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Emil Tsereteli Talks about Problematical Situation at Alazani Territory

According to the head of Geology Service of the Ministry of Environment Emil Tsereteli, the situation at the territory of river Alazani is very problematic.

“Last year, during the season of fall, the specialists of our service and geography institution inspected the area. The situation is very problematic. The right side of Alazani gets flooded and every year we lose hundreds of hectare of land. As for the strengthening works of the shore, first of all the situation should examined in detail on the spot. We should ascertain what exactly we are talking about. Strengthening the shore only in certain places may bring worse outcome. The strengthening works should be conducted in every respect. That has not been implemented yet,” – states Tsereteli with the newspaper Resonance.

According to him, if the situation is not evaluated in every aspect, nothing can be done. “The plan shall be drawn out in the unified system. This is very serious problem. We cannot solve it this simply,” – states Emil Tsereteli.

Tsereteli cannot say concretely why the strengthening works are not starting when the situation is this hard.

Caucasian Environmental NGO Network (CENN) published a report about the transformation of Georgian-Azerbaijan border on March 29. According to the report, 69 spots of amended territories were detected on the border line near Alazani River. In 42 cases, the factual border line has moved inside Georgian territory and only 27 of them moved inside Azerbaijan. The total loss of Georgian territory amounted to 293 hectares.

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