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Social Rights Are Most Breached in Kakheti

According to Kakheti office of the Human Rights Center, in 2009 social rights were mostly breached in Kakheti region.

“Poverty Reduction State Program is insufficiently implemented in Kakheti region. Many families beyond poverty level cannot get allowance within the program; consequently people cannot survive and die of starvation. For example, a family in the village of Anaga in Sighnaghi district was so impoverished that they could not heat house in winter and their child got frozen. In order to survive children work very hard and it is dangerous for their lives. In order to earn their living, children cannot get secondary education. Since they do not have clothes, many of them do not go to school,” said the representatives of the Human rights Center.

According to the Center, in 2009, property and religious rights were breached in Kakheti region; policemen abused professional rights, journalists were intimidated and other violations also occurred in the region as well.

“Judiciary reform is also ineffective. The court is under oppression of the executive government and prosecutor’s office. Legally it has no importance who will oppress a judge – prosecutor or regional governor but the judge is so week that they are afraid of governors and pass verdicts according to their directives. Speaking about justice is stupid,” said representatives of the human rights organizations.

Source: Kakheti News Center 

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