia was accused of abuse of power and harassment.
“Our Diversity Is Our Wealth” – International Day of Tolerance
On November 16, the administration of the State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality of Georgia organized an official reception to mark the International Day of Tolerance. Representatives of the legislative and executive branches of the Government of Georgia, diplomatic corps, international and non-governmental organizations attended the reception. 

Gori Municipality Initiative – elevator for disabled people
A 25-year-old Viktor Karkishvili is a disabled person. He lives on the 4th floor of the 5-store residential building. He has to leave house every day and says it is more difficult to leave the building than move about the city. 

To rescue Katarinenfeld
The story started 200 years ago, when German people were forced to settle in Georgia. 
A part of German colonies was established in Kvemo Kartli region too. One of them – so-called Katarinenfeld, was located in the territory of Bolnisi. Probably, Germany has never been so close to Georgia as it was then, but coexistence of Georgian and German peoples turned up temporal. In 1941, with the beginning of the World War II, the Germans were exiled. 
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