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Ban Ki-moon: Stop Impunity of those who Harass Journalists

May 3rd is the World Press Freedom Day
On May 1a special session was held under the initiative of the UN Public Information Department and UNESCO in UN HQ in New-York. The session was especially dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day.

In 1993 General Assembly of the United Nations, based on the resolution concluded at the UNESCO 26th General Conference in 1991, declared the 3rd of May as World Press Freedom Day. The resolution with the title “Promotion of World Press Freedom” states that independent, pluralist and free press is the essential component of each democratic state.

Keitaka Akasaki, Deputy Secretary General of the UN in the Field of Public Information, read the appeal of the Ban Ki-moon at the special session on May 1. The Secretary General appeals to promote the availability of reliable information “equally for everybody” and to put the end of the impunity of people who harass journalists.

Secretary General states that the availability to the information enables all of us to change our lives. “The information is necessary for a person like water. Thus, we must do our best to promote free flow of information and freedom of access to it,” said Pan Kee Moon and he remind everybody that this right is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was enacted sixty years ago.

The importance of this right has become more evident under conditions of rapid globalization and this process supports the development of independent, pluralist, free and professional media sources. He also pointed out that in his appeal that free and independent media is the foundation for peace and democracy.

Pan Kee Moon underlines that harassment on journalists is equal to the harassment to international law and the UN itself. The secretary general is deeply concerned about the journalist who work hard to tell people about other people’s problems but they become the victims of increasing incidences of harassment; unfortunately, he concluded that such crimes remain unresolved and those criminals responsible for acts against Journalist go punished.

“On the World Press Freedom Day and regarding the fact that this year we celebrate 60 anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration, I call upon the whole society to do their best to punish those people who abused journalists,” stated the Secretary General in his appeal.

Pan Kee Moon expresses his respect to those journalists who spread independent and reliable information in most difficult conditions.

Koïchiro Matsuura, Secretary General of UNESCO, made a statement at the opening ceremony of the special session dedicated to the Press Freedom Day.

Source: Media.ge


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