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TV-Company Fox News TV Prepares Reportage on Two Detained Jewish Businessmen


Fox News TV prepared reportage on the detention of two Jewish businessmen in Georgia and the general situation in the country.

“It is the case which stresses out unaccomplished agreements in the country which is declared to be a NATO-ally and Bacon of Democracy in this part of the world. Georgia has investment possibilities, though a civic war and corruption are still parts of the country. It is dangerous to make business-deals with Georgia. Democracy of Georgia became doubtful after the independent oppositionist TV-Company was closed down in 2007 where News Corporation – Umbrella Company of the Fox News – had share. The democracy became doubtful after the dispersal of peaceful demonstrations as well,” the reportage of the TV Company reported.

Former Israeli consul to New York Alon Pinkus says in the reportage “the detained Jewish businessmen would be released if Georgia wants to be “a part of the educated world’.

“However, the Georgian government alleges the two persons bribed a deputy economic minister”, Fox News says.

Israeli President Shimon Peres got interested in the fate of the Jewish businessmen too. He called Mikheil Saakashvili and asked to timely provide medical assistance to one of the detainees.  

The two Jewish businessmen were detained for bribing the high-ranking governmental official in Batumi, Adjara region, on 14 October. They are in pretrial detention.

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