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The Court Satisfied Appeal of Human Rights Center
On March 30, 2016 the Gori district court satisfied the claim of Mzia Okruashvili and ordered her to pay 240 GEL instead 960 GEL for the leased trading booth. Lawyer of Human Rights Center’s Gori office Eliza Kerdikoshvili represented Mzia Okruashvili at the Court.
Lawyer of Human Rights Center Met Gurjaani Public School Pupils
Lawyer of Human Rights Center’s Gurjaani office Lia Khuroshvili held meeting with the pupils of the Gurjaani public school # 1. She met pupils of the 10th and 9th grade and spoke about gender issues, role of the Ombudsman’s office. The lawyer of Human Rights Center was invited to the meeting by the Civic Education Club.
Victim of 2008 August War Requests Compensation for the Damage
On May 17, Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office representatives held a press-conference in the Gori Democratic Engagement Center. The press-conference was about the case of individual entrepreneur Temur Gigashvili, who was victim of 2008 Russian-Georgian War; he claims compensation for the damage.

Non-functioning anti-hail system – General Inspection commenced investigation
Heavy hail has devastated vine-yards in Kakheti for the past weeks. Despite that, as locals say, the state has not yet used the anti-hail system of the military-scientific technical center Delta. The Kakheti population requests the government to use the system and reimburse the damage.

A Car of UNM Member Was Burnt in Gori
On May 12, a car of Aleksandre Goglidze, former head of the Special Operation Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and currently member of the United National Movement, was burnt in Gori. As representative of the UNM stated during the press-conference, presumably it was a political revenge.
Irakli Alasania vs Irakli Okruashvili’s team
On May 6, Chairman of the Free Democrats Irakli Alasania attended the session in the Gori City Council to support their party member in the City Council Tamar Tedliashvili. One of the questions on the session agenda was impeachment of Tedliashvili from the position of the chairperson of the Mandate-Procedural Commission. The leader of the Free Democrats blamed the Georgian Dream and Okruashvili’s team in political revenge. 
Former Prisoner Claims Compensation for Moral and Physical Damage
On May 11, representatives of Human Rights Center held a press-conference in the press-club of the news agency PIA about the case of Tamaz Rasoyan, former prisoner and torture victim. With the legal advocacy of the Center, he was released from the courtroom on May 5. He claims compensation from the Ministry of Corrections – 500 000 GEL. 

Released Prisoner Claims Compensation from the Ministry of Corrections
Tomorrow, on May 11, at 12:00 pm Human Rights Center will hold a press-conference in the press-club of the news agency PIA about the case of Tamaz Rasoyan, former prisoner and torture victim. He claims compensation from the Ministry of Corrections – 500 000 GEL. Tamaz Rasoyan will also participate in the press-conference, who was released from the courtroom on May 5 with the legal advocacy of Human Rights Center. 
Abuse of power or politically motivated selective approach
In March 2016, directors of Tbilisi based kindergartens were massively fired from jobs. Representatives of the Tbilisi Kindergartens Management Agency and Tbilisi City Hall state the directors were fired based on the Audit report which claimed about their negligence and unreasonable expenditure of funds. However, the fired directors speak about other motives and reasons.

Joint Press-Release of FIDH and its member organization in Georgia Human Rights Center
Georgia: Redress for victims of the 2008 war depends on efficient ICC investigations and genuine national proceedings 

IDPs living in Bakurtsikhe complain about inattention from the authority
IDPs from Abkhazia living in Bakurtsikhe village, Gurjaani municipality do not intend to participate in the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. They say every government forgot about them. Today they live in extreme poverty and unbearable conditions. 35 IDP families live in two former buildings of Bakurtsikhe College. 
New members of the Gori City Council and expected impeachment
On April 28, at the special session of the City Council, after the member of the Georgian Dream Nino Zurabishvili left the mandate in the Council, Lia Chlachidze, member of the Georgian Dream joined the Council. The Council acknowledged the authority of Lia Chlachidze based on the letter from the District Election Commission and statement of the Mandate Procedural Commission.

Legal Committee of the Parliament Discussed Legislative Proposal of Human Rights Center
On April 26, the Legal Committee of the Parliament of Georgia discussed the legislative proposal of Human Rights Center on the introduction of amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code of Georgia. Human Rights Center proposed the Parliament to find its resolution ongranting the status of political prisoner to a person as a newly revealed circumstance to enable the courts to review past guilty-verdicts on the political prisoners.
Local Self-Government Representatives Speak about Unreasonable Expenditure of Budget Funds
Chairman of the Gori City Council Ilia Metreveli purchased a flight ticket to Poland from the Council’s budget but then he changed his mind after having consultation with Irakli Okruashvili, his advisor. The Council Chairman requested the air-company to reimburse the money but they returned only 155 GEL out of 905 GEL.
Large-Scaled Investigation – Screening of a Documentary Film
On April 20, Human Rights Center screened a documentary film Big Investigation in the office of the Open Society Georgia Foundation. The film is about the impact of 2008 August War. It was part of the process, which became basis for the decision of The Hague Court to investigate the alleged crimes in 2008 August War, to identify and punish alleged perpetrators for the crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Imprisonment outside Prison
Giorgi Pavliashvili spent 8 years in prison for the use-possession of narcotic substances.After the release, his driving license was suspended for 5 years. Giorgi Pavliashvili is a driver by profession and as he said, suspending his driving license is equal to restriction his right to work.
Issue of Visiting Grave-Yards in the Occupied Territory Is Still Unresolved
On April 20, the 65 th round of the meeting in the frame of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism was held in Ergneti village; the representatives of the Government of Georgia raised the issue of giving permission to the citizens of Georgia to visit graves of their family members and churches in the occupied territory.
Lonely Woman from Tamariani Village Lost Social Benefit
Social Service Agency ceased social benefit for Iamze Jibghashvili, 57, resident ofTamariani village in Lagodekhi municipality.
House of the Kavtarashvilis Burnt in Pankisi Gorge
A house of Omar Kavtarashvili was burnt in Duisi village, Pankisi Gorge. Locals say the accident happened late at night but nobody was injured because family members were not in. The Kavtarashvilis went to work in Grozno several months ago and neighbors said unidentified people tried to burn the house on April 15 too but they managed to put out fire 
Unspent Money up to 3 Million GEL in Budget and Failed Projects in Kaspi Municipality

Kaspi district governor presented 2015 Report of the district administration to the municipal board with one month delay. After hearing the 2015 Report on March 15, one part of board members expressed discontent. Robert Kavtiashvili, member of the municipal board, said they did not like that district administration could not use budget funds up to 3 million GEL and suspended infrastructural projects in the municipality.
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How has appointment of Giorgi Kvirikashvili on the position of prime-minister influenced state of human rights in the country?
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