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Moscow Does Not Exclude Georgian Trace in Terrorist Acts on March 29

 Moscow does not exclude Georgian trace in the terrorist acts on March 29. Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev stated about it.

“We had information that several officers of the Georgian Special Forces had contact with the terrorist organizations working in the North Caucasus. We have to check this version about the terrorist acts as well,” said Patrushev.

He clarified that “we should check Georgian trace in the terrorist acts because the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili is unpredictable person and has already launched one war. It is not excluded that he would repeat it once more.”

It is noteworthy that Georgian version had not been mentioned in the statements of the investigation bodies in Moscow yet. They discussed only Caucasian trace in it.

The explosion in Moscow underground stations “Lublianka” and “Culture Park” occurred at 7:52 am and 8:32 am on March 29. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia confirmed information about 39 people killed. The number of injured people is 65.

The accidents were assessed as terrorist act. According to the preliminary information, the explosions were made by self-killer women who were from the North Caucasus according to the Security Federal Service of Georgia. According to the CNN, Chechen terrorists took responsibilities for the explosions in Moscow.


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