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The court passed a two month arrest sentence against Nika Kvezereli

On August 9, Tbilisi City Court, on the basis of the interceding of the Prosecutor’s Office, passed a two month preliminary arrest sentence as a compulsory measure against the member of the “Conservative Party,” Nikoloz Kvezereli.
Nika Kvezereli was detained on August 6th, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of the Constitutional Security with the accusation of money fraud and the resistance to the police.
He is accused of money and car extortion from a Korean investor Chel Ho Pati in 2009.
According to the investigation, Kvezereli extorted first 10000, then 250000 dollars and later 40000 dollar “infiniti” car from Korean investor. Kvezereli extorted 10000 dollars in exchange for deranging the auction process, and 250000 dollars in exchange for the construction license.
Nika Kvezereli was detained on April 9, at the opposition rally as well, though was freed in couple of days. He was accused of hooliganism using fire-arm.
Nika Kvezereli was formerly working on the position of the head of the department “Omega” of the Ministry of National Security.
Nika Kvezereli was serving sentence for implementing the act of terrorism on the ex-president Eduard Shevardnaddze on August 29, 1995. He was judged under this accusation with the former members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Special Forces and “Mkhedrioni.” Though later the court discharged him from the conviction of committing the act of terrorism and sentenced him under 7 year imprisonment with the conviction of the abduction and serious damage to one’s body. He was liberated earlier than this term under the amnesty and became the majority deputate of Gurjaani.

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