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Individuals above 18 Freed from Duty of Military Reserve Service Are Given Right to Serve Voluntarily

Individuals above 18 freed from duty of reserve service are given right to serve voluntarily. The Parliament made the following amendment on March 2nd in the Law of Military Reserve Service.

Following individuals are freed from military reserve service: women; technical staff of railway transport departments, workers who serve the transportation or are working for mobile gadgets and devices of railway transportation; marine; teachers and doctors who work in the villages; individuals employed in the system of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and Defense Ministry; employees of Tbilisi Metro; judges; individuals who rendered non-military alternative labor service; individuals who are working or studying abroad; diplomats; spiritual leaders; individuals incompatible for military service because of their health situation and members of Parliament. Besides, individual who has been convicted for grave of especially grave crimes are not allowed to reserve service.

According to the existing formulation of the law, only women, individuals who rendered non-military alternative labor service, people who are working or studying abroad, officials of diplomatic bodies and MPs are given right to do voluntarily military service.

By the initiative of Parliament adopted on March 2nd anybody above 18 will be able to voluntarily pay such service.

Besides, up until now there was no age limit for people who wanted to pay voluntary military service.

The provision according to which the people convicted for grave or especially grave crimes are not allowed to military reserve services is not changed.


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