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Staff list of the Gori municipality mayor was criticized
The staff list presented by the newly elected Gori municipality mayor was criticized in Gori. Mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili presented the list of staff members in the Gori municipality assembly, according to which he intended to have three advisors, an assistant and a consultant. The majority of the assembly supported the list of new staff members. Opposition members and civil society organizations criticized the mayor and the majority members in the assembly for this decision. 
უჩა ნანუაშვილმა, სახალხო დამცველის რანგში, ხუთწლიანი მუშაობა შეაფასა
„არჩევამდე, პირდაპირ ეთერში ერთ-ერთმა ჟურნალისტმა დამისვა კითხვა, თუ ვის უფლებებს დაიცავდა სახალხო დამცველი. მაშინ ვთქვი, რომ ეს კითხვა უკვე იყო შეცდომა. მიხარია, რომ დღეს სახალხო დამცველის კანდიდატების მიმართ მსგავსი კითხვები არ ისმევა. სახალხო დამცველმა უნდა დაიცვას თითოეული ადამიანის უფლება. ჩვენ შევძელით, შეგვეცვალა მიდგომა და სტანდარტი და, ვფიქრობ, ეს გამოწვევა, რეალურად, აღარ არსებობს“.
HRC-სა და CIU-ს ურთიერთთანამშრომლობის მემორანდუმი
12 დეკემბერს ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრსა და კავკასიის საერთაშორისო უნივერსიტეტს შორის თანამშრომლობის მემორანდუმი გაფორმდა. მემორანდუმს ხელი მოაწერეს კავკასიის საერთაშორისო უნივერსიტეტის რექტორმა, კახაბერ კორძაიამ, და ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრის აღმასრულებელმა დირექტორმა,  ალეკო ცქიტიშვილმა.
Reasons of the death of the mother and daughter are not estimated yet
On December 11, mother and daughter were found dead in their flat in Queen Tamar Street, Tchala settlement in Gori. The causes of their death were not estimated yet.
24-years-old man arrested for the murder of 68-years-old woman
On December 4, the neighbors found 68-years-old woman dead at home in Karaleti village, Gori municipality and called police. The neighbors reported that the woman was allegedly killed during the night from December 3 to December 4. The woman had wounds from knife. 
Statement of Media Institute about Hindering the Professional Activities of Rustavi 2 and TV Pirveli Journalists in Ukraine
 Georgian nongovernmental organization Media Institute echoes the developments in Borispol Airport, Ukraine in the evening of December 5 and expresses concern about rejecting the journalists of the Georgian TV-Companies Rustavi 2 and TV Pirveli to enter the country though they had provided all necessary documents to the custom officers.
Successfully litigated cases by Human Rights Center – July, August, September, October 2017
On July 14, the administrative panel of the Tbilisi City Court satisfied the lawsuit of the convicted V.N. As a result, the Ministry of Corrections is ordered to pay GEL 5 000 to V.N to compensate his moral damage. 
Respiratory Failure or Professional Negligence
“Respiratory failure caused by alcoholic intoxication,” on November 21, the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia published the conclusion into the death case of Paata Pavliashvili, who deceased during the detention in Nutsubidze Plateau on October 25, this year. The prosecutor’s office claims the man died as a result of respiratory failure. The expertise conclusion also states that narcotic or psychotropic substances were not found in his body. 
Employee of the Khashuri municipality assembly speaks about political persecution
Former employee of the Khashuri municipality assembly’s office Ia Kurdadze blames the Khashuri municipality mayor and chairperson of the assembly in her political persecution. Kurdadze said, her labor agreement was not extended because she was head of the election headquarter of the independent mayoral candidate Ramaz Nozadze during the municipal elections.
End of 18-month imprisonment
Giorgi Giunashvili, released from Tskhinvali isolator after 18-month imprisonment, is thankful to everyone, who believed his innocence and contributed in his release.
Relatives of Beka Shatakishvili, deceased during the fire in Batumi hotel, request timely and fair investigation
11 persons died as a result of the fire in Batumi based hotel Leo Grand. Among the deceased persons were 1 citizen of Iran and 10 Georgian citizens; one of them was 22-years-old Beka Shatakishvili from Gori, whose corps was brought to Gori on November 26. 
Persecution of Azerbaijani activists in Georgia
“To tell the truth, at this moment, I do not feel safe. We are under oppression and surveillance,” Azerbaijani politician and activist Dashgin Agalarl said. Dashgin Agalarl is not the only Azerbaijani activist, who does not feel safe in Georgia. For the past months, the persecution of the Azerbaijani activists has intensified in Georgia. Azerbaijani journalist Afgan Mukhtarl was abducted from the Georgian territory on May 29, 2017. His wife, Leyla Mustafaeva, was compelled to leave Georgia together with her daughter. 

Relatives recognized Akhmed Chataev on the photo of assassinated person
The relatives recognized Akhmed Chataev on the photo of the badly damaged body of one of the killed during the special operation, which was disseminated by media. 
2012-2017 Progress Report of Public Defender of Georgia
On November 27, 2017, the Public Defender of Georgia presented 2012-2017 progress report to the MPs, governmental agencies, international organizations and NGOs.
Shelters for the victims of domestic violence and children beyond the system
Overcrowded shelters, insufficient time, no children’s psychologist in the shelters, lost hope of future, exclusion from social programs, escaping the violent environment but only temporarily – this is the list of the problems, which the victimized women encounter during their stay in the shelters. 
Political agenda in local self-governments
First sessions were held in the recently elected municipal assemblies in all four municipalities in Shida Kartli region. The ruling party has the majority in all four assemblies and considering that the chairmen, deputy chairpersons of the assemblies and chairs of permanent commissions in the assembly were elected from the ruling political party.
Second round of the municipal elections in Khashuri municipality
On November 12, with the final results in the second round of the municipal elections in Khashuri municipality, the candidate of the Georgian Dream Giorgi Guraspashvili became the municipality governor. 10 224 persons voted for him that made up 61, 31% of total electorate in the municipality. The independent candidate Ramaz Nozadze received only 38, 69% of votes, 6 453 voters.
Ombudsman – Crimes motivated by intolerance are still uninvestigated
On November 16, Public Defender of Georgia traditionally marked the International Tolerance Day. The event was organized by the Tolerance Center under auspices of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia in the frame of the USAID funded project of the United Nations Association of Georgia - "Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness" (PITA).
Clergies bless children of Kvareli municipality schools from helicopter and threw sweets to them
Clergies of the Gremi monastery blessed the pupils of the schools in the villages of Shilda, Gremi, Eniseli, Almati and Sabue of Kvareli municipality from the helicopter and threw sweets to them. The pupils of Shilda village school # 1 said they did not go to school after this action and missed classes.
With the Legal Advocacy of Human Rights Center Giorgi Okropiridze Was Acquitted in the So-Called False Denunciation Case
With legal advocacy of Human Rights Center, the Tbilisi City Court acquitted the convicted Giorgi Okropiridze in the so-called false denunciation case.
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